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Xu Youyous expression stiffened for a moment.

She lowered her head and pursed her lips before she said in an uncertain tone, “I think I mustve blamed them before…”

Mo Shenbai raised an eyebrow at the strange way she phrased her words.

When Xu Youyou saw the puzzled expression on her face, she pursed her cherry lips for a moment before she explained, “There are things Ive forgotten.

I dont remember if Ive ever blamed or resented them.

However, I dont blame them now.

They must have had their difficulties and reasons.

After all, I dont think theres anyone who doesnt want their own child, right”


Then, a bright smile bloomed on her childish face as she said, “In any case, Im living very well now, and Im happy every day.”

Mo Shenbai looked at her smiling face and felt as though his heart had been hit with a blunt object.

‘Theres no one who doesnt want their own child There are many who dont want their child.

There are those who abandon their child like worn out shoes and hate them to the bones.

When the car pulled up to Moon Pavilion, Mo Shenbai did not get out of the car.

He watched the butler bring Xu Youyou into the house, and when he looked away, his eyes glinted coldly.

“Hows the investigation going”

Pei Chuan turned around and said respectfully, “The background of the truck driver is very clean.

There are no abnormalities with his bank accounts.

It looks like an accident.”

Mo Shenbais lips curled up into a sneer as his eyes flashed with mockery.

‘How manyaccidents have there been in recent years

Pei Chuan seemed to know what Mo Shenbai was thinking.

He hesitated before he said, “It might not be those people.

Perhaps, its someone else…”

Mo Shenbai interjected, “Let Cang Ming protect Xu Youyou.”

Cang Ming was the driver.

He was a veteran.

Not only was he skilled in driving, but he had other skills as well.

Pei Chuans eyes flashed with surprise before he protested, “Chairman Mo, Cang Ming has been by your side for so many years! If youre afraid of implicating Miss Xu, why dont you send her back to the Xu family She…”

Pei Chuan stopped talking immediately when he saw Mo Shenbai looking at him icily.

After a moment of silence, he could not help but ask curiously, “Chairman Mo, have you recovered from your illness Have you…”

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“Do you see a word on my forehead”

“Huh Word What word” Pei Chuan was confused.

Mo Shenbai said coldly, “Pervert.”


Unless he was a pervert, would he have feelings for someone nine years younger than him



After Mo Shenbai took care of the affairs at the office and returned to the Moon Pavilion, the moon and stars had already hung high in the sky.

When he strode into the house, everything was normal.

It was quiet.

The butler stepped forward to help when a crisp voice rang in the air.


Mo, youre back!”

When Mo Shenbai saw Xu Youyu walking out of the kitchen, his eyes flashed with surprise.

“You havent slept yet”

“I was waiting for you to come back for dinner,” Xu Youyou said as she shook her head.

“Waiting for me”

“Didnt I promise to cook dinner as a token of apology Did you forget” Xu Youyou asked.

After a moment, she said, “Have you eaten If thats the case, Ill put the food away.”

Before Xu Youyou could return to the kitchen, Mo Shenbai stopped her.

“I havent eaten yet.”

Xu Youyous eyes lit up immediately.

“Great! Then, the dishes I made wont go to waste!”

She knew Mo Shenbai did not like sweet things and that he paid attention to his body, she had deliberately cooked food she thought would suit his taste.

There was no oily or spicy food.

There were meat and vegetable dishes, and they looked delicious.

When Mo Shenbai saw she only brought out a set of cutleries, he raised an eyebrow and asked, “Youre not eating”


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