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“He gave me a studio and many painting supplies,” Xu Youyou replied.

When she caught the knowing smile on Old Madam Xus face, she said shyly, “Grandma…”

Old Madam Xu patted Xu Youyous head and said, “Im glad hes good to you.”

Xu Youyous smile widened.

She said earnestly, “Grandma, dont worry.

Hes really very good to me.”

Although their marriage was not real, there was no denying that Mo Shenbai treated her very well.

Old Madam Xu nodded, looking relieved.

Xu Youyou had lunch with Old Madam Xu at the hospital.

Before she left, Old Madam Xu gave her an apple and told her not to visit again.

She was superstitious and thought the hospital was not a good place so she did not want Xu Youyou to come so often.

Xu Youyou had just left the inpatient department and was about to call Cang Ming when she saw a familiar figure.


Lin Yin walked over with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

The wound on his face had been treated, but the bruises were still very obvious.

When Xu Youyou saw him, she found that she longer felt a young girls innocent love for him like she did before.

She only felt a sense of discordance and annoyance when she saw him.

Her dislike for him grew stronger and stronger each time she saw him.

Xu Youyou asked with a hint of impatience, “What are you doing here”

“I heard Grandma Xu isnt feeling well so I came to visit her,” Lin Yin said.

His gaze turned gentle when he looked at Xu Youyou.

“My Grandma is fine.

She just finished her meal and is resting now.

Thank you for your kind intentions.

You can leave now,” Xu Youyou said perfunctorily.

How could Xu Youyou not know what Lin Yin was trying to do He wanted to visit her grandmother with a face filled with bruises so he could complain about her brother to her grandmother.

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Lin Yin felt uncomfortable when he saw how cold and perfunctory Xu Youyou was.

When he recalled the past, he said patiently, “Youyou, Xu Jialu acted on impulse last night so I wont press charges nor will I sue him.”

Xu Youyou cocked an eyebrow and looked at him skeptically.


Lin Yin nodded.

“Hes your brother, after all.

Hell be my brother-in-law in the future.

Were a family.”


‘Who wants to be f*cking family with you!

Xu Youyou was so angry that she almost cursed out loud.

Her expression was slightly stiff as she said seriously, “Lin Yin, how many times do I have to say it before youll accept that Im married You and I have nothing to do with each other now!”

Lin Yin looked at her empty ring finger and said with an expression of disbelief, “Why must you tell such clumsy lies Wheres your wedding ring Wheres the wedding certificate If youre able to show me these things today, Ill believe you.”

Xu Youyou was rendered speechless by his words.

She did not know how to refute his words.

After all, she had only faked her marriage to Mo Shenbai to appease her grandmother.

It was only natural that she did not have a ring, let alone a marriage certificate.

Legally, she and Mo Shenbai were not married at all.

Encouraged by Xu Youyous lack of response, Lin Yin stepped forward and grabbed her hand.

Then, he said gently, “Youyou, dont be angry.

I promise you there wont be a next time.


Xu Youyou felt her hair stand on end as soon as Lin Yin grabbed her hand.

She instinctively tried to shake his hand off, but he did not let go.

Her face flushed red with anger as she said indignantly, “Let me go! Dont act crazy!”


Before Lin Yin could finish speaking, a figure rushed over and grabbed his shoulder.

Before he could react, he found himself lying on the ground.

“Madam, are you okay” Cang Ming asked respectfully after he adjusted his shirt.

Xu Youyou was shocked by the sudden turn of events.

She shook her head slowly and said, “I, Im fine.”

“Then, Ill send you to the university now,” Cang Ming said.

He did not even spare a glance at Lin Yin, who was lying on the ground.

Xu Youyou glanced at Lin Yin, who was clearly in pain, before she walked past him.

Clearly, she did not feel distressed or sympathetic.

Just as she was about to get into the car, Lin Yin stood up with his hand pressing his aching waist before he said with a dark expression, “If you dare to leave, Ill send Xu Jialu to jail.”


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