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“Long before that.”

Mo Shenbai had already fallen in love with Xu Youyou long before that.

Xu Youyou covered her face shyly.

Her laughter was as melodious as silver bells.

Mo Shenbai pulled her hand away from her face and kissed it before he asked, “What about you”

“Hm” Xu Youyou had a silly and cute expression on her face.

“When did you fall in love with me Didnt you say that you didnt like old men”

“Why are you still holding a grudge” Xu Youyou remembered the embarrassment when he had overheard her talking to Su Lanxu.

She gently poked his chest as she said, “I dont know either.

Perhaps, Ive liked you since a long time ago.

However, Idjust broken up with Lin Yin at that time so I didnt dare to admit it.

After all, it made me seem fickle.”

Mo Shenbai was good-looking and took good care of her.

It was not difficult to fall in love with him.

It was much more difficult to resist falling in love with him.

Mo Shenbai lowered his head and kissed her burning face.

He said, “Youre not fickle.

You were retreating from the edge and abandoning darkness for light.”

Xu Youyou laughed, amused, before she moved into his arms.

She placed her head against his chest as she said, “Youre right, Mo Shenbai.

I abandoned darkness for light.”

Mo Shenbais body tensed up immediately.

He said with a sigh, “Little friend, stop snuggling up against me, okay”

Xu Youyou raised her head.

She looked at him with her big and beautiful eyes in confusion.

Mo Shenbai leaned over and whispered into her ear, “Otherwise, I wont be able to help myself.”

Xu Youyou was stunned.

When she regained her senses, she shyly snuggled against him, sticking close to him.

Mo Shenbai: “…”

‘Is she doing this deliberately

Xu Youyou was an adult.

She learned about physiology and had also taken sex education classes.

She was not a silly girl who knew nothing.

Moreover, there was also Su Lanxu who had given her many interesting books and mangas.

She probably knew as much as Mo Shenbai.

Mo Shenbai inhaled deeply before he tried to pull her away.

“Im going to take a shower.”

Xu Youyou tightened her arms around and did not let go.

Her eyes were closed; she did not dare to look at him.

She said softly, “We… We can…”

Mo Shenbai was stunned.

His burning gaze seemed as though it could set her ablaze.

His breathing hitched, and for a moment, he could not believe his ears.

Finally, he gulped and asked, “You… Youre willing”

Xu Youyou nodded slowly, but she still did not dare to open her eyes to look at him.

She was immersed in her feelings and the atmosphere at this moment, leaving everything else behind.

It was natural to do things with the person she liked, and she was willing.

Mo Shenbai gulped as his eyes fell on her red face.

In the end, he could not help but lower his head and kiss her.

His kisses were even more domineering than before.

Xu Youyou felt expectant and nervous at the same time.

She had heard it would hurt.

She was someone who was afraid of pain, after all.

She was even afraid of needles.

Xu Youyou felt as though she was in a furnace.

However, after a while, what she expected to happen did not happen.

Instead, Mo Shenbai suddenly held her hand.

She opened her eyes, puzzled.

Mo Shenbai held onto her as beads of sweat rolled down his temples and dripped on her neck.

His dark eyes were burning, and she felt that it was going to melt her.

He leaned closer and whispered in a magnetic voice, “Youyou…”

The sky outside was gradually brightening.

In the room, Mo Shenbao and Xu Youyou hugged each other.

They were obviously very tired, but they could not sleep.

Xu Youyou leaned into his embrace, feeling extremely shy.

Mo Shenbai lowered his head and kissed her face before he asked, “Arent you sleepy”

Xu Youyou shook her head and looked at him with clear eyes.

The love in her eyes could not be hidden at all.

Mo Shenbai thought of something and kissed the corner of her eye before he asked, “Why did you suddenly come over”

Xu Youyou shook her head.

“I dont know.

Maybe its because you said you missed me.

Maybe its my intuition that told me I must come and that if I didnt come, Id definitely regret it.”

Mo Shenbai could barely conceal the tenderness in his eyes as he said, “Thank you for coming.”

Xu Youyou smiled, drowning in her joy.

She played with the collar of his bathrobe as she said, “Youre welcome.

You had to come and find me on new years eve.

Your elders didnt scold you, did they”

“Im the Chairman of Mo Group, the head of the Mo family.

Who dares to scold me” Mo Shenbai said with a faint smile on his face.

Upon hearing this, Xu Youyou felt relieved.

“Alright, sleep for a while.

Well return to Mo City in the afternoon,” Mo Shenbai said as he pulled her closer and tucked the blanket with his other hand.

“Okay,” Xu Youyou said and obediently closed her eyes.

She did not ask him why he had come to H City nor did she ask about what happened yesterday.

When Xu Youyou woke up, Mo Shenbai had already changed his clothes.

He sat by the bed and looked at her with an indescribably gentle gaze.

“Youre awake.” Mo Shenbai leaned over and kissed her lips.

Xu Youyou blinked at him before she covered her lips.

“I… I, I havent brushed my teeth…”

“Its okay.”

Xu Youyou: “…”

‘How can he be so cute and direct

Xu Youyou covered her face with the blanket.

Mo Shenbai pulled the blanket down and said, “Go shower.

Well eat after that.”

Xu Youyou did not bring a change of clothes.

She was still dressed in yesterdays clothes.

Lunch was delivered to the room.

Mo Shenbai had ordered Xu Youyous favorite food.

After lunch, the duo made their way to the airport.

After Xu Youyou got into the car, Cang Ming walked over just as Mo Shenbai was about to enter the car.

Cang Ming hesitated, looking as though he had something to say.

“Chairman Mo…”

Mo Shenbai closed the car door and turned to face Cang Ming.

At the same time, he saw an old man getting out of the car in the distance.

The old man walked over with the help of his walking stick.

He greeted Mo Shenbai energetically and respectfully, “Mr.


The old man subconsciously looked into the car, but alas, due to the tinted window, he could not see anything.

Mo Shenbais expression was extremely frosty at this moment as he said, “Leave.

I wont see her.”

The old man was flustered.



Mo Shenbai did not give the old man a chance to speak.

He said, “Please return and tell her that I wont come back in the future.”

Mo Shenbai did not wait for the old mans reply.

He turned around and got into the car.

Xu Youyou looked at the old mans complicated and helpless expression before she turned to look at Mo Shenbai who had gotten into the car.

His eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and his icy expression seemed to hide a hint of sorrow.

Xu Youyou took the initiative to hold his large hand.

Her slender fingers tightly held onto his hand.

Mo Shenbai felt as though the gloominess in his heart had been swept away, and a smile bloomed on his face.

‘Perhaps, Ill be able to let go…

Mo Shenbai sent Xu Youyou back to the Xu family house.

Xu Youyou was afraid that her parents would know that she had gone to look for Mo Shenbai so she refused to let him send her into the house.

However, just as the car pulled to a stop outside, Xu Youyou saw Old Madam Xu standing at the entrance.

Xu Youyou: “….”

‘Why do I feel like Ive been caught red-handed having an affair


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