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The sun shone through the full-length French window.

The golden light illuminated Xu Youyous figure.

Her delicate face was so serious at this moment, it was as though she had forgotten about the world around her at this moment.

Mo Shenbai moved to stand next to her.

When he looked down, he saw a sketch of a man and woman embracing and kissing each other.

They were drawn in the style of manga.

At this time, Xu Youyou stopped drawing and bit her lip before she muttered to herself, “Somethings lacking.

It doesnt have that feeling that makes peoples hearts race when they look at it…”

“What feeling is that”

Xu Youyou was startled when she heard Mo Shenbais voice.

She trembled as she instinctively raised her head.

She was Mo Shenbai looking at her with a faint smile on his face.

She asked, still in shock, “You… When did you come back”

“Just,” Mo Shenbai replied.

When he saw that she was slightly pale, he placed his hand on her head and asked gently, “Did I scare you”

Xu Youyou took a deep breath to calm down.

She seemed to realize something and quickly turned her iPad over.

Her face was red when she thought about how he had seen her sketch and heard the words she had said.

She was so embarrassed that she wished she could crawl into a hole.

When Mo Shenbai saw her lowering her head silently, he squatted down in front of her to look at her face and her starry eyes.

His expression was apologetic as he asked softly, “Whats wrong Did I really scare you”

If he had known, he would have knocked on the door earlier.

Xu Youyou was inexplicably nervous when he looked at her.

She felt that it was quite difficult to breathe at this moment.

Finally, she shook her head and said, “No.”

Mo Shenbai thought about it for a moment before he figured out what was wrong.

He said, “Your drawing is really good.”

Upon hearing this, not only was Xu Youyou not happy, but she felt even more embarrassed.

She looked at her feet, which she had stuffed into the indoor slippers.

She stammered in her sweet voice, “I, I… Its for a manga.

The editor said I should draw something with an ambiguous atmosphere.

I… Its not like I drawing something perverted.”

Mo Shenbai smiled.

“I know.

Youre very talented.”

Xu Youyou bit her lip.

Somehow, she felt that he was not complimenting her, but when she saw his sincere expression, she thought she had misunderstood him.

When Mo Shenbai saw the frown on her face, he quickly changed the topic.

“This is for you.”

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“Hm What is it” Xu Youyou was immediately distracted.

Mo Shenbai had successfully diverted her attention.

“Open it yourself and have a look.”

When Xu Youyou opened the box, she saw a ruby ring.

Although the size was not big, the design was exquisite and unique.

She could not help but tremble slightly as she wondered if he was proposing to her.

Then, she hurriedly dismissed the thought when she regained her senses.

Mo Shenbais lips curled up into a faint smile when he saw the silly and cute expression on her face.

He asked, “You dont like it”

Xu Youyou quickly shook her head.

She could not help but ask, “Why did you give me a ring”

“Were now officially married.

Our act has to be perfect,” Mo Shenbai said as he took the ring out of the box and slowly put it on for her, “I dont want Grandma to suspect us.”

“But… This ring has to be really expensive, right What if I accidentally lose it…” Xu Youyou bit her lip, wondering how much she would have to draw to pay for the ring.

“Its fine.

Ill just deduct it from your brothers salary.”

Xu Youyou: “…”

‘Thats a good idea!


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