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Xu Youyou did not care about Bai Qingyus thoughts as well.

She was sincerely admiring Bai Qingyus dance.

If she were a man, she would definitely be charmed.

After dancing, Bai Qingyu was sweating.

Strands of her hair hung loosely around her face, making her look even more seductive.

She accepted the tissue Lin Zhihuan handed her and wiped her sweat away as she looked at Xu Youyou.

“Its your turn,” Lin Zhihua said gleefully.

She could not wait for Xu Youyou to make a fool out of herself.

Although the spring was quite warm in Mo City, Xu Youyou still did not wear a dress like the others.

After all, she had a very strict boyfriend who worried about her catching a cold all the time.

Today, she wore a pair of long pants and a thin sweater.

Her long hair was pulled up into a bun, and a few strands of stray hair hung around her face.

She looked very cute.

Lin Zhihuan could not help but snicker when she looked at Xu Youyous outfit.

In her opinion, it was simply impossible for Xu Youyou to beat Bai Qingyu.

Xu Youyou walked to the side of the stage and whispered a few words to the DJ.

The DJ was clearly stunned by Xu Youyous words.

He looked at her again and confirmed her words.

Xu Youyou nodded with a smile and bowed slightly to express her gratitude.

The DJ looked at Xu Youyou with a complicated and helpless expression.

As soon as Xu Youyou walked to the center of the stage, the spotlight shone on her, and the music began to play.

She pursed her pink lips slightly as she began to dance.

The sweet song entered everyones ears, causing silence to descend on the venue.

Su Lanxu was so stunned that it looked as though her eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

Meanwhile, Lin Zhihuan and Bai Qingyu exchanged a look before they smiled contemptuously.

Xu Youyou seemed to be unaware of everyones gazes and thoughts.

She was immersed in her performance, dancing a cute dance.

The dance moves were simple, but they looked playful and cute.

Coupled with Xu Youyous adorable appearance, it was simply too cute.

Xu Youyou pouted and acted cute as she danced.

Her adorable expressions struck the hearts of the men present.

Even the women in the bar were charmed by her cuteness.

The people in the bar, who felt speechless over the choice of music, were gradually infected by the catchy tune.

They even began to dance along.

Xu Youyou sang, “Thank God that in a twist of fate, I met you in a sea of people.

Im happy…”

Su Lanxu saw the people around her dancing along and she said, filled with praise, “This is the power of an otakus song…”

Su Lanxu could not help but dance along as well.

Meanwhile, Bo Qi, who had seen all kinds of women, felt that he had never seen a woman who looked as pure and innocent as Xu Youyou.

She was so cute that it melted peoples hearts.

‘No wonder Old Mo, whos averse to women, was defeated by her…

Bo Qi brought his phone out to take a video.

After sending the video, he sent a text.

Bo Qi: Youve picked up a treasure.

Meanwhile, Bai Qingyu frowned when she saw the guests who were enjoying themselves.

Her gaze was cold when she looked at the person on stage.

Lin Zhihuans expression was quite unsightly as well.

However, she still said confidently, “Shes just pretending to be cute.

Men dont like girls like her.

Sister Qingyu, dont worry.

Youll definitely win.”

Bai Qingyu bit her lower lip and did not say anything.

She was filled with confidence earlier, but she felt a little uneasy now.

Everyone was so immersed in Xu Youyous sweet performance that when she finally stopped, they wanted an encore.

Thunderous applause resounded in the bar.

It was not just the men, but even the women were clapping loudly.

“One more time!”

“We want more!”

Xu Youyou only bowed and smiled sweetly.

At this time, Bo Qi shot the manager a look.

The manager understood immediately and quickly sent someone to hand out roses to the patrons in the bar.

Since it was a competition, the patrons naturally had to vote.

The patrons would vote by giving their roses to either Xu Youyou or Bai Qingyu.

Xu Youyou and Bai Qingyu stood on the stage as people went up to the stage one after another to give them the roses.

The first person stopped in front of Bai Qingyu.

Just as Bai Qingyu was about to reach out for the rose, he took two steps forward and handed the rose to Xu Youyou as he said, “Little sister, youre so cute! However, you look very young! Are you an adult”

“Thank you,” Xu Youyou said.

She brought her ID card from her pocket and flashed it at the man as she said, “Im an adult.”

Some of the patrons nearby were amused by her actions.

A frosty expression appeared on Bai Qingyus ashen face as she looked at Xu Youyou silently.

The second and third patrons gave their roses to Bai Qing Yu while the fourth patron, who was a female, gave her rose to Xu Youyou.

The roses in Xu Youyou and Bai Qingyus hands continued to increase, but the gap between them did not increase and was very narrow.

At most, the difference was only one or two roses.

Su Lanxu was so nervous that she felt that it was difficult to breathe.

When Mo Shenbai arrived, Xu Youyou was still standing on stage.

The contrast from the red roses made her face look even fairer.

He asked Bo Qi, “Whats the situation”

Bo Qi handed a rose to Mo Shenbai and said, “Just in time.

Its time for the hero to save the day.”

Currently, Xu Youyou and Bai Qingyu were tied.

When Mo Shenbai walked to the stage, everyone made way for him.

Xu Youyous eyes lit up as soon as she saw Mo Shenbai.

Her heart beat faster as well.

Mo Shenbai came from the company so he was dressed in a simple suit.

His eyes were fixed on Xu Youyou as he held the rose and walked to the stage.

There was a hint of tenderness mixed with helplessness and disapproval in his eyes.

Upon seeing Mo Shenbai, Lin Zhihuans heart tightened.

Then, when she recalled her fathers words, she felt a prick in her heart.

She was unwilling to accept it.

She quickly regained her senses and called out, “Wait.

You cant vote.”

Xu Youyou and Mo Shenbai turned to look at Lin Zhihuan.

One wore a puzzled expression and the other wore a frosty expression.

Lin Zhihuan took a deep breath and faced Mo Shenbais cold gaze as she said, “Youre close to her so your vote doesnt count.”

Su Lanxu retorted, “Why doesnt it count Didnt you just give a rose to Bai Qingyu”

Naturally, Lin Zhihuan could not refute Su Lanxus words.

She said hatefully, “He cant give it to her.”

Mo Shenbai ignored Lin Zhihuan and walked to Xu Youyou, handing her the rose.

“Thank you,” Xu Youyou said.

Although she was holding many roses in her hand, in her eyes, this particular rose given by Mo Shenbai was the most beautiful.

Mo Shenbais eyes shone as he lowered his head and whispered into her ear, “Youre welcome.

Ill deal with you when we get home.”

Xu Youyou: “…”

Xu Youyou suddenly felt that the rose was not very beautiful anymore.

Mo Shenbais rose broke the tie between Xu Youyou and Bai Qingyu.

Currently, Xu Youyou had one more vote than Bai Qingyu.

The manager was just about to announce the result when Lin Zhihuan suddenly called out, “Wait!”

Su Lanxu said impatiently, “What do you want now Dont tell me youre afraid of losing”

“Of course not,” Lin Zhihuan said, suddenly turning calm, “Since he can vote, then there is still one more person who can vote as well…”

“Wheres the last person Lin Zhihuan, youre just afraid of losing and having to bark like a dog on stage, right” Su Lanxu said with a sneer.

Lin Zhihuan raised her voice and pointed to a corner as she said, “There!”


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