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Chapter 14 –  To the Underground Colosseum (4)

Why is she making that face Why does she not look happy at all

As I pondered over the elf’s expression, the elf stood and stretched her two arms out straight.

On her snowy skin there were a bunch of words that appeared as ancient scripts.



The weight of the exhaustion I felt earlier became so strong that I felt crushed to the ground.


And it wasn’t just me, but Otto hit his head to the ground and was in pain.

“What is this….arghhh!”

Not only the announcer, but all the other people in the audience started to fall to the ground, and I lost sight of Arje.


Worthless mortals.”

Did this mean that the elf was a sorceress Of course.

There was no way that I would get so tired from fighting.

Why would she use magic on me if I was fighting so well


When I barely gathered enough strength to ask the elf for the reason, she looked at me with a cold smirk.

“You ruined everything.”

Me Ruin what

“You ruined my source of entertainment.”

Entertainment She was a sorceress with enough power to make everyone in the colosseum fall to the ground.

Did that mean she purposely was enslaved so that she could be sent here, acting all weak…

“Mortals wouldn’t understand.”

As if she read my mind, the elf continued. 

“I tried to have some fun, but you ruined everything.

You will have to die, for ruining my mood.

I will especially have some fun with you to get my worth.”

I got shivers down my spine.

Unlike swordery, magic skills were something that only the mind could imagine.

At that moment, I felt something warm behind me.

No, if the elf had used it, the ball of solace wouldn’t have flown in her direction.


However, the mass of light did not fly to the elf, but quickly turned and fell to the nearby floor.

And the mass emitted a brilliant light and disappeared. 

“What is this Are you a sorceress as well”

The elf was looking at Arje with a surprised face.

She must have hid herself in the audience to get her chance. 

“I go by Arje.”

Arje replied politely, but there were white balls of mass in her as spinning as she spread it towards the elf.

“Pretty impressive for a mortal to withstand an elf’s magic.”

The elf also stretched out her arms toward Arje.


I will first get rid of you.

Then, the bunny.”

And as in a fairytale novel, the battle of the two sorceresses continued.

Arje created white balls of light in various shapes and threw them at the elf, but the elf did not dodge them.

Rather, the white masses seemed to be dodging the elf. 


And the audience seats near Arje were becoming a havoc.

If there had been people around Arje, they would have become bloody pancakes.

“Pretty good.” 

The elf was still staring at Arje with a relaxed face, and


I couldn’t tell Arje’s expression because of her mask, but from how she stopped talking and took shorter breaths let me know that she was using every bit of her strength.



At that moment, the audience that Arje was standing on broke.

I assumed that it was the continuous magic of the elf that made it breakdown eventually.


As the seats fell, Arje was in the pile of havoc, but fortunately she didn’t seem deeply injured.

She was trying her best to stand back up.

“I will give you credit for your perseverance.”

As soon as the elf finished her sentence, Arje fainted just like the others.

“Shall I wrap this up”

If this were to continue, everyone would die from that crazy elf.

I had to come up with something.

However, my body felt heavy as if something heavy as a giant wall or pillar was pressing me down.

Only if I could do something about this.

“What the hell is going on”

At that moment, a young female with orange hair entered with soldiers.

She was also wearing a robe like that of Arje, but she was holding a wooden cane.

“Seize that elf!”

“Yes ma’am!”

The soldiers jumped into the field from the woman’s orders and started to run towards the elf.

“This is interesting.”

But the elf did not flinch and 



The soldiers fell to the ground like an old wooden fence and were in pain.


The orange-haired lady must have prepared her magic while she sent the soldiers.

There were strikes of bolts from her cane, and the elf got struck right in the center.

“That’s all you got You can’t even do better than that sorceress over there!”

But the elf did not seem hurt at all.

At this point, the elf was frightening even without knowledge of magic.


The orange-haired sorceress fell straight to the floor shivering.

Did she feel the difference in their power


Instantly, the orange-haired sorceress floated up towards the air.

She had a frightened face while embracing her neck, as if someone was choking her. 

“You are the one in charge, right”

The orange-haired lady nodded, with tears in her eyes.

That meant that she was Rhotsva.

“Then you should have managed it properly.

You ruined my entertainment because you couldn’t catch a single bunny.”


Rhotsva continued to suffer as if she was strangled. 

“First I will take care of the bitch who couldn’t manage this place.

Second, that bitch who tried to go against me.

And thirdly, that bunny bitch.

Finally, the rest.

I will kill you all in this order.”

Was there any way to do something about that elf Only if I could untangle her magic…

All of a sudden, 


With some giant shout, a large-framed man tackled the elf from the back. 

“This is”

But the elf did not flinch a bit. 

“You elf bitch! How dare you wreck this place!”

The identity of the man was Andreas.

He came out of the gates that the elf came out of, and he seemed to have run up after noticing that something was up.

“Look at these muscles You are pretty nice for a human.

Would you like to please me”

The moment the elf looked at Andrea with a strange smile that had never been shown before, the heaviness that had been holding on to my body disappeared.

“How about it If you become my servant, I will give you the honor to serve me for life.”

And I saw my chance to grab the rapier when she became distracted by Andreas.

If I ran like a normal human being, I would fail like the soldiers.

Still, I should be faster than them with my bunny legs. 


I stood up quickly and ran over to the elf.

She wouldn’t be able to budge with Andreas holding her, and I would be able to kill her like that. 

“That thing is so annoying.”

The elf erased her flirty smile and made an annoyed face. 

“How dare this..”

Instantly, the elf released herself from Andreas, and Andreas flew backwards. 


And once again, I had to stop because of the massive weight on me.

“You are really impressive.

I changed my mind.

You will be my pet.

I will cut your arms off so that you won’t be able to use your sword, and your legs so that you can’t run away.”

How could she say such a creepy thing as if it was nothing But I had no intention of running and stabbing her.  My initial goal was to reach close enough to throw the rapier, and this was the distance I needed. 


I used my last drop of energy to throw the rapier at her. 


As if she didn’t see it coming, she had to dodge unlike the rest, and 

“Argh!! A scar on my face!”

The sword passed her face and left a mark.

There was blood dripping from her cheeks. 

“How dare you! How dare you ruin my face!”

The face of the elf turned into a haunted ghost.

She made a face as if she was ready to rip me apart. 


Arje, still stumbling, came up towards me and helped me get up.

“What do we do now”

The elf started to flame up, upset that she had been wounded, and the building began to crumble.

In the meantime, the magic was broken, and people trying to escape were swept away by the explosions and started to die.

“We should run now.”

But it would not be easy to escape the elf’s watch. 

“I will buy some time, go ahead.”

It was Otto.


Arje had a surprised face.

To not run meant that he would die.

“It was fun to striked swords with you, bunny.”

Otto ran up to the elf. 

“Let’s go.”

I grabbed Arje and escaped safely out of the Colosseum while Otto was distracting the elf. 


I heard a breaking noise in my ears, but I tried my best to ignore it and got up to the surface level. 

“I guess the people here already ran away.”

As Arje mentioned, all the customers who were flooding the place were gone and replaced by soldiers. 

“Aris! Your hood!”

Arje saw my ears and quickly hid them.

Luckily, no one noticed. 

“There is a crazy elf downstairs! Everyone, focus!”

The soldiers started to go towards the basement to seize the elf.

The elf wouldn’t be able to withstand that many soldiers, right

“Hurry outside! Now the city soldiers will take over this premise!”

As we stood still, the person who appeared to be a commander ordered us out.

As we got out, there were people surrounding the saloon, watching or talking about what had happened.

Now where do we go Arje’s hideout



“Everyone move out!”

At that moment, the voice of a boy I had heard many times was heard, and the sound of horseshoes.

And there was the sound of the wheels rolling.


And the familiar voice was that of Peter. 


“Yes! He’s the boy who brought me here.”

And as the carriage passed through the crowd towards our way,   


There was something different.

It was Peter’s carriage.

However, there was a stranger with silver hair, wearing a red hat, coat and pants.


At that moment, Arje exclaimed. 

“Banu That’s that guy’s name”


I asked, but Arje could not reply. 

“Please get on, Miss Arberaj.”

And that red-dressed man called Arje by her real name, Arberaj.


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