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Mo Shenbais movements froze for a moment when he heard those words.

However, he quickly recovered and pretended to be casual as he asked, “Were you very sick Is that why you had to take so many pills”

Xu Youyou stiffened upon hearing these words.

Then, she leaned back on the couch and relaxed before she replied listlessly, “Yes.

I was very sick.”

She had a serious illness and almost lost her life.

If it were not for Lin Yin…

Xu Youyou lowered her gaze and shook her head.

‘Forget it.

I dont want to think about him anymore…

Mo Shenbai brought the antipyretic pills out and looked at the listless woman next to him.

He asked in a low voice, “So youve recovered now I know a lot of good doctors.”

Xu Youyou smiled slightly and said, “Im fine now.”

‘However, what made me better no longer exists…

The cook prepared stomach-nourishing millet porridge for dinner and a few refreshing appetizers.

Due to the cold, Xu Youyou did not have much of an appetite.

She reluctantly finished the small bowl of millet porridge before she returned to her room to take a shower.

When she emerged from the bathroom, her eyes met a pair of deep and piercing eyes.

“You… Why didnt you knock before coming in”

“I knocked, but you didnt hear me,” Mo Shenbai strode over with his long legs.

He was clearly displeased as he said, “You didnt even dry your hair properly.

Do you want your condition to worsen”

Xu Youyous face was red, but her lips were slightly pale.

Her damp hair stuck to the sides of her face, and the tip of her hair was still dripping with water.

“I just came out of the bathroom and didnt have time to dry it yet,” Xu Youyou said.

She did not understand why he was angry.

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“Take the medicine.

Wheres your hairdryer” Mo Shenbai asked as he handed the medicine to her.

“In the bathroom cabinet,” Xu Youyou replied.

When Xu Youyou saw Mo Shenbai walking to the bathroom, she hurriedly rushed over and blocked his path.

Mo Shenbai: “”

“I, Ill blow my hair after I take the medicine,” Xu Youyou said.

She stood in his path, firmly refusing to let him into the bathroom.

‘Please! Ive just taken a shower! My inner garments are still inside.

If he sees them, I wont be able to live anymore!

“Go and take your medicine,” Mo Shenbai said before he reached out to pull her aside.

Xu Youyou tried to resist with all her might, but with the difference between their strength, she could only stand aside and watch as he strode into the bathroom.

Her small face turned even redder.

Mo Shenbai walked toward the cabinet next to the sink.

He easily found the blue hairdryer lying in the cabinet.

When he turned around to leave, he caught a glimpse of a bundle of clothes hanging on the clothes rack.

The most eye-catching thing was the white bra.

Mo Shenbai froze.

He finally understood why she did not want him to come in.

She was shy.

He rubbed the bridge of his nose as a helpless smile appeared on his face.

When he walked out, he saw Xu Youyou knocking her head gently against the wall over and over again.

She looked silly and cute.

Xu Youyou was so immersed in her embarrassment and frustration that she did not notice Mo Shenbai.

As she was about to knock her head again, she felt a warm hand cushioning her head.


She looked up and met Mo Shenbais dark eyes.

Mo Shenbai said faintly, “Youre not smart, to begin with.

If you knock your head again, youll be even more stupid.”

Since things had already escalated to this point, she said, “How am I stupid Im very smart, okay”

“I see no evidence of your intelligence,” Mo Shenbai said as he walked toward the couch, “If youre so smart, how could you have fallen for Lin Yin in the first place”

Mo Shenbais expression darkened slightly when he thought about Xu Youyou liking Lin Yin.


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