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When Su Lanxu pressed the button on the iPad, she saw the wallpaper.

It was an illustration of a man applying medicine for a woman.

Although it was just an illustration, she identified the people in the drawing with just a glance.

Then, she said, “Little girl, you still want to pretend”

Xu Youyous eyes were filled with guilt as she took her iPad back and locked it.

Then, she looked at Su Lanxu with a pout.


Su Lanxu reached out and poked Xu Youyous cheek as she said, “So what if you like Mo Shenbai Whats there to be embarrassed about”

Xu Youyou lay on her desk as she averted her gaze.

Her mood was a little low as she said, “Lanlan, you dont understand…”

Su Lanxu also lay on the desk before she looked at Xu Youyou and said patiently, “Then, tell me about it…”

Xu Youyou pursed her lips before she said, “Lanlan, I dont know when it started.

When I realized it, it was already too late.

I shouldnt like him…”

If Xu Youyou did not have that dream on the plane, she would not have discovered her feelings for Mo Shenbai had changed.

When she was with Lin Yin in the past, she had never had such a dream.

“Why” Su Lanxu asked with a slight frown on her face.

“I just called off my wedding with Lin Yin not too long ago.

How could I like another person so quickly When did I become so fickle-minded” Xu Youyou said gloomily.

“What era is it now You fell in love with Mo Shenbai after you called off your wedding with Lin Yin.

Its not like you cheated on Lin Yin or had a change of heart while you were with him.

Theres nothing for you to be upset about.” Then, she took a deep breath before she continued to say, “Moreover, were talking about Mo Shenbai.

Hes rich and handsome! Its normal that you fell in love with him.

Other people wouldve fallen in love with him long ago!”

Xu Youyou asked curiously, “Then, do you like Mo Shenbai”

Su Lanxu choked.

Then, she rolled her eyes and said, “Im not sick.

Why would I like my best friends husband Moreover, Mo Shenbais eyes are like a knife.

They look as though they can cut people up.

I cant endure it!”

Xu Youyous cheeks heated up when she heard the wordhusband.

Then, she said with a hint of disappointment, “Hes not my husband.

You know the marriage is fake.”

Then, Xu Youyou thought to herself,Mo Shenbais eyes arent like a knife.

Theyre clearly very gentle…

“Well, with the marriage certificate, its real.”

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Xu Youyou: “…”

Su Lanxu nudged Xu Youyou and said encouragingly, “Dont think too much.

Since you already have the marriage certificate, you can fake it until it becomes real!”

Xu Youyou tilted her head and asked skeptically, “How to fake it until it becomes real”

“Pursue him!” Su Lanxu said excitedly, “Its good for women to take the initiative.

Although Mo Shenbai looks cold and unapproachable on the surface, I feel like it wont be difficult for you to pursue him!”

Xu Youyou felt like Su Lanxus words were not reliable.

“Let me think about it again.”

“Whats there to think about”

“Hes the Chairman of the Mo Group.

His family is much wealthier than mine.

My father is only the boss of an ordinary company.

If it werent for my brother working for Mo Corporation, I might not have any intersection with him in this life.”

The Xu family and the Lin family could be said to have similar statuses; they were both considered upper-class families.

However, there was a world of difference between the Mo family and the Xu and Lin families.

The difference between Xu Youyou and Mo Shenbai was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Xu Youyou liked Mo Shenbai, but she wondered if Mo Shenbai would like her.

If he knew about her feelings, what would he think of her Would he feel that she was fickle Or would he think she was greedy for his money and status

Xu Youyou sighed.

In the past, when she liked Lin Yin, she did not have so many questions.


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