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“Hey, dont bring up my dark past!” Su Lanxu said indignantly.

When she first met Xu Jialu, she had been dazzled by his appearance.

Alas, the more she interacted with him, the more disillusioned she became.

The fact that she had liked Xu Jialu had become her dark past.


Xu Youyou laughed.

“Alright, alright, I wont say another word about it!”

Su Lanxu brought out a tube of scar removal cream and handed it to Xu Youyou as she said, “My relative works in an aesthetic clinic so I specifically asked her for this.

Remember to apply it every day so the scar will disappear quickly.”

Xu Youyou did not stand on ceremony and accepted the tube of cream easily.

“Thank you.”

As the duo walked toward the campus, Su Lanxu asked, “By the way, how do you plan to celebrate your birthday this year”

“Hm” Xu Youyou looked confused.

Su Lanxu patted Xu Youyous head and said, “I knew youd forget it.

The mid-autumn festival is coming up in a few days.

After that, itd be your birthday.”

“Its still so far away!” Xu Youyou said.

It was only August now; her birthday was in September.

“Hows it early Its your 20th birthday this year so your family will likely throw you a birthday party or something, right” Su Lanxu asked.

After all, ones 20th birthday was a big milestone in Mo City.

“My grandmas health isnt good so I dont really want a huge celebration.

We can celebrate by just having a meal,” Xu Youyou said with a shrug.

She did not have much interest in celebrating her birthday.

In the past, her grandmother would especially cook two of her favorite dishes during her birthdays.

“Thats fine,” Su Lanxu said.

After thinking about it for a moment, she said, “Then, Ill throw you a birthday party! Ill make sure you have no regrets about your 20th birthday!”


Xu Youyou did not respond.

Compared to her birthday, there was something more important on her mind at this moment.

Late in the afternoon.

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Xu Youyou was afraid Xu Jialu would pick her up in his sports car again so she had left earlier to have hotpot with Su Lanxu.

When Xu Jialu called, Xu Youyou said, “Brother, you dont have to pick me up next time.

Youre working so hard, after all.

Moreover, Mr.

Mo has arranged a driver for me.”

Although Xu Jialu made a wasted trip, he was not angry.

He only said, “Alright.

We should take advantage of that capitalist!”

Xu Youyou: “…”

It was almost 9 pm when Su Lanxu dropped Su Lanxu off at Moon Pavilion in her Mercedes-Benz.


Seeing that Mo Shenbai had yet to return, Xu Youyou could not help but ask the butler about it.

The butler was quite smart.

As soon as heard Xu Youyous words, he asked, “Miss Xu, is there anything you need If its urgent, I can call Mr.


“No need, no need,” Xu Youyou said.

She did not want to disturb Mo Shenbais work, after all.

She hurried to her room, thinking that there were still a few days before the mid-autumn festival so she still had time to talk to Mo Shenbai.

When Mo Shenbai returned, it was already past 11 pm.

The butler took his coat and hesitated for a moment before he said, “Miss Xu seemed to have something to say to you, sir.”

Mo Shenbai responded with a nod and went upstairs.

He had planned to return to his room to shower before he rested, but when he saw the lights through the crack under Xu Youyous bedroom door, he stopped in his tracks.

‘Its so late, but she still hasnt slept

While he was still thinking if he should wait until the next morning to speak to her, his hand had already knocked on the door as though it had a life of its own.


A crisp voice rang from the room.

“Come in.”

“Why arent you asleep yet”

Xu Youyou placed her iPad on the table before she said, “Im not sleepy yet so I decided to draw.

When Mo Shenbai glanced at the iPad, he saw a slightly familiar animated character.

When Xu Youyou saw Mo Shenbai was looking at her drawing, she held the pen in her hand nervously without saying anything.

Mu Shenbai shifted his gaze back to her fair little face before he asked, “Were you looking for me earlier”


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