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Xu Jialu: “”

Mo Shenbai let go of Xu Jialus hand and said, “Shes afraid of pain.

You dont know how to control your strength.”

Xu Jialu said indignantly, “Shes my sister! Would I really hurt her You dont need to worry about her!”

Mo Shenbai glanced at Xu Jialu and said unhurriedly, “Shes my wife.”

Xu Jialu: “…”

‘F*ck! I cant refuse this! This is ridiculous!

Xu Youyou: “…”

Su Lanxus eyes lit up immediately.

She hurriedly sent a message to Xu Youyou through WeChat with a sweet smile on her face.

Su Lanxu: My dear! I swear on my boyfriends length that Mo Shenbai is interested in you! Otherwise, hell be the size of a lipstick!

Xu Youyou brought her phone out to read the message.

She glanced at Su Lanxu, who was smiling at her meaningfully, before she replied.

Xu Youyou:

Xu Youyou: When did you have a boyfriend

As for Su Lanxus filthy joke, Xu Youyou, whose face turned red, ignored it.

Su Lanxu: Ah, Im talking about my future boyfriend.

Xu Youyou: …


In order to apologize to the young actor from the first side mission, Xu Jialu bought milk tea for all of the staff members before they left.

The staff members praised Xu Youyou for being smart, cute, sweet, and kind.

They also prayed that Xu Jialu would visit the escape room again so they could have free milk tea again.

The young actor: Are all of you demons

When they left, it was already dinner time so the four of them looked for a restaurant in the mall to eat.

The four of them had outstanding appearances so they easily attracted peoples attention when they walked together.

Many girls stared at Mo Shenbai, getting ready to approach him.

However, Mo Shenbai did not seem to notice them.

His attention was only focused on the young woman next to him.

Xu Jialu, on the other hand, enjoyed being the center of attention.

He even took the initiative to wink at a girl, who was peeking at him.

This caused the girl to be very excited.

Su Lanxu could not stand Xu Jialus flirtatious attitude.

She moved to Xu Youyous side and began to complain in a hushed voice, “Hes like a peacock during mating season!”

Xu Youyou chucked.

“What to do My brother is very handsome, after all.”

Su Lanxu looked at Xu Youyou with a speechless expression before she said, “Yo, I didnt expect you to have a brother complex!”

“Im speaking objectively.”

Mo Shenbai cocked an eyebrow as he thought to himself,Shes good in every aspect, but her aesthetic standard needs to be improved.

To ensure a peaceful meal and to prevent Xu Jialu from attracting too much attention, Mo Shenbai asked for a private room.

The two men were very gentlemanly and allowed the two young women to order.

After ordering a lot of delicious food, Su Lanxu decisively ordered a bottle of red wine.

Xu Jialu raised an eyebrow and asked, “Youre a girl, but you drink whenever you want.

Do you have any sense of safety”

“Its not like Im drinking alone! Im drinking with Youyou!” Su Lanxu retorted as she raised her chin, “Moreover, there are also the two of you.


Mo is a married man and a gentleman so its okay.

As for you… If you dare to lay your hands on me, Ill kill you.”

Xu Jialu rolled his eyes at Su Lanxu before he asked Xu Youyou, “Are you going to drink”


Xu Youyou was about to say no when Su Lanxu suddenly and discreetly nudged her waist.

Then, Su Lanxu whispered into her ears, “Alcohol gives one courage! Later, you can confess to Mo Shenbai.

Itll be great if you succeed.

If you fail, you can use being drunk as an excuse so it wont be too embarrassing!”

With that, Xu Youyou swallowed the words on the tip of her tongue.

She felt that Su Lanxus words made a lot of sense.

She nodded and said, “Brother, I havent had a drink in a while.

Let me drink.”


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