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Mo Shenbais hands that were hidden in the pockets were tightly clenched and his expression was icy as he said, “There wont be a next time.”

Although the results of the investigation were not out yet, they both knew the car accident was definitely not an accident.

This was not the first time something like that happened to Mo Shenbai.

Xu Jialus expression eased when he heard Mo Shenbais words.

He said, “I can see that shes very happy staying at your place, but I wont thank you.

After all, I work hard for you every day.”

Mo Shenbai pursed his lips and remained silent.

Xu Jialu was about to leave when he suddenly thought of something.

He turned around and pointed at Mo Shenbai as he said, “Im warning you! Dont try anything funny with my sister! Youre ten years older than she is! You can practically be her uncle!”

The veins on Mo Shenbais forehead twitched.

‘Why am I always being attacked for my age recently

Outwardly, Mo Shenbai corrected, “Nine years.”

“I rounded it up!” Xu Jialu said as he raised his chin.

Then, as though he thought of something again, his attitude changed immediately as he said, “In fact, if you really like my sister, its not a problem.

After all, Youyou is beautiful and kind.

Everyone likes her.

However, in the future, youll have to address me as brother-in-law.”


Xu Jialu thought it would be refreshing to hear Mo Shenbai address him asbrother-in-law.

Mo Shenbai sneered.

“Do you think Im the same as you”

Before Xu Jialu could ask what he meant, Mo Shenbai said, “Im not as shameless as you.”

In his heart, Xu Youyou was like a child.

He was not a pervert that would have thoughts toward a child.


Xu Jialu: “…”

When Mo Shenbai returned to the ward, Xu Youyou had just asked for leave from the university.

When she heard the sound of footsteps, she looked up and saw Mo Shenbai.

She asked, “Wheres my brother”

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“He went back to the office.”

Xu Jialu nodded before she asked, “Can I be discharged”



Since there was no problem with her CT scan, she could leave.

Xu Youyou let out a long sigh of relief upon hearing this.

She got down from the bed and said, “Fortunately, I dont need to be hospitalized and can go home.”

Mo Shenbai helped her carry her bag as he asked, “Youre afraid of being hospitalized”

Xu Youyou nodded.

“I dont know why, but I feel very uncomfortable every time Im at the hospital.”

Mo Shenbai did not think too much of it.

He thought she was just like a child who disliked going to hospitals.

After taking two steps toward the door, he realized she was not following him.

He turned around and asked, “Are you not coming”

Xu Youyou smiled widely and said, “You go first, you go first…”

Mo Shenbai frowned as he turned around wordlessly and walked out.

Xu Youyou followed after him but maintained a distance from him.

She thought to herself,Five steps away should be enough, right

When they arrived at the car, unlike before, Xu Youyou took the passenger seat instead.

Mo Shenbai asked, puzzled, “What are you doing”

“Huh Are you talking to me” Xu Youyou asked, confused.

“Sit at the back,” Mo Shenbai said with a dark expression.

Xu Youyou hesitated.

“But my brother said…”

Mo Shenbai interjected, “Sit here.”

Mo Shenbai spoke in a tone that brooked no arguments.

Xu Youyou could tell he was slightly annoyed so she quietly got off and returned to the back seat.

However, she stuck close to the door to maintain a distance from him.

Mo Shenbai sighed helplessly.

“Its okay for you to sit normally.”

Xu Youyou looked at him curiously with her thoughts written all over her face.

Mo Shenbai said, “Youre not a woman in my eyes.”

Xu Youyou: “!!!”

‘This is a personal attack on me, right


Xu You protested.

“How am I not a woman Im just slightly shorter and underdeveloped, and my looks are more to the cute side.

However, Im only 20 years old.

I still have a chance to develop, and I…”


Mo Shenbai did not let her finish her words before he reached out with his fair hand and covered her mouth.


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