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Xu Youyou did not seem to notice the slight change in Lin Yins expression as she said calmly, “If theres nothing, Im going to leave first.”

Seeing that Xu Youyou was really going to leave, Lin Yin suppressed his emotions and stopped her.


Xu Youyou stopped in her tracks and turned to look at him.

In fact, she could more or less guess what Lin Yin wanted to say, but she was no longer interested in hearing him out.

Since he abandoned her on the day of their wedding, she no longer had any expectations for him.

No matter what he had to say, it was no longer important to her.

“Youyou, I know I owe you an explanation for what happened that day,” Lin Yin said patiently and gently, “Qingyu is my ex-girlfriend.

Our relationship was good, but later…”

Lin Yin paused.

He skipped over his heart-wrenching past and said, “Anyway, that day, something happened to her overseas.

It was the first time she had called me to ask for help after we split.

I couldnt just ignore her.”

“So” Xu Youyou asked indifferently.

Lin Yin was surprised.

He expected Xu Youyou to forgive him or perhaps throw a little tantrum.

He really did not expect her indifference.

He could not control his expression at this moment as he licked his lips and said, “Ive already settled my matters with Qingyu.

I promise that she wont interfere in our relationship again in the future.

Dont be angry.”

Xu Youyou remained unmoved.

She said, “Alright, is that all”

Lin Yin was taken aback and could no longer suppress his emotions.

His deep voice held a hint of annoyance as he asked, “Do you have to speak to me with such a tone”

Xu Youyou looked at him and asked, “Then, what kind of tone should I use Mr.

Lin, weve already called our wedding off.

Its not appropriate for us to interact like before.”

In the past, Xu Youyou would call Lin YinBrother Lin Yin in a gentle voice.

She would also learn about his interests such as golf, wine, and so on.

No matter what he said, she would listen to him carefully and would not do anything to make him unhappy.

However, in the end, he still could not let go of Bai Qingyu and had abandoned her without any hesitation.

The wordsMr.

Lin caused Lin Yins expression to darken.

He clenched his hands hanging by his sides tightly into fists as he tried to suppress his emotions.

“Xu Youyou, stop being so childish.”

“Do you think you can easily call off our wedding just because you found a random man to marry you Our marriage was decided by the elders of our families.

You cant just call it off because you want to.”


Xu Youyou frowned slightly.

‘Am I not clear enough or does he just not understand


Lin Yin brought out a black velvet box from his pocket and opened it, revealing a pair of sparkling diamond earrings.

He said, “I personally picked this gift for you while I was in France.

Dont be angry.

Dont you like France Why dont we hold our wedding…”

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Xu Youyou interrupted him before he could say more ridiculous words.

She did not even spare a glance at the gift as she said, “Mr.

Lin, my grandmother has already agreed to call off our wedding so theres really no more ties between us.

As for these earrings, you can give them to Bai Qingyu or whoever you want.

It has nothing to do with me.”

Lin Yins eyes widened upon hearing these words.

He did not expect Old Madam Xu to agree to call off the wedding.

If it were not for the wedding, he and Bai Qingyu would not have broken up.

Now that he wanted to fulfill the promise, the Xu family actually called off the wedding.

He grabbed Xu Youyou with such force that it felt as though her bones would be crushed as he said through gritted teeth, “Xu Youyou!”


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