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Xu Youyou was still absentminded after she changed her clothes and went downstairs for breakfast.

From time to time, she would glance at the man sitting at the table.

Today, Mo Shenbai was wearing a dark blue shirt.

He ate the western breakfast calmly.

It was as though nothing happened last night, and he did not feel awkward at all.

In contrast, Xu Youyou was so embarrassed she wished she could bury her face in her bowl.

Usually, he would have already left for work at this time.

She did not expect to have breakfast with him today.

When Mo Shenbai saw she had been sneaking glances at him, he said, “Focus on eating.”

Xu Youyou regained her senses and nodded.

After hesitating for a moment, she said apologetically in a low voice, “Im sorry.”

“Hm” Mo Shenbai looked at her.

“I shouldnt have talked about you with my best friend last night.

Moreover, she even said those… things…” The more Xu Youyou said, the more ashamed she felt.

She had lowered her head so much that it was about to be buried in her bowl.

In fact, Mo Shenbai did not take yesterdays incident to heart at all.

He just did not expect the topics young women spoke about were so… heavy.

Nonetheless, he still said, “You think a simple apology is enough”


Xu Youyou raised her head slightly, looking wilted as she asked weakly, “Then, what do you want”

Mo Shenbai kept a straight face as he looked at her silently with his dark eyes.

After thinking about it for a moment, Xu Youyou said, “Why dont I cook tonight My culinary skills are very good! I can even cook you a Manchu-Han Imperial Feast!”

Since Mo Shenbai asked her to cook him a bowl of noodles last night, Xu Youyou thought he must have liked her cooking.

Mo Shenbai remained silent for a moment before he nodded reluctantly.

Upon seeing this, Xu Youyous nervousness and worries vanished immediately.

Then, she asked, “Alright! Then what do you want to eat”

“Manchu-Han Imperial Feast.”

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Xu Youyou: “…”

‘Are you trying to tire me to death


When Mo Shenbai saw the collapse of Xu Youyous expression, he lowered his head and smiled.

Xu Youyou said, “Itd be a waste if you cant finish all the food…”

‘Im not lazy! I really just dont want the food to go to waste!


Mo Shenbai did not reply to her.

At this moment, Pei Chuan walked into the dining room.

He said respectfully, “Good morning, Chairman Mo, Miss Xu.”

Xu Youyou turned around and was stunned when she saw the tie and the grey suit Pei Chuan wore.

The scenes from last nights dream flashed in her mind again, causing her face to turn pale.

In her dream, Pei Chuan was wearing the same colorful tie and grey suit.

Mo Shenbai rose to his feet and took his suit jacket from the butler.

When he saw the strange expression on Xu Youyous face, he assumed she had been scared silly by his earlier words so he said, “You can cook whatever you want.

Just remember that I dont like sweet food.”

Xu Youyou could not help but tremble.

Now that Mo Shenbai had stood up, she could see that what he was wearing was exactly the same as what he wore in her dream.

‘So soon Its today Mo Shenbai is going to die today…

After Mo Shenbai put on his jacket, he saw the depressed Xu Youyou who looked like a pitiful kitten that had been bullied.

Then, he said, “In the future, the driver will drive to and from the university.

Moon Pavilion is quite remote, and its not safe for you to take the bus.”

Xu Youyou looked up at him in surprise.

‘So the reason Pei Chuan was driving in my dream was because he let the driver drive me to the university If he has the driver, he may not die! After all, the driver is definitely skilled in driving since he drives so frequently.

In that kind of situation, his reaction is likely faster than ordinary people.

Even if hes just a second faster, they might be able to avoid the danger!

Mo Shenbai felt that something was wrong with Xu Youyou.

However, when he saw the time, he knew he did not have time to ask about it now.

Hence, he turned and walks toward the door.



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