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Xu Jialus smile vanished from his face, and his expression turned solemn as he said, “Our families relationship was ruined the moment you abandoned my sister to find another woman during your wedding day.”

“Ive already explained it to Youyou.

It was a misunderstanding.

At that time…”

Xu Jialu did not give Lin Yin time to finish speaking.

He interjected, “I dont care about your reasons.

If you were a man, no, if you were human, you wouldnt have abandoned your bride on your wedding day.” His voice turned deeper and deeper as he continued to say, “You can disregard the Xu family and its reputation, but you cant f*cking disregard Youyous feelings.

Have you ever thought about how it would feel for a young woman to carry on without her groom during their wedding day Did you think about how many people would point their fingers at her and talk about her”

Lin Yin did not know how to refute Xu Jialus words.

A trace of guilt appeared in his eyes when he looked at Xu Youyou.

At this moment, Xu Youyou tugged Xu Jialus sleeve and said softly, “Brother, forget it.

Thats all in the past.”

Xu Youyuo did not want her brother to get entangled with insignificant people.

Madam Lin still did not think her son did anything wrong.

She tugged at Lin Yins arm and said, “A Yin, lets go to the hospital.

Theres no need to talk nonsense with this kind of person.”

Lin Yin was forcefully dragged away by his mother.

He turned back to look at Xu Youyou with every few steps he took.

Xu Youyou averted her eyes and refused to look at Lin Yin.

Instead, she looked at Xu Jialu worriedly and asked, “Brother, are you alright Where do you hurt”

Although Xu Jialu had mostly dominated the fight, Lin Yin had gotten in a few good shots as well.

Xu Jialu smiled.

“Im fine.

Ive fought hundreds of battles so this is nothing.

Im undefeatable!”

Xu Youyou said, “Alright.

Then dont come to me for help when Mom and Dao scold you later.”


Xu Jialus words choked him.

After a moment, he patted Xu Youyous head and said, “Youre so cold! I was helping you to vent your anger, after all.”

“Its not like I asked you to beat someone up,” Xu Youyou said with a pout.

She felt distressed for her brother.

After a moment, she said helplessly, “Youre already an adult, and yet, you still get into fights so easily.

Can you change this habit of yours”

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“No,” Xu Jialu said without hesitation.

He raised his chin proudly as he continued to say, “Whoever dares to bully my sister, Ill beat them up! Otherwise, people would think the men in the Xu family are useless!”


Xu Youyou looked at Xu Jialu with a helpless expression on her face, but a faint smile could be seen on her face.

She really did not know how to deal with her brother.

At this moment, Su Lanxu gave Xu Jialu a thumbs-up and said, “Well done! A scumbag like Lin Yin should be beaten up so hed learn a lesson.”

Xu Youyou glanced at Su Lanxu, who seemed to be encouraging her brothers behavior, from the corners of her eyes before she said meaningfully, “Who was it who was so worried that my brother would go to jail earlier”

Su Lanxus expression turned slightly unnatural as she mumbled, “Whos worried about him I was worried about you…”

Xu Youyou tried her best to suppress the smile that threatened to bloom on her face.

She would be a fool to believe Su Lanxus words.

Xu Jialu did not think about the two womens exchange.

He glanced at his right hand.

Since he had beaten Lin Yin quite hard, there were naturally abrasions on his hand.

“F*ck, I hurt my precious hand!”

Xu Jialu was the head of the technology department in Mo Corporation.

He relied on his hands to make a living.

Now that he had hurt his hand, he was naturally unhappy.

“Ill go get some medicine for you.

The scrapes on your skin will heal in a few days,” Xu Youyou said.

Just as they were about to leave, a group of people walked in.

The person leading the group of people was none other than Mo Shenbai, who was still dressed in a suit.

Pei Chuan stood directly behind him, and the rest were unfamiliar faces that Xu Youyou had not seen before.


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