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The butler nodded.

“Madam, tell me if theres anything youre dissatisfied with.

Ill get someone to change it immediately.”

Xu Youyou quickly shook her head.

“No need.

I like it very much.”

Then, as though she realized something, a shy smile appeared on her face.

“Then, Madam, take your time.

Ill take my leave now,” the butler said with a slight bow before he left.

Xu Youyou stood in the studio alone, slowly admiring the furnishing, the paint, and the wallpaper.

Everything was clearly very expensive.

She wondered if Mo Shenbai personally prepared this for her.

A strange emotion welled up in her heart as she quickly sent a message on WeChat to Mo Shenbai.

Youyou: Thank you for preparing a studio for me.

I like it very much.

Then, she hesitated for a moment before she sent another message.

Youyou: How much are the painting supplies on the shelves Ill transfer the money to you.

During office hours, Xu Youyou did not expect to receive a swift reply from Mo Shenbai.

Hence, she was slightly surprised when his message came in.

Mo Shenbai: No need.

Before Xu Youyou could reply, another message came in.

Mo Shenbai: Consider it a belated birthday present.

Xu Youyou felt her heart move upon hearing this.

Since he said so, she did not insist on paying him back.

Youyou: Thank you.

I really like it.

(acting coquettish.JPG)

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At the same time.

Mo Shenbai did not reply to Xu Youyous message, but he did not put his phone away either.

His dark eyes looked at the picture of a kitten lying down with its belly exposed on the screen.

His lips curled up in a faint smile as he imagined her acting coquettish.

At this moment, the higher-ups in the meeting room were slightly shocked and bewildered.

Usually, Mo Shenbai would not look at his phone during meetings.

However, this time, he did not only look at his phone, but he even smiled.

They could not help but speculate if he was in love.

Meanwhile, Xu Jialu, who was sitting at the left of Mo Shenbais side, saw the spring-like smile on Mo Shenbais face and frowned slightly.

His intuition told him that the beast next to him was definitely texting his sister.

‘Very good! You dare to brazenly flirt with my sister in front of me!

Xu Youyou did not have any classes in the morning so she asked Cang Ming to send her to the hospital to visit her grandmother.

Xu Jianshus company had been developing well over the years.

He had made many connections and accumulated much wealth.

When Old Madam Xu fell in, he immediately contacted the best doctors in Mo City through the various connections he had made.

When he found out that Old Madam Xu did not have long to live, he respected her decision when she said she did not want chemotherapy or surgery.

He arranged for her to stay in a VIP room and made sure she was cared for by the best nurses 24/7.

Xu Youyou knocked on the door before she walked in with the dessert she had bought before coming over.

She called out sweetly, “Grandma.”

Old Madam Xu sat on the couch, dressed in a dark Qipao.

She had just taken the medicine the nurse had handed over.

When she saw Xu Youyou, she even forgot to drink her water.

She waved her hand and said with a smile, “Why are you here Come and have a seat!”

Xu Youyou obediently sat down next to Old Madam Xu before she said, “I miss you.

Dont you miss me, Grandma”

Old Madam Xu coughed twice before she replied, “Of course, I miss you.” Her eyes brimmed with love as she continued to say, “However, if you miss me, you can just video-call me.

Theres no need for you to run over here.”

“I wont be able to hug Grandma and smell Grandmas unique fragrance through video calls,” Xu Youyou said coquettishly as she hugged Old Madam Xus arm.

Old Madam Xu smiled widely upon hearing Xu Youyous words.

“Child, your mouth is as sweet as honey! Theres no fragrance on my body, just a stench.”

“Thats not true! Grandma smells fragrant!”

Old Madam Xu stroked Xu Youyous face as she asked, “Did you have a good celebration yesterday”


I was very happy!” Xu Youyou said as she smiled brilliantly, “I had lunch with Mom and Dad before I went out with my friends in the evening.

I received a lot of presents as well!”

When Old Madam Xu saw the brilliant smile on Xu Youyous face, she asked calmly, “What did Little Mo give you”


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