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‘Chairman Mo is really a pervert!

“Are all of you still very busy” Xu Youyou asked in a low voice, afraid of disturbing the group of executives in the room.

The executives: “….”

‘Were not busy at all! All we did was drink tea with the boss the entire morning!

Pei Chuan replied with a straight face, “Were almost done.

Are you hungry Ill get the hotel to send the food up immediately.”

Xu Youyou hurriedly waved her hand and said, “No, no, I just want to say that your work is important, but dont forget to eat and rest as well.”

Pei Chuan was about to speak again when Mo Shenbai walked out of a room.

With that, Pei Chuan tactfully stepped aside.

“Are you done” Mo Shenbai asked.

Xu Youyou nodded.


Have you eaten”

Mo Shenbai shook his head.

“Not really.

I just finished my work.”

The executives, who were stuffed with tea and pastries.


Upon hearing this, Xu Youyou smiled and said, “Then, Ill treat you to a meal.

Consider it as a thank you for the inspiration you gave me.”

Mo Shenbai did not stand on ceremony and replied with a smile, “Okay.”

With that, the duo left the room and walked toward the elevator.

Before Xu Youyou left, she turned around and nodded slightly to Pei Chuan.

After the duo left, the executives could no longer hold back their emotions.

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“Whats wrong with Chairman Mo, Assistant Pei So, he really robbed the cradle” one of the executives asked.

He looked as though he wanted to say more.

“That little girl looks like shes about 15 or 16 years old! How can Chairman Mo do this!”

“The Mo Group is going to fall!”

All of the executives were highly educated people, and they were filled with disdain toward Mo Shenbais immoral conduct.

Upon hearing these words, the corners of Pei Chuans lips twitched slightly as he thought to himself,This group of foolish people has been deceived by the Madams youthful appearance!

Finally, Pei Chuan cleared his throat and said, “Who said that the Madam is underage Shes already 20 years old and has reached the legal age to get married.

Furthermore…” He paused dramatically before he continued to say, “They just got their marriage certificate this morning.

Theyre legally married.”



In the hotels restaurant.

Xu Youyou flipped through the menu that was given to her by the waiter.

After a brief moment, she said to Mo Shenbai, “Why dont you do the ordering”

There were no pictures on the menu, and Xu Youyou only had a very vague idea of what the dishes were on the menu.

Mo Shenbai acted as though he was not aware of Xu Youyous situation and ordered the dishes.

When he spoke English, his pronunciation was very accurate.

His low and mellow voice was like the sound from a cello.

It was very pleasing to the ears.

Xu Youyou sighed inwardly.

‘Hes rich, handsome, and kind.

Hes really perfect.

After lunch, Mo Shenbai ordered a cup of coffee.

After taking two sips from the cup, he said slowly, “Lets return this afternoon.”

“Huh So fast Are you done with your work here” Xu Youyou looked at him in surprise as she held her cup in her hands.

Mo Shenbai nodded.

“Yes, the negotiation was a success, and the contract has been signed.”

Xu Youyou was genuinely happy for him.

“Amazing! You signed the contract so quickly!”

“I signed the contract this morning, and its for life.”


“Wow! All of you are amazing!” Xu Youyou set her cup down on the table and clapped her hands.

“Youre amazing as well,” Mo Shenbai said.

Xu Youyou thought he was referring to her drawing so she smiled sheepishly and said, “Compare to you, what I do is nothing.”

Mo Shenbai only smiled and did not say anything.

At this moment, his eyes were extremely gentle when he looked at her.

Finally, Xu Youyou waved the waiter over to pay the bills.

However, she discovered her card could not be used.

Since she was in such a rush before this, she did not carry cash on her, let alone exchange for the local currency.

Upon seeing this, Mo Shenbai took his wallet out and paid for the meal.

Xu Youyou said, embarrassed, “How much is it Ill transfer the money to you.”

“No need,” Mo Shenbai said.

Without waiting for Xu Youyou to speak, he continued to say, “You can cook for me when we go home.

The chefs in the restaurants cant cook as well as you do.”

Xu Youyou was very confident about her cooking skills.

She nodded enthusiastically and said, “Alright! Ill prepare a feast for you when we go home!”

During the flight back, Mo Shenbai sat with the group of executives to discuss work.

After asking the flight stewardess for a glass of juice, she brought her phone out to watch a video about painting techniques.

However, she fell asleep shortly after and even had a dream.


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