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Xu Youyou thought about it and quickly confirmed she did not know the other party.

In the end, she thought the other partys hostility was likely due to Lin Zhihuan.

Lin Zhihuan was not afraid of Su Lanxu at all.

She said arrogantly, “You should be happy that I dont mind sharing a table with you.” Then, she brought a stack of cash and slammed it down on the table before she said, “Ill buy this table.”

Su Lanxu laughed mockingly.

She sat down again.

Her aura did not lose to Lin Zhihuan at all as she said, “Do you think this is a furniture store Moreover, just because you want to buy it doesnt mean Ill sell it to you.

How stupid…”


Lin Zhihuan was about to say something when her companion pulled her back and said, “Forget it, Huanhuan.”

“Sister Qingyu!” Lin Zhihuan said, looking unwilling.

Then, as though she thought of something, she looked at Xu Youyou, who had been sitting silently, and said, “Oh, right.

Youve not met Youyou, right”

Then, Lin Zhihuan turned to look at Xu Youyou and said, “This is Sister Qingyu.

Shes the reason my brother abandoned you on the wedding day.”

‘Bai Qingyu

If it were in the past, Xu Youyou would likely be affected by this person.

However, presently, the person was just like a stranger to her.

She only looked at the other party with a hint of curiosity as though she wanted to watch a show.

Xu Youyou thought to herself objectively,So shes Lin Yins first love.

Shes pretty.

No wonder Lin Yin cant forget her…

Lin Zhihuan said smugly, “How is it Do you feel ashamed of yourself”

Su Lanxu was angry that she really wished she could tear Lin Zhihuans mouth.

On the other hand, Xu Youyou replied calmly, “No.”

Lin Zhihuan was stunned by this reply while Bai Qingyu looked at Xu Youyou intently, trying to figure out if Xu Youyou wastelling the truth or just putting up a front.

Xu Youyou took a sip from her glass before she said unhurriedly, “First of all, we have different styles.

Second, what do her good looks have to do with me”

Lin Zhihuan laughed and said mockingly, “Xu Youyou, stop pretending to save your dignity.

My brother wouldnt have abandoned you if youre so beautiful! In the end, youre not good as Sister Qingyu.”

“Huanhuan, dont say that,” Bai Qingyu said, tugging on Lin Zhihuans arm.

Su Lanxu frowned.

As soon as Bai Qingyu spoke, she reeked of fakeness.

“You can say and think whatever you want.

In any case, Ive already broken up with Lin Yin,” Xu Youyou said.

No matter how Lin Zhihuan provoked Xu Youyou, Xu Youyou remained unaffected.

This naturally angered Lin Zhihuan even more.

An idea suddenly appeared in her mind, and she said, “Xu Youyou, since you and Sister Qingyu have different styles, do you dare to compete with her”

Xu Youyou only glanced at Lin Zhihuan.


“Thats right.

Compete to see whos more charming,” Lin Zhihuan said smugly, “You and Sister Qingyu should dance on stage and let the guests vote to see whos more beautiful and charming.”

“No,” Xu Youyou said without hesitation, “Not only are you boring, but youre also childish.”

‘Why must I compete Moreover, itll only make it seem like I still care about Lin Yin.

Su Lanxu cursed, “Crazy!”

However, Lin Zhihuan was determined to embarrass Xu Youyou publicly.

She said provocatively, “Xu Youyou, are you afraid Well, at least you know your place.”

“Why should I compete Who cares about what others think Id rather spend my time painting than do useless things,” Xu Youyou said.

‘As long as Mo Shenbai likes me, thats enough…

Lin Zhihuan saw that Xu Youyou was completely unmoved so she said, “Xu Youyou, youre just afraid to compete.

Youre afraid of losing to Sister Qingyu.

If you win, Ill crawl on stage and bark like a dog!”

Xu Youyous interest was immediately piqued when she heard Lin Zhihuans final words.

“That sounds interesting.”

Su Lanxu grabbed Xu Youyous arm and said, “Hey, dont be rash.”

It was not that Su Lanxu did not believe in Xu Youyou.

However, Bai Qingyu was indeed beautiful, and she was the kind that men liked.

Xu Youyou smiled.

“Its fine.

If I win, shell bark like a dog.

If I lose, I wont suffer any loss.”

“But…” Su Lanxu was still worried.

She did not want Xu Youyou to compete.

Xu Youyou patted Su Lanxus hand reassuringly before she rose to her feet and said to Bai Qingyu, “Are you going first or should I go first”

“Ive learned dancing for a few years now.

Its not fair so forget it,” Bai Qingyu said.

“Fairness This competition depends on our charm as well,” Xu Youyou said.

There was no panic or fear in her eyes.

Bai Qingyu looked at Xu Youyou for a moment before she said, “Then, Ill go first.”

Xu Youyou nodded and followed them to the bottom of the stage.

After Lin Zhihuan spoke to the DJ, she said to Bai Qingyu, “Sister Qingyu, I believe youll be able to defeat her easily!”

Bai Qingyu smiled and said, “Shes very cute.”

Lin Zhihuan scoffed.

“Cute is nothing in front of sexiness.”

Bai Qingyu did not say anything, but her eyes brimmed with confidence.

She took off her coat, revealing the black halter dress underneath.

Her figure was very sexy.

Su Lanxu held Xu Youyous hand and said with a hint of nervousness, “Youyou, why are you competing with her Itll be embarrassing if you lose.”

After all, a womans body was also her pride.

Xu Youyou was not nervous or afraid at all.

She smiled and said, “Do you also think cuteness is nothing in front of sexiness”

Su Lanxu said without hesitation, “Of course not! However, men are visual creatures! They only like things that excite them!”


‘And obviously, sexiness will arouse mens excitement…

Xu Youyou smiled before she said with a hint of stubbornness, “In fact, I really dont care about this at all.

I just really want to see Lin Zhihuan barking like a dog.”

‘Who asked Lin Zhihuan to be so annoying

Su Lanxu massaged her temples as she muttered, “Love really makes people muddle-headed…”

Bo Qi was originally in his office upstairs.

Since the matter was related to Mo Shenbais wife, the manager did not dare to be negligent so he hurriedly reported the matter to Bo Qi.

Bo Qis interest was piqued immediately.

He went downstairs to watch the show and saw Xu Youyou standing with another girl.

He quickly took a photo and sent it to Mo Shenbai.

Since the bar was noisy, he sent a message instead of calling Mo Shenbai.

Bo Qi: Old Mo, it seems like your little friend is going to compete in dancing.

Dont say I didnt warn you.

There are many men in the bar tonight.

They like this kind of young woman whos naive to the ways of the world the most.

After sending the message, Bo Qi muted his phone.

Then, he asked someone to bring him a glass of wine before he focused on watching the show.

Bai Qingyu, who was dressed in a black halter dress, wore a pair of platinum high heels.

She swayed to the music as she stood on stage.

Her hips, her waist, her hair, her lips, and her eyes looked seductive.

Each of her moves was alluring.

The men in the bar were like hungry wolves, extremely excited.

Bai Qingyu, who was dancing on stage, looked at Xu Youyou from the corners of her eyes.

A hint of contempt flashed in her eyes immediately.


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