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Xu Jialu could not find anything else to throw so he threw the cutlery on the table at Su Lanxu and said angrily, “What kind of nonsense do you keep in your mind! Xu Youyou is my f*cking sister! Im not a pervert.”

Su Lanxu puffed up her cheeks before she asked, “Then, why are you against Youyuo and Mo Shenbai being together”

Mo Shenbai was not only handsome and wealthy, but he had a good personality as well.

Just his looks alone were enough to drive women crazy.

Xu Jialu sneered.

“Are you very familiar with Mo Shenbai Do you know his personality Who are his relatives How many ex-girlfriends does he have”

“Uh…” Su Lanxu was at a loss for words.

“If you dont know anything, then stop causing trouble,” Xu Jialu said, rolling his eyes that were shining with ridicule.

Su Lanxus face heated up.

She said unwillingly, “Are those things important Whats important is that Youyou likes him.

Besides, isnt Mo Shenbai 100 times better than that scumbag, Lin Yin”

Xu Jialu was silent for a moment, as though he agreed with her final sentence.

Then, he asked, “So what Youyou likes him Have you not heard that the easier you obtain something, the less youll cherish it Wasnt it the case with Lin Yin Since the marriage had been determined, and Youyou liked Yin Yin, he had taken Youyou for granted.

Even the members of the Lin family looked down on her.”

Su Lanxu was slightly stunned before realization dawned on her.


You dont really oppose them being together, right You just want to test them If they couldnt get together because of your objection, it would only mean that they didnt like each other that much.

Is that it”

Xu Jialu could not be bothered to explain himself to Su Lanxu.

He only scoffed and asked, “What does it have to do with you”

Su Lanxu scoffed as well.

“Then, what does Youyou and Mo Shenbais love have to do with a monster like you”

Xu Jialu only rolled his eyes.

He could not be bothered with her.

Su Lanxu also did not want to talk to him anymore.

She drank the wine from her glass as she cursed him 100 times in her heart,Stinky Xu Jialu! Stupid Xu Jialu! Bast*rd Xu Jialu! Sooner or later, youll fall into the hands of a woman! I hope she tortures you to the point of wanting to die!

Xu Youyou was still fine when she walked into the bathroom.

However, when she pushed the cubicle door open, she felt as though the world was spinning.

She sat on the toilet and leaned against the wall.

Her eyelids were drooping, and in less than a minute she had fallen asleep.

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Mo Shenbai waited outside the bathroom for a long time, but Xu Youyou still did not come out.

He called her phone, but there was no answer.

Coincidentally, he saw a cleaning lady entering the bathroom so he quickly stepped forward to stop her and said, “Please help me check if theres a young woman inside.

Shes wearing a beige sweater, and she has long black hair.”

The cleaning lady saw that Mo Shenbai was handsome and did not look like a bad person so she agreed immediately.

Two minutes later, the cleaning lady came out and said, “Aiya, theres really a young woman wearing a beige sweater inside.

I dont know if shes the one youre looking for… She fell asleep in the cubicle.

I couldnt wake her up no matter how much I called her… I…”

Before the cleaning lady finished speaking, Mo Shenbai interjected, “Is there anyone else in the bathroom”


If you want to go in, I can keep an eye for you outside,” the cleaning lady said.

She was very considerate.

Mo Shenbai hurriedly said, “Thank you.”

Mo Shenbai strode into the bathroom and had just taken two steps in when he saw Xu Youyou sitting on the toilet and leaning against the cubicle wall, fast asleep.

Her long black cascaded down the side of her face.

The half of her face that was exposed was flushed red, and the color of her lips was especially charming.

Mo Shenbai walked in and squatted down before he called out softly, “Youyou…”


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