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The marriage certificate that was released along with the statement naturally concealed important information.

Only Xu Youyous birth date was revealed to prove her age.

With that, the rumors on the Internet fell apart.

The netizens could not say Xu Youyou was a minor.

At most, they could only discuss Mo Shenbais private life.

The Mo Group was a large listed company, and it was involved in many industries.

However, previously, there was not much news or information about Mo Shenbai, the Chairman of the Mo Group.

He did not accept interviews from financial magazines, let alone on television.

Hence, not many people knew what he looked like.

In fact, they did not even know his specific age.

For this reason, when the photo of him was published, many netizens studied the photo closely, magnifying it to study his appearance.

After a while, they finally came to a conclusion: Mo Shenbai was young and had a great figure.

His hands were well defined, and his fingers were slender and long.

At this moment, Xu Youyou was reading a few comments online.

Due to the previous controversy, she did not dare to let her guard down.

Hence, she had been checking the comments online.

‘F*ck! Another young woman who got married at a young age!

‘F*ck! The marriage was registered in Ireland!Ireland is one of the countries where the process of getting a divorce is long and hard!


After determining there was nothing slanderous or damaging, Xu Youyou set her phone down and went to take a shower.

Mo Corporation.

The Chairmans office on the 67th floor.

Pei Chuan had just reported the general public opinion on the Internet.

Just as he was about to leave, he saw Xu Jialu storming into the office with a cup of water.


Xu! Mr.

Xu!” Pei Chuan called out and tried to Xu Jialu when he saw that the situation was not right.

Xu Jialu pushed Pei Chuan aside as he strode toward Mo Shenbai and splashed the cup of water in his hand on Mo Shenbai before he cursed, “F*ck you, Mo Shenbai!”

Mo Shenbai sat on the leather chair and did not dodge, allowing the water to splash on him and the cup to hit his chest.

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When the cup shattered on the floor, Pei Chuan shuddered.

‘This Xu Jialu is really daring! Hes not afraid of causing trouble at all!

Mo Shenbais face was expressionless as he raised his hand and signaled for Pei Chuan to leave first.

Pei Chuan bowed slightly before he left the room.

However, he did not go far.

He stood near the entrance and paid close attention to the movement inside.

If anything happened, he would rush in to help.

If anything happened to Mo Shenbai, he would no longer be the number one assistant!

Meanwhile, in the office, Xu Jialus seductive eyes were filled with anger.

He wished he could leave holes in Mo Shenbais body by staring at Mo Shenbai.

Mo Shenbai reached out for a few sheets of tissue to wipe the water on his body.

Xu Jialu said through gritted teeth, “Mo Shenbai, do you think I dont f*cking dare to beat you up! Its fine if you take her to get a marriage certificate, but you have to f*cking get it in Ireland What the f*ck do you want!”

Mo Shenbais hand paused slightly as he looked up at Xu Jialu and said, “I want her.

I want Xu Youyou.”

Mo Shenbai felt that he had to have Xu Youyou; he needed her.

Xu Jialu sneered.

“Just because you want her, we must give her to you Who do you think you are”

Mo Shenbai pursed his lips and remained silent.

Xu Jialu said mockingly, “Mo Shenbai, dont tell me so youre hopelessly in love with my sister that you dont even mind addressing me asBig Brother!”


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