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Perhaps, it was good to lose some of her memories and forget about how much she had liked Lin Yin in the past.

With that, she would not have felt sad when he abandoned her.


Xu Youyou inhaled and exhaled slowly before she put the diary into a drawer and locked it.

The sound of someone clearing their throat rang at the entrance of her bedroom at this time.

Xu Youyou turned around and saw Xu Jialu leaning against the door.

He had just woken up so he looked quite bleary.

Although his hair was messy, he still looked handsome.

A hint of teasing flashed in his alluring eyes as he asked, “Can you forget about that scumbag, Lin Yin, by locking the diary away”

Xu Youyou pursed her lips before she looked at him meaningfully and asked, “Have you forgotten about something”

Xu Jialu seemed to understand, and he averted his eyes as he said, “Im starving.

Im going to eat.”


Mo will be joining us tonight.

Dont say anything strange,” Xu Youyou reminded.

Xu Jialu stopped in his tracks and turned to look at her.

“Old Dog Mo is coming”

“He has a name.

Not only is he your good friend, but hes also your boss.

Is it appropriate for you to call him that” Xu Youyou asked.

“Have you thought about how he worked me to my bones Why didnt you say anything about that Dont tell me you like him” Xu Jialu said as he glanced at her.

Xu Youyou denied immediately, “Hows that possible”

Alas, her reaction was truly unnatural.

Xu Jialu crossed his arms and only looked at her with a half-smile on his face.

Xu Youyou explained guiltily, “I really dont.

Ive just called off my wedding with Lin Yin so Im not thinking about this kind of thing.” Then, she muttered, “You make me sound a little heartless by moving on so fast…”

“Im just speaking casually.

Why are you so anxious” Xu Jialu asked curiously.

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“How am I anxious Im not anxious at all.

Im just saying that I dont like him,” Xu Youyou said determinedly.


If you say dont, then you dont,” Xu Jialu said, raising his hands to surrender.

Then, he added casually, “In any case, Mo Shenbai is a good person.

Its fine to be friends with him, but the Mo family is a prominent family, and its complicated.

Its best not to get too involved.”

Xu Youyou nodded.

“I know.”

Xu Jialu turned around and walked to the stairs.

He shouted at the top of his lungs, “Aunt Pei, Im hungry.

Is there anything to eat”

Aunt Peis hushed voice rang from downstairs.

“Yes, Young Master.

Please lower your voice.

The Old Madam has just fallen asleep.”

Xu Youyou smiled.

When she turned around, she saw her iPad peeking out from her bag.

She opened up the drawing she had drawn yesterday.

She had yet to color it.

As she looked at it, she murmured softly, “Since the Mo family is complicated, you must have suffered in the past…”

The city was bathed in the afterglow of the setting sun.

It looks as beautiful as a painting.

Bursts of laughter rang from the Xu family house from time to time.

With Xu Jialu around, the atmosphere would always be lively.


Xu, who did not come back for lunch, asked his daughter worriedly, “Your mother gave you the card, right You can buy whatever you want.

Dont feel hesitant.”

Xu Youyou replied with a smile, “She did.

Actually, theres nothing I want to buy.

You and Mom dont have to give me money all the time.”

“Its not wrong for a girl to save more money.” Mr.

Xu felt indebted to his daughter, and he did not know how to make up for it.

He could only use the oldest and most practical method he knew: giving money!


Xu Jialu said unhappily, “Dad, Mom, youre too biased.

You gave her a card for the mid-autumn festival, but what about me Wheres my card”


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