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In a simple gray room lit by a yellow floor lamp.

A mans exposed lean body pressed closer as his strong arms restrained Xu Youyou under his body.

Sweat dripped down his face and landed on her neck.

Mo Shenbais eyes burned hot like lava at this moment when he looked at her.

It felt as though his gaze would burn her alive.

He leaned down, pressing his face against hers, before he said in a hoarse voice, “Youyou…”

The dream seemed to overlap with reality for a moment.

When Youyou woke up from the ridiculous dream, she saw Mo Shenbais dark eyes looking at her.

Mo Shenbai was about to cover Xu Youyou with a blanket, but he did not expect her to wake up suddenly.

He looked at her, slightly startled, as he asked, “Did I wake you up”

The blanket covered her from the neck down.

Xu Youyou immediately recalled the scenes of her dream.

When she thought about Mo Shenbais exposed upper body, his slightly flushed face, and the sweat dripping down his face, her face, ears, and neck turned red immediately.

Even her hands seemed to be red as she gripped the blanket tightly.

She covered half of her face with the blanket before she hurriedly shook her head in response to Mo Shenbais question.

Mo Shenbai was a little worried when he saw that Xu Youyous expression was not quite right.

He asked, “Why is your face so red Do you feel unwell”

As soon as he finished speaking, he reached out to touch her forehead so he could check her temperature.

However, Xu Youyou quickly turned away, dodging his hand.

Not only that, she even covered her entire head with the blanket after that.

Following that, her muffled voice rang in the air.

“Im fine.

Im just a little tired.

I want to sleep for a while.”

Mo Shenbai lowered his hand that was frozen in mid-air.

His dark eyes flashed briefly before he said softly, “Alright.

Then, you should rest.

Call me if you need anything.”

The person under the blanket did not respond at all.

A trace of confusion appeared on Mo Shenbais face.

He stood next to her for a moment before he turned and returned to his seat.

His voice was cold as he said, “Continue.”

The executives quickly exchanged a look.

They could clearly tell that Mo Shenbai was not in a good mood.

They felt that they had reevaluated the weight of the new Madam Mo.

After Xu Youyou heard the sounds of footsteps growing fainter and fainter, she finally pulled the blanket down slightly, revealing a pair of bright eyes.

She turned slightly, and when she saw that Mo Shenbai had returned to his seat, she finally pulled the blanket down.

She bit her lip and pinched her arm in frustration.

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‘How can I have such a lewd dream! Moreover, the other party was… Mo Shenbai! Its over, its over! I must have been influenced by Lanlan! How could I have this kind of messy dream!

There was still about an hour left before the plane landed.

Xu Youyou was no longer sleepy so she put her headphones on and listened to the Buddhists Heart Sutra.

Then, she chanted inwardly over and over again,Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form.

Emptiness is no different from form, and form is not different from emptiness.

After chanting the Buddhist sutra for a long time, Xu Youyu discovered her heart was still racing in her chest.

Her mind was filled with the sound of Mo Shenbais heavy breathing.

‘Its over!

The plane landed smoothly at Mo City International Airport.

During the entire time, unless it was absolutely necessary, Xu Youyou did not speak to Mo Shenbai again.

She was really afraid Mo Shenbai would be able to tell that she had an inappropriate dream about him.

Meanwhile, Mo Shenbai looked at Xu Youyou with a complicated faze.

He wanted to speak a few times but hesitated.

In the end, he did not say anything and returned to the company first.

After Cang Ming dropped Xu Youyou off at Moon Pavilion, she took a shower first before she went on the Internet to look at the statement released by the Mo Corporations public relations department.

Along with the statement, a copy of their marriage certificate had also been released.


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