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After Xu Youyou stabilized herself, she turned to look at Mo Shenbai.

By the time she turned around, Mo Shenbai had already unfastened her seatbelt.

In the next second, she was pulled into his arms, and she was seated on his lap.

Their faces were less than a centimeter from each other.

Xu Youyous breathing hitched as she said in a soft voice, “You, uh…”

Before she could finish speaking, Mo Shenbai kissed her gently and affectionately.

It was cold outside of the car, but it was very warm in the car.

Mo Shenbais low breathing was like the heatwave in the summer, causing Xu Youyou to feel dizzy.

In the end, Xu Youyou was kissed until her legs were weak.

Her fair and slender hands were tightly clutching the front of Mo Shenbais shirt.

She looked extremely beautiful and charming at this moment.

She panted heavily, like a drowning person who was dragged ashore.

When Mo Shenbai kissed her ears, she trembled slightly.

She felt her body go numb.

She scoffed softly and said, “You… Youre bullying me…”

Mo Shenbai smiled slightly.

“How did I bully you”

Xu Youyou raised her eyes and looked at him with her misty eyes.

She burped after she said, “Every time, you kissed me without any warning…”

Xu Youyou continued to burp.

Mo Shenbai was amused by her.

The pressure in his heart eased as he caressed her cheek gently and said, “Then, can I kiss you as long as I inform you beforehand”

Xu Youyou nodded as she burped again.

Then, she quickly covered her mouth, realizing what she had done.

She looked at him shyly before she quickly averted her eyes.

Mo Shenbai found her extremely cute.

He stroked her head before he helped her back to her seat.

Unexpectedly, Xu Youyou said unhappily, “No, I dont want to sit here!”

Then, as she spoke, she unfastened her seatbelt and climbed to sit on his lap.

Mo Shenbai quickly stopped her and said in a low voice, “No, you have to sit properly.”

“Hug,” Xu Youyou said with a pout, “Boyfriend, hug…”

Mo Shenbais heart was in a mess.

Alas, he really could not hug her while he was driving.

Otherwise, they would have to spend the night in the car.

He said in a voice that was filled with tenderness, “Be good.

Ill hug you when were home.

Ill hug you to sleep, okay”

Xu Youyou thought about it for a moment.

She felt that it was a good deal so she nodded.

She said softly, “Okay, you have to hug me to sleep.”

As Xu Youyou burped again, Mo Shenbai said, “Okay.”

Xu Youyou sat in her seat obediently.

As she looked at the scenery outside the car, she slowly fell asleep.

After pulling to a stop in the Xu family houses driveway, Mo Shenbai carefully carried Xu Youyou out.

Cheng Yin, who had yet to sleep, opened the door with a coat on her shoulders.

She was stunned when she saw Mo Shenbai carrying Xu Youyou.

When she reacted, she hurriedly let him in and asked, “Why did you send her back What happened to her Wheres Jialu”

Mo Shenbai replied calmly, “Shes drunk so I sent her home first.”

Cheng Ying instantly understood.

As she led Mo Shenbai upstairs, she said angrily, “That rascal Xu Jialu! I knew he wouldnt take good care of Youyou.

To think he actually let Youyou get drunk! When he comes back, Ill definitely skin him alive!”

Cheng Ying opened the door for Mo Shenbai before he strode toward the bedside to place Xu Youyou down.

Xu Youyou instinctively hugged Mo Shenbais next and muttered, “Mo Shenbai, hug…”

Mo Shenbai had no choice but to hold her as he turned around to sit on the bed.

He patted her back gently as though he was coaxing a child.


Go to sleep…”

Cheng Ying, who was standing at the side and watching, felt extremely complicated.

She tried to say something a few times, but in the end, she said nothing.

After a while, Mo Shenbai raised his head to look at Cheng Ying and said, “You should go and rest.

Ill look after her.”

“Oh,” Cheng Ying said as she turned around to leave the room.

She finally reacted when she pulled the door open.

‘This isnt right.

Isnt he and Youyou only married in name How can I leave him and Youyou in the room alone

Just as Cheng Ying turned around, she saw Mo Shenbai lowered his head.

His gaze was gentle and affectionate as he looked at Xu Youyou, who was sleeping peacefully in his arms.

She hesitated for a long time before she finally swallowed the words at the tip of her tongue.

She walked out and gently closed the door.

At this moment, Xu Jianshu walked out of the bedroom, yawning.

He asked, “Are Youyou and Jialu back”

Cheng Ying shushed him before she dragged Xu Jianshu, who had yet to react, into the room.

“Whats wrong Why are you acting so strangely”

Cheng Ying asked, “Do you know who sent Youyou back”

“Isnt it our son She went out with him…” Xu Jianshu asked, puzzled.

Cheng Yin did not wait for her husband to finish speaking before she said, “Mo Shenbai.

It was Mo Shenbai who sent her home.

He carried her in…”

As Cheng Ying spoke, she made a hugging gesture.

Xu Jianshu was stunned.

Then, he asked, “Ah Did Jialu ask him to send Youyou home”

Cheng Ying shook her head.

“I dont think so.

Youyou was drunk and refused to let Mo Shenbai go.

Then, he held her and coaxed her.

I think theres something going on between them!”

Xu Jianlu looked at his wife skeptically.

He muttered, “It cant be.

Mo Shenbai is Jialus boss.

Hes extremely wealthy.

What kind of woman has he not met before Why would he take a liking to our familys Youyou”

Cheng Ying said unhappily, “So what if hes wealthy He still has two eyes, one nose, and one mouth.

He still has to eat and sh*t.

Our familys Youyou is cute and has a good personality.

Whoever marries her will be blessed for several lifetimes!”

Xu Jianshu explained, “Im not saying Youyou isnt good.

I just think that theres a big gap between our family and his.

Hes also Jialus boss.

Perhaps, thats why he takes good care of Youyou.

Lets not think too highly of ourselves…”

“What do you mean by not thinking too highly of ourselves” Cheng Ying could not help but raise her voice as she said, “If he doesnt like Youyou, why would he agree to marry her only in name If he doesnt like Youyou, why is he so reluctant to leave Dont say its for the sake of our son.

If youre going to say that, you might as well say he likes our son!”


The corners of Xu Jianshus lips twitched.

He was rendered speechless by his wifes words.

After Mo Shenbai coaxed Xu Youyou to sleep, he wanted to put her back on the bed.

Alas, every time he did so, she would begin to mutter and complain, unwilling to let go.

She looked very aggrieved.

Left with no other choice, he could only adjust his position on the bed and continue to hold her.

With that, she no longer made any more noise.

Mo Shenbai looked at her.

He took in her curly eyelashes and slightly pursed red lips as she lay in his arms quietly.

There was a wonderful softness to her.

He inhaled deeply as he scratched his nose and said in a low and tender voice, “Happy New Year, you little vixen…”


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