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Mo Shenbais hand that was unbuttoning his shirt paused for a moment.

The collar of his shirt was unbuttoned, revealing his neck, Adams apple, and collarbones.

When his eyes swept across Xu Youyou, there was a surge of heat hidden in them.

After a moment, he said, “Although the gossip will affect the companys stock price, itll be fine in a few days.

You dont have to worry about it.”

“But… But theyre saying youre in an inappropriate relationship with a minor…” Xu Youyou trailed off.

In her opinion, Mo Shenbai was a very good person, but the netizens, who knew nothing, slandered him and called him a pervert.

They even wanted to report him and report the Mo Group for tax evasion even if that was not the case.

Mo Shenbai said in a low voice, “It doesnt matter what those people said…”

Xu Youyou thought about it for a moment before she finally decided to give voice to the idea that had been in her mind the entire night.

“Why dont I help you clarify the matter I can show my ID to prove that Im an adult.”

“They wont believe you anyway.”

Xu Youyou lowered her head.

Guilt and regret threatened to overwhelm her at this moment.

She did not like causing trouble to others, let alone Mo Shenbai.

Mo Shenbai looked at the depressed Xu Youyou.

After a few seconds of silence, he slowly said, “Actually, this matter is very easy to resolve.

As long as…”

Mo Shenbai trailed off.

Xu Youyou raised her head immediately and looked at him with bright eyes as she asked excitedly, “As long as”

As long as she could help him, she was willing to do anything.

Mo Shenbai looked at her hesitantly before he finally shook his head and said, “Forget it.

Its nothing.”

Xu Youyou stepped forward and asked with a stubborn expression on her face, “What is it Tell me.

How can I help”

Mo Shenbai lowered his gaze and licked his lips before he said, “As long as we register our marriage, and let the legal department show our marriage certificate, everything will be fine.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Youyou said without hesitation, “Okay, lets do that!”

Xu Youyou had assumed it would be something difficult.

However, the solution turned out to be as simple as registering their marriage.

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Mo Shenbai was taken aback when she agreed without hesitation.

He looked at her silently as he swallowed.

A smile finally appeared on Xu Youyous face as she said, “This is a good idea.

Lets just do this.”

When Mo Shenbai regained his senses, he asked in an unbelievably soft voice, “Youre willing to register our marriage”

Xu Youyou nodded immediately.

“Of course.

Im willing as long as Im able to help you!”

Mo Shenbai averted his gaze from her innocent eyes.

For a moment, he did not know if he should feel happy or worried.

Xu Youyou said, “Ill go home tomorrow to get my household registration book.”

Mo Shenbai took a deep breath to calm down before he said in a low voice, “I only came back to take a shower.

I have to go abroad for a very important collaboration.

Ill likely be away for a week or so.”

“Ah!” Xu Youyou looked crestfallen immediately, becoming worried again.

“Then, what are we going to do about this problem”

The gossip on the Internet was, in fact, not a very big issue.

However, it might still affect the companys stock price.

After a moment, Mo Shenbai asked, “Do you have your passport with you”

Xu Youyou nodded.

She had planned to go to Japan to attend an art exhibition previously, but in the end, due to some matters, she could not go.

“Give me your passport and your ID card before you pack your clothes.”

“Huh” Xu Youyou looked at him in confusion.

“Come with me on my business trip.

Its the same if we register our marriage abroad,” Mo Shenbai said.

“How about the visa”

“Leave it to me.

You dont have to worry about it,” Mo Shenbai said in a low and hoarse voice.

His voice seemed to contain magic as it calmed her down and dispel her worries.

Two hours later.

Xu Youyou boarded a private plane with Mo Shenbao.

Apart from Pei Chuan, there were a few people in suits who were likely Mo Shenbais employees.

After Xu Youyou accepted a glass of juice from the stewardess, she looked at Mo Shenbai who was discussing some matters with his employees before she asked curiously, “May I ask where we are going”


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