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Xu Youyou did not know if it was because she had confided in Mo Shenbai, but she discovered her heart was not as heavy as before, and she no longer felt disappointed.

It was just as Mo Shenbai had said.

Humans were complicated.

She had been too naive in the past.

Even if Lin Yin was very good in the past and had given her warmth, after a long time, people would change.

After thinking it through, her footsteps were much lighter as she went upstairs.

As soon as she entered the room, she heard her phone vibrating.

She picked up her phone to look at the message, but before she could read it, Su Lanxus call came.

“Xu Youyou!” Su Lanxus scream rang from the other end of the line.

At this time, Xu Youyou finally remembered her appointment with Su Lanxu.

She hurriedly said, “Im sorry, Lanlan.

Something suddenly came up.

I didnt mean to stand you up.


Before Xu Youyou finished her words, Su Lanxu interjected, “Lets not talk about this first.

You have to tell me the identity of that incredibly handsome man!”


“Huh” Xu Youyou was stunned.

Then, she laughed and said, “Lanlan, is that all you care about”

“Is that the main point No.

The main point is that handsome man!”

“Calm down,” Xu Youyou said as she picked up a pillow and sat on the couch.

After hugging the pillow, she began to explain everything briefly.

After listening to Xu Youyou, Su Lanxu was silent for a full minute.

Then, she screamed.

Xu Youyou calmly brought the phone away from her ear, looking as though she was very used to this.

When the scream subsided, she put the phone against her ear again.

Su Lanxu said excitedly, “Even the author I like cant write such exciting scenes!”

Xu Youyou: “…”

“Youyou, since he saved a damsel in distress, isnt it reasonable for you to give yourself to him”


The corner of Xu Youyous lips twitched slightly.”Are you kidding me Give myself to him Do you know who he is”

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“I know hes handsome!”

“Hes my brothers good friend.

Most importantly, hes the Chairman of the Mo Group, Mo Shenbai.”


Su Lanxu fell silent again.

Clearly, her confidence from earlier had taken a blow as she said, “Well, so, so what Youre so good.

In fact, he might not even be worthy of you!”

Xu Youyou did not have as many thoughts as Su Lanxu.

She said, “Im already very grateful that hes willing to act with me in front of Grandma and let me stay with him.

Id be too greedy if I harbor ulterior motives as well.”


Su Lanxu scoffed softly before she said, “In any case, hes a really an upstanding man! Just his appearance alone is far superior to that scumbag, Lin Yin.

Are you sure you can control yourself when youll be facing him day and night Are you sure you wont fall in love with him”


Xu Youyou felt lazy so she turned on the loudspeaker and placed the phone on the couch before she said in her sweet voice, “Lanlan, hes nine years older than I am.

How can I fall in love with someone so much older than me”


After saying that, Xu Youyou muttered, “I dont have daddy issues.”


“What” Su Lanxu did not hear the last sentence clearly.

“I said, dont forget you promised to treat me to hotpot earlier.”

“Alright, alright, Ill treat you twice.

How about it” After saying that, Su Lanxu switched the topic again and said, “Youre right.

Mo Shenbai is very handsome, but hes too old.

I heard that men will go downhill once they turn 30.

If the both of you get together, it wont be long before he turns into an old man.

Who knows if hell turn into a wolf”

Girls became immersed when chatting.

Moreover, Su Lanxu, who had read many melodramatic novels over the years, had a very wild imagination.

Xu Youyou laughed.

“Lanlan, its not good to talk about others behind their backs.

Moreover, he definitely wont turn into a wolf even after he turns 30.”

“Oh, youre not even with him, but youre already defending him” Su Lanxu said teasingly.

“Lanlan!” Xu Youyou feigned anger and smacked the couch, causing the phone to fall and roll a few times on the carpet.

She put down the pillow in her arms and rose to her feet to pick up her phone.

When she straightened her back, she inadvertently looked at the door.

She was immediately dumbstruck!



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