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Xu Youyou stood up with an apologetic expression on her face and asked, “Im sorry.

Did we wake you up”

Mo Shenbai rolled his eyes at Xu Jialu, who was slumped on the couch, before he said gently, “You should rest early since you have classes tomorrow.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Yoyuyou turned to look at Xu Jialu with a slightly worried expression.

Xu Jialu knew it was late so he waved his hand and said, “Quickly go to bed.

Im fine.”

Xu Youyou nodded.

“Dont worry, Brother.

I wont let Lin Yin press charges or sue you.”

Xu Jialus anger rose again at the mention of Lin Yin.

However, in front of his sister, he forced a smile on his face and said, “Just concentrate on your studies.

Dont worry about adults.”

Xu Youyou pouted.

Her brother was only a few years older than her.

How was it that he was an adult but she was not

After Xu Youyou went upstairs, Mo Shenbai raised his leg and kicked Xu Jialu.

He said, “The lawyers will deal with the Lin familys matter tomorrow.

You can get lost now.”

Xu Jialu glanced at him and said, “No need.

I can solve this myself.”

Mo Shenbai sneered.

“How are you going to solve it Do you plan to let your sister beg the Lin family”

Xu Jialu sat up immediately and looked at Mo Shenbai as though he was looking at an idiot.

“Are you crazy or stupid Even if I have to beat that bast*rd, Lin Yin, to death, I still wont allow Youyou to beg him!”

Mo Shenbai did not reply.

Instead, he picked up the glass of water Xu Youyou had poured for Xu Jialu and took a sip from it.

Xu Jialu lay back on the couch before he said, “I dont want to go home for now so Ill borrow one of your guest rooms.”

If Xu Jialu went home, his parents would nag him non-stop.

It was too annoying.

“Do what you want,” Mo Shenbai said.

After he finished drinking from the glass, he made his way upstairs.

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When Xu Jialu reached out for the glass of water, he finally found that it was empty.

He said unhappily, “F*ck! How can you finish your guests drink”

The sky was bright when Xu Youyou woke up.

She hurriedly changed and went downstairs.

She looked annoyed with herself when she ran into the butler.

She asked, “I woke up late.

Did Mo Shenbai have breakfast already”

The butler replied with a smile, “Sir and Mr.

Xu already had breakfast and have left for work together.

Xu Youyou asked, “Did my brother stay over last night”

The butler nodded.

Xu Youyou brushed her hair aside.

If she had known earlier, she would have slept a little longer.

She had stayed up too late last night.

“Madam, please come with me for a moment,” the butler suddenly said.


Xu Youyou followed the butler upstairs again, puzzled.

She had no idea what the butler wanted.

The butler pushed the door next to her bedroom open and made an inviting gesture.

When Xu Youyou walked in, she saw a cozy and bright studio.

The curtains were simple and elegant.

They were blue and matched with white lace.

A few pots of plants and flowers lined the window sill.

Oil paintings hung on the wall.

With just a glance, Xu Youyou noticed that the paintings were from a few famous painters, and they were not cheap.

There was a white shelf on the other side.

Various paints and painting tools could be seen on it.

There was also a round table with tea and snacks on it, and an oval-shaped armchair stood next to it.

The easel was placed in the center of the room with a white rattan chair and white floor lamp next to it.

“This…” Xu Youyou looked at the butler with eyes shining with excitement.

The butler smiled and replied, “This is the studio that Sir instructed us to set up for you.”

“This is my studio” Xu Youyou asked in a trance.

‘This means that I dont have to draw in my bedroom anymore!


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