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Mo Shenbai acted as though he did not hear Xu Youyou and continued to take his time.

After he was done, he covered the wound with a large band-aid.

It felt a little itchy so Xu Youyou instinctively reached up.

However, before she could touch the band-aid, Mo Shenbai grabbed her wrist and said in a low voice, “Dont touch it.”

“Oh.” Xu You dropped her hand, looking embarrassed.

Xu Jialu walked over at this moment and shoved Mo Shenbai aside.

Then, he said, “What are you doing Dont you have a phobia of women You feel uncomfortable and nauseous whenever you touch a woman.

Why do you keep touching my sister!”


Xu Youyous clear eyes flashed with surprise as she looked at Mo Shenbai in a daze.

‘He has a phobia of women When we first met, he reached out to help me when I was about to fall.

Xu Jialu looked at Mo Shenbai and asked suspiciously, “Have you been faking it all this time”

Mo Shenbai was not angry at being exposed.

He only said indifferently, “I told the driver to send her to her university.”

In other words, Mo Shenbai felt responsible for her injury so it was only normal for him to look after her.

Xu Jialu scoffed, not buying the excuse.

Then, he lowered his head and said to Xu Youyou, “Come home with me.”

Xu Youyou shook her head immediately.

“Mom and Dad will be worried if I go home.

Ill visit in a few days.”


Xu Youyou had been raised in the countryside by her grandmother, and after she returned, her parents always treated her with politeness and caution.

Her mother would often look at her with guilt in her eyes.

It made her feel uncomfortable.

She had been very happy living in Moon Pavilion and did not want to go back.

If her parents saw her injury, they would feel guiltier and more distressed.

“So if you dont go home, they wont be worried” Xu Jialu retorted as he pinched her cheek.

“Do you know that Mom talks about you all the time”

Although Xu Jialu did not use much strength at all, the movement pulled on Xu Youyous wound, causing her to wince.

“Brother, it hurts!”

Xu Jialu let go immediately.

Then, he said, “Listen to me, come home.

Youve only left for a few days, but youve already injured your forehead.

If you stay outside for a few more days, youre going to die.”

“Brother…” Xu Youyou held her brothers arm and acted cutely.

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That wont work today.

Come home with me,” Xu Jialu said decisively.

Xu Youyou remained silent.

Her lips were slightly pursed, and an aggrieved expression could be seen on her small and round face as she stared at Xu Jialu with her bright eyes.

Xu Jialu sighed helplessly.

Finally, he gave in and said, “Alright, alright.

But you have to visit once you feel better.”

Xu Youyou smiled immediately and said sweetly, “Thank you, Brother!”

Xu Jialu sighed theatrically before he said, “What use is athank you My pocket is so empty that you can hear the northern and autumn wind blowing.”

Xu Youyou looked as though she had expected this.

She brought her phone out and transferred 10,000 yuan to him immediately.

“Its done.”


Xu Jialu smiled happily upon receiving his sisterslove.

Then, he said, “Be good.

Remember to rest well.

Dont return to class until your injury is better.

Ill personally send you to school every day.”

Xu Youyou nodded obediently.

Mo Shenbai looked at Xu Jialu with undisguised contempt as Xu Jialu shamelessly asked for money from his sister.

When Xu Jialu turned around, he looked at Mo Shenbai meaningfully.

Following that, Mo Shenbai told Xu Youyou to wait before he left the ward with Xu Jialu.

The duo stood in front of a window in the corridor.

Rays of sunlight shone through and illuminated their bodies with a golden light.

Mo Shenbai said, “I knew since before that youre shameless, but Id no idea it was until this extent.”

‘You even extort money from your sister…

Xu Jialu rolled his eyes.

“What do you know Were brother and sister.”

Xu Jialu reached into his pocket and pulled out a box of cigarettes.

Then, he suddenly recalled he was in the hospital where smoking was prohibited.

He sighed before he leaned against the wall.

He licked his dry lips before he said bluntly, “Old Mo, although you helped my sister out with the wedding, thats a separate matter.

I dont want her to be involved with your Mo familys matters.

If she gets affected again, dont blame me for not being polite with you.”



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