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Xu Youyou frowned; she felt like her arm was about to break.

She said unhappily, “Let go.

Youre hurting me.”

Not only did Lin Yin not let go, but he even tightened his grip.

His eyes were slightly narrowed and his expression was gloomy as he said, “Xu Youyou, if youre angry, I can understand it, and Im also willing to give in to you.

However, dont talk about calling off the wedding.

In this life, who else do you think you can marry apart from me”


After a brief pause, Lin Yin leaned closer to her and said in a gloomy voice that carried a hint of mockery, “After all, youve liked me for so many years.

Can you really bear to break up with me”


Xu Youyou stopped struggling.

When she raised her head to look at him, she felt as though she was looking at a stranger.

She found it slightly hard to believe that such words came out from the person whom she had liked for a few years.

Although the man in front of her looked the same as before, his eyes were cold.

His mocking words chilled her heart.

Disappointment flooded Xu Youyous heart, and the pain in her heart slowly spread.

She bit her lip and trembled slightly before she said, “Let go.”

Lin Yin did not let go.

Instead, he stuffed the black velvet box into her hand and said, “Its fine if you dont like this gift.

Ill get you a new one next time.”

Xu Youyou looked at Lin Yin in disbelief.

Her small face flushed red with anger as she said, “Lin Yin, let go of me.

Otherwise, Ill…”

Xu Youyou trailed off.

“Otherwise, youll what Youre my fiancee.

Its only right for me to hold your hand.

I…” Lin Yin said.

 Before Lin Yin finished his words, a fair hand suddenly stretched out from the side and grabbed Lin Yins wrist before pulling it.

The pain caused Lin Yin to release Xu Youyous hand immediately.

He raised his head furiously to look at the owner of the hand.

When Xu Youyou turned to the side, she saw Mo Shenbai.

She was stunned.

She did not know what he was doing here.

Mo Shenbai did not seem to see the surprise on Xu Youyous face.

He placed his arm around her shoulders as he lowered his head and asked in a voice that was more gentle than usual, “Are you alright”

Xu Youyou, who was still stunned, shook her head mechanically.

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When Lin Yin saw the man who had appeared out of nowhere hugging Xu Yoouyou, he asked rudely, “Who are you”

Mo Shenbai looked up.

His gaze was calm and icy as he said, “Xu Youyous husband.”

These words were like a lightning bolt to Lin Yin.

He instinctively exclaimed, “Impossible!” Then, he looked at Xu Youyou and said, “Dont think you can fool me just because you found a male escort to help you!”


‘Male escort

Xu Youyous eyes twitched.

‘Will Lin Yin regret his words if he knows themale escort is Mo Shenbai

Xu Youyou snuck a peek at the man standing next to her.

Mo Shenbai frowned, and his eyes flashed coldly.

Apart from that, he did not react to Lin Yins insulting words.

He no longer looked at Lin Yin.

He took Xu Youyous bag from her before he said in a low voice, “Lets go.”

Xu Youyou nodded.

Just as she moved to follow him, he shifted her bag to his other hand before he naturally held her hand.

She was stunned as her eyes fell on the hand that was tightly gripping hers.

His hand was so warm that it caused her cheeks to burn.

Since she was young, except for her brother, no man had ever held her hand in this manner.



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