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When Xu Youyou regained her footing, she looked up.

What greeted her eyes was a handsome face.


The face was chiseled, and its features were exquisite.

The face belonged to a man who wore a black three-piece suit.

After helping Xu Youyou, he quickly let go of her arm.

His eyes did not linger on her as he walked toward the banquet hall.

“Wait a minute!” Xu Youyou reached out and grabbed his sleeve.

The man frowned slightly as his eyes flashed icily.

He turned around and looked at the young woman with delicate features.

Although she had makeup on and was wearing a wedding dress, it could not hide her young age.

Her face was round and small, carrying a hint of childishness.

In fact, she looked like she was still a minor.

The only word that appeared in his mind when he saw her wasyoung.

Perhaps, Xu Youyous big eyes that shone with tears looked pitiful, he resisted the urge to push her hand away.

“Thank you,” Xu Youyou said, opening her cherry-red lips.

For some reason, her heart was racing in her chest, and her hand that was holding onto his sleeve felt like it was about to break out in sweat.

“Its fine,” the man said as he parted his thin lips slightly.

He lowered his eyes and looked at the small hand that was still holding onto his sleeve before he said in a low voice, “Let go.”

Instead of letting go, Xu Youyou tightened her grip on his sleeve.

She looked at the icy expression on his face as a bold and absurd idea appeared in her mind.

She asked, “Mr.

Mo, will you marry me”

The mans eyes widened slightly in shock.

For a moment, he wondered if the person in front of him was insane.

Xu Youyou knew how ridiculous her words sounded.

The man likely thought she was a lunatic.

However, she had no choice.

If the wedding was canceled and her grandmother found out she had been abandoned, her grandmother definitely would not be able to bear it.

She had already lost Lin Yin and her love; she could not lose her grandmother who loved her the most in the world.

She would not allow her grandmother to leave without peace of mind.


Xu Youyou said again, “Mr.

Mo, you only need to stay married to me for a year! In exchange, Ill save your sister!”


The mans heart moved upon hearing these words.

His gaze turned complex as he looked at her.

He asked, “Do you know me”

Xu Youyou licked her dry lips and nodded.

“My brother is your friend.

Ive seen your photos on his phone.”

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The man was Mo Shenbai.

He was the Chairman of the Mo Group, and he was also the head of the Mo family.

Although he had been running the family business for ten years, he kept a very low profile.

No newspapers or magazines dared to publish his photos.

For this reason, not many people recognized him.


Mo Shenbai fell silent.

After a moment, he asked, “Can you really save my sister”

Xu Youyous eyes brightened as she nodded.

“I never lie! If I lie, you can do whatever you want to my brother!”


Mo Shenbai: “…”

Meanwhile, Xu Jialu, who was in a hurry to find the best man in the world, sneezed.

The entire place was quiet.

It was softly lit by yellow lights.

The duo faced each other silently.

At this moment, it was as though there was some mysterious force binding them together.


After a long time, the man only said one word, “Okay.”

The relatives of the Lin family had heard about the cancellation of the wedding, and they were all prepared to leave.

However, they did not expect to be told that the wedding would continue.

With that, they returned to their seats again.

When the wedding march sounded and the doors opened, Xu Youyou slowly walked in, holding onto a mans arm.

Everyone was stunned.

They were not surprised that the groom had changed, but the new groom was… truly too handsome!


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