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The staff member had seen a lot of reluctant and frightened players and was used to it.

He said patiently, “Were going to close the door now.

Please enter the room.

If you encounter any trouble, you can contact us through the walkie-talkie.”

The few of them turned back to look at Xu Jialu who was still standing at the entrance.

Xu Jialu took a deep breath and pretended to be relaxed as he said nonchalantly, “Its just like a haunted house, right Whats there to be afraid of I…”


The door slammed shut, and the room was plunged into darkness.

Then, a red light flashed at the upper right corner of the room.

Xu Jialu screamed and hugged the person closest to him.



Mo Shenbai: “…”

Xu Youyou: “…”

Su Lanxu tried to free her arm from Xu Jialus death grip as she said unhappily, “Thats just the surveillance camera.

Have you never been to an escape room”

In order to ensure the safety of the players, surveillance cameras were installed in the rooms.

The staff member would monitor the players to make sure nothing went wrong.

Mo Shenbai turned on his flashlight and shone it at the red light.

It was indeed a surveillance camera.

When Xu Jialu saw this, he finally let go of Su Lanxus arm.

He tidied up his clothes before he said, “Im just testing your courage.

Not bad.

Youre quite brave.”

Su Lanxu laughed and rolled her eyes.

He was clearly frightened to death, but he still refused to admit it.

Mo Shenbai lowered his head to look at Xu Youyou and asked in a low voice, “Are you afraid”

Xu Youyou shook her head.


Its quite interesting.”

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Mo Shenbai looked at her with a hint of praise in his eyes.

‘Shes quite brave.

Su Lanxu had played in this escape room a few times before.

Since she had experience, she suggested they searched the place for clues first.

As long as they find the clues and solve the mystery, the lights would turn on.

Xu Youyou found the entire very interesting.

It was like they were detectives solving a case.

She actively searched for clues to solve the mystery, and Mo Shenbai followed by her side, helping by shining his flashlight on whatever she was looking at.

They would also discuss their thoughts.

On the other hand, Su Lanxu searched for clues alone.

She would glance at Xu Youyou and Mo Shenbai, who were huddled together, every once in a while.

She screamed inwardly,Theyre so cute! Their height difference is too cute!

Xu Jialu sat on a chair alone.

He was not chatty or unruly as he usually was.

He kept shaking his legs as he looked at the dark corners in the room.

He felt as though something was going to emerge from the darkness at any time.

With the clues Xu Youyou found, Mo Shenbai quickly deciphered them.

The room lit up, and the door leading to the next room opened up as well.

As soon as the room lit up, Xu Jialu sighed in relief.

At this moment, the staff members voice rang from the walkie-talkie.

“Congratulations to the players on escaping from the first room! Therell be a side mission for the next part of the storyline.

One player would need to complete the mission alone.”

A door on the left, which led to the side mission, opened up while the hidden door behind the cabinet led to the main mission.

They needed to choose someone to complete the side mission now.

The four of them looked at each other.

Then, Xu Jialu decisively pointed at Mo Shenbai and said, “You go!”

Before Mo Shenbai could say anything, Su Lanxu said, “He cant go!”

“Why” Xu Jialu glared at Su Lanxu.

“If he cant go, then are you going to go”

“Why cant you go” Su Lanxu retorted.

She continued to say, “Mo Shenbai is good at deciphering the clues.

We only managed to escape from this room because of him.”

“All you need is to use your brain a little! I can do it too! I was just too lazy to participate earlier.

I also wanted to give Mo Shenbai a chance to shine…” Xu Jialu said with a straight face.

“Bullsh*t! With your IQ, you wont be able to decipher the clues even if you lived to 800 years old!” Su Lanxu said, mercilessly exposing Xu Jialu, “Youre just afraid of being alone!”

Xu Jialu was about to tell Su Lanxu to go if she was not frightened when Xu Youyou said, “Why dont I go”

‘Clearly, theyre both afraid…


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