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“You cant go!”

“Youre not allowed to go!”

Su Lanxu and Xu Jialu said in unison.

Xu Youyou rolled her eyes.

‘How strange.

Now theyre united…

Xu Jialu frowned and said seriously, “Youre a girl.

You cant go to such a scary place alone.

What if you run into danger”

Although Xu Jialu was usually carefree, when it came to serious matters, he still knew how to be serious.

He did not want Xu Youyou to be frightened.

“But…” Xu Youyou said.

Su Lanxu interjected and said, “Alright, you and Chairman focus on the main mission.

Leave the side mission to us.”

As Su Lanxu spoke, she even pushed Xu Youyou to Mo Shenbai.

Xu Youyou stumbled and bumped into Mo Shenbai, and he naturally reached out to pull her into his embrace.

Then, Su Lanxu turned to look at Xu Jialu and said patiently, “If youre a man, you go and complete the side mission.

Theres a second side mission later, and Ill go at that time.

What do you think”

‘This idiot! Does he have eyes Can he not be a third wheel

Xu Jialu said angrily, “Are you saying Im not a man Ha! Youre the one who doesnt look like a woman!”

“Whatever! Im not like a certain someone whos scared to the point of whining,” Su Lanxu said.

Then, a sly expression appeared briefly on her face before she said coldly, “Forget it.

A coward is a coward.

Ill go then…”

“Who are you calling a coward!” Xu Jialu was provoked by Su Lanxus words.

Then, he said impulsively, “Ill go! Im not afraid of anything! What a joke!”

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Upon seeing her plan had succeeded, Su Lanxu beamed and said, “Alright, then.

You go! I wish you good luck!”

Xu Jialu: “…”

Xu Jialu regained his senses and was flooded with regret.

He had spoken out of anger, but it was too late to go back on his words now.

When Xu Youyou saw that her brother was really reluctant, she said again to help him out, “Brother, why dont you go with Mo Shenbai Ill complete the side mission alone.”

Upon hearing this, Su Lanxu grew anxious, and she desperately winked at Xu Youyou meaningfully.

Xu Youyou was briefly confused before realization dawned on her.

Although it was important to pursue Mo Shenbai, her brother was also very important.

She would not abandon her brother for her love life.

At this time, Mo Shenbai, who had been silent all this time, finally said, “Ill go.”

Mo Shenbai was not willing to let the woman he liked complete the side mission alone.

Su Lanxu looked up at the ceiling with a speechless expression on her face.

She sighed heavily thinking about her wasted effort.

She glared at Xu Jialu and cursed inwardly,You dog! You ruined my plan!

Xu Jialu glanced at them before he said, “Enough.

I said Ill go.” Then, he looked at Mo Shenbai and warned him, “Look after my sister! I wont let you go if she loses just one strand of hair!”

‘If you dare to take advantage of Youyou, Ill break your legs!

Xu Jialu walked to the door on the left and took a deep breath.

His expression seemed to say,Im sacrificing myself!

Then, Su Lanxu urged Mo Shenbai and Xu Youyou, “Hurry up.

Lets go to the next room.”

Su Lanxu knew there would be another side mission in the next room.

At that time, she would complete the side mission, leaving Mo Shenbai and Xu Youyou alone.

The second room was larger than the first room.

The clues were even harder to find.

This time, Mo Shenbai also helped search for the clues.

Su Lanxu took the opportunity when he was not looking and moved closer to Xu Youyou.

She said in a hushed voice, “Later, Ill complete the second side mission.

You have to seize this opportunity!”

Xu Youyou blinked at Su Lanxu innocently and asked, “How do I seize the opportunity”


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