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“Didnt you give me a red packet early in the morning”

“Although Ive given you a red packet, I have to give you a gift as well,” Xu Jialu said as he patted her head, “After all, I have to make sure that you not only have to have what everyone has, but what you have must be more than everyone else.”

“Thank you, Brother,” Xu Youyou said.

She did not stand on ceremony and took the velvet box from her brother.

When she opened it, she saw a pair of diamond earrings in the shape of snowflakes.

They were very beautiful.

Mo Shenbais expression darkened imperceptibly when he saw Xu Jialus hand on Xu Youyous head.


At this moment, Su Lanxu, who was standing next to Xu Youyou, clicked her tongue and said, “Xu Jialu, youre doing everything a husband should do.

Why dont you let her husband do it”

Xu Youyou glared at Su Lanxu as she muttered, “Lanlan, dont talk nonsense.”

Xu Jialu looked at Mo Shenbai provocatively and said, “Why should I care about him”

Then, Xu Jialu carefully helped Xu Youyou put the earrings on.

“Our familys Youyou is really beautiful!”

Xu Youyou touched the earring and smiled widely.

“Thank you, brother.”

The harmonious atmosphere between the two siblings was unaffected by everyone in the room.

They were shocked.

They had heard that Xu Youyou was abandoned on her wedding day so she randomly found someone to replace her groom, but they did not think too much about it.

Who knew the rumor was true Moreover, the random man she found was exceptionally handsome just like a celebrity.

Mo Shenbais expression remained unchanged faced with everyones inquisitive expressions.

He allowed them to size him up.

At this moment, his phone suddenly rang.

After glancing at the screen, he said to Youyou, “Im going to answer the call.”

Xu Youyou nodded and watched his back as he left.

Then, she turned around and pinched Su Lanxus arm as she said, “If you continue to talk nonsense, Im going to sever our relationship.”

Su Lanxu raised her hands to surrender and said, “Alright, alright, I wont talk nonsense anymore.

Come and have a look at your presents, Birthday Girl!”

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These rich kids were not familiar with Xu Youyou, but for Su Lanxu and Xu Jialus sake, they naturally did not skimp on the presents.

Mo Shenbai stood outside of the room to answer the call.

Through the glass on the door, he saw Xu Youyou being surrounded by the group of people.

The smile on her face was so dazzlingly bright that it was like the sun at high noon.


A mans magnetic voice rang from the other end of the line.

“Mo Shenbai, whats your relationship with that woman The moment you heard she was taken to the police station, you rushed over to rescue her.

I heard from Pei Chuan that you even cut short an international conference car because of that.”

Mo Shenbai replied without hesitation, “If there are no accidents, shes the woman whom Ill spend the rest of my life with.”



After Mo Shenbai ended the call, he turned to return to the room.

However, before he opened the door, Xu Youyou walked out of the room.

Xu Youyous eyes brightened when she saw him.

“Youre done with the call.”

Mo Shenbai nodded.

His gaze fell on the boxes in her arms before he asked, “Youre…”

“My parents summoned my brother back.

Im actually not very familiar with these people so I plan to leave as well,” Xu Youyou said.

Not only was she unfamiliar with these people, but they were now drinking, making it difficult for her to fit in.

Mo Shenbai reached to help Xu Youyou with the boxes as he said, “Then, lets leave.”

Xu Youyou quickly moved to the side and said, “No need, no need.

I can carry them on my own.”

Mo Shenbai frowned slightly, but he did not persist.

On the surface, Xu Youyou looked innocent and cute.

However, she always maintained a safe distance from people she was not familiar with.

A hint of a smile flashed in Mo Shenbais eyes, but there was also a hint of helplessness.

Xu Youyou followed Mo Shenbai into the elevator.

Out of the corners of her eyes, she saw that he seemed to be smiling, but she did not know the reason why.

When the duo walked out of the bar, Xu Youyou tripped and fell forward.

Mo Shenbai rolled his eyes and hurriedly grabbed her, pulling her into his arms.

His large hand pressed the back of her head, pressing her face against his chest.


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