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“Why arent you talking” Xu Youyou asked again, burping, “Are you my boyfriend, Mo Shenbai”

Mo Shenbais voice turned slightly gloomy as he asked, “Have you been drinking” Then, without waiting for a reply, he asked again, “Where are you”

“Im…” Xu Youyou frowned as she racked her brain, trying to figure out where she was.

Bo Qi, who was sitting across from Xu Youyou, could not stand it anymore.

He leaned over and took Xu Youyous phone from her.

Then, he said teasingly to the man on the other end of the line, “Your little wife is with me.

If youre not here within 20 minutes, I wont be responsible if she gets abducted.”

After Bo Qi finished speaking, he did not give Mo Shenbai a chance to reply before he ended the call.

When he raised his eyes and looked at Xu Youyou, he saw that her dark and clear eyes were looking at him eagerly.He returned the phone to her and said, “Your boyfriend will be here soon.

Of course, if youre not obedient, he might not come.”

Xu Youyou quickly sat down and straightened her back obediently like a child.

Xu Jialu rolled his eyes and said, “What youre doing is meaningless.

You know he cant come out tonight.”

Bo Qi clicked his tongue and said, “Oh, and you said you dont have a crush on Old Mo.

Youre more concerned about him than your little sister.”

Xu Jialu threw the coaster on the table at Bo Qi as he asked, “Do you want to fight”

‘I cant beat Old Mo, but that doesnt mean I cant beat this guy!

Bo Qi leaned against the couch lazily as he said, “No.

Its the new year.

I dont want to go to the hospital.” After that, a playful smile appeared on his face as he asked, “Are you not confident in Old Mo, or are you not confident in your little sister”

Xu Jialu glanced at his obedient little sister and said, “I think you have nothing better to do.”

Bo Qi smiled.

“Thats right.

I have nothing better to do so why dont we have some fun The Mo family doesnt have many people.

Isnt it nice to give him a chance to excuse himself Well have a good show to watch.”

Xu Jialu only raised an eyebrow and did not say anything.

He drank quietly.

When Mo Shenbai arrived, Xu Jialu and Bo Qi were already tipsy.

Xu Youyou still maintained her obedient sitting posture as she looked around with her clear eyes.

Although Mo Shenbai knew nothing would happen to Xu Youyou with Bo Qi around, he was still worried.

Hence, he had rushed all the way here.

When he saw the trio, he slowed down his footsteps and walked over.

He came to a stop next to her and looked at her.

Xu Youyous bangs were messy, and her fair skin was flushed.

When she raised her head to look at Mo Shenbai, an aggrieved expression appeared on her face immediately as she asked, “Why are you so late”

Mo Shenbai quickly squatted down and reached out to push her hair to the side before he asked, “How much did you drink”

Xu Youyou acted as though she did not hear the question and continued to say with a slightly accusatory tone, “The others have people picking them up.

Why didnt you pick me up Do you have another person”

Xu Youyou pouted, looking as though she was going to cry.

Mo Shenbai quickly replied, “No.

I was delayed by something.

Its not that I didnt want to pick you up….”

Xu Youyou sniffed and held back her tears.

Then, she opened her arms and said, “Hug.”

When Mo Shenai leaned in to hug Xu Youyou, she suddenly clung to him like a koala, wrapping her slender legs around his waist.

“F*ck!” Xu Jialu could not help but curse upon seeing this.

Bo Qi held back his laughter and took a sip of his wine.

Mo Shenbai hugged Xu Youyou.

His breathing turned slightly heavy.

It was not because she was heavy, but it was because of their position.

This would be a challenge to any man.

Xu Youyou was already drunk.

She ignored Xu Jialu and Bo Qi as she wrapped her arms around Mo Shenbais neck and acted coquettishly.

“Why are you so late Dont you know how much I missed you I also miss eating, drawing, and sleeping!”

After listening to these words, Mo Shenbai felt as though his internal organs were melting, let alone his heart.

He said in a low and hoarse voice, “Im sorry I was late.” After a brief pause, he added in a tender voice, “Ill come earlier next time.”

Xu Youyou lay obediently in Mo Shenbais arms and did not say anything.

Bo Qi took a deep breath as he rubbed his temples and said, “Im sorry.

I was wrong!”

‘I shouldnt have f*cking called him over and let him abuse my eyes with his public display of affection!

Xu Jialu supported his chin with one hand and held his wine glass with the other.

After taking a sip of the strong wine, he said, “I wont listen to your apology, you bast*rd!” Then, he pointed at Bo Qi and continued to say, “I couldnt do anything since she insisted on following me out.

However, youre the one who provided the alcohol!”

Bo Qi hurriedly said, “Hey, she ordered the drinks on her own at the bar! Its just a cocktail!”

‘Who knew she wouldnt be able to hold her drinks How could you blame me

Mo Shenbai was completely focused on Xu Youyou at this time so he was not in the mood to deal with the duo.

He turned around, getting ready to leave.

“Wait,” Xu Jialu called out as he rose to his feet, “Where are you taking my sister”

Mo Shenbai turned slightly and looked at Xu Jialu from the corners of his eyes as he said, “Im going to send her home.”

‘If she stays with you any longer, who knows when shell be led astray

“Where” Xu Jialu asked as he raised his voice, “Its new years eve today.

If my grandma doesnt see her on the first day of the lunar new year, shell skin us alive.”

Xu Youyou was drunk.

How could Xu Jialu be at ease with Mo Shenbai taking her away

“Im not a monster like you,” Mo Shenbai said coldly before he turned to leave.

Xu Jialu sneered.

“Im a monster Who swore that he wasnt a monster back then Hah, arent you slapping your own face with those words back then”

Bo Qi rose to his feet and handed Xu Youyous red down jacked to Mo Shenbai before he said, “Its cold out there.

Wrap the little ball up.”

Mo Shenbai: “…”

Xu Youyous eyes were closed, but upon hearing these words, she mumbled, “Im not a little ball…”

Mo Shenbai supported Xu Youyou with one hand as he reached out to take the red down jacket from Bo Qi.

The chauffeur and the bodyguard were on holiday due to the new year.

After receiving Xu Youyous call, he had taken the car key and rushed over immediately.

After he carefully put Xu Youyou in the car and fastened the seat belt for her, Mo Shenbai got into the drivers seat and turned on the air conditioner.

Xu Youyou removed her red down jacket, annoyed by the heat, before she turned to look at Mo Shenbai.

“Why are you looking at me” Mo Shenbai asked as he started the car.

Xu Youyou bit her nail and said shyly, “You look like my boyfriend.”

Mo Shenbai: “…”

‘In the future, I really cant allow her to drink alcohol.

Not even a drop.

Xu Youyou continued to say, “My boyfriend is as handsome as you.”

Mo Shenbai continued to chat with her as he drove.

“Is your boyfriend more handsome, or am I more handsome”

“Of course, my boyfriend is more handsome,” Xu Youyou replied without hesitation.

Her voice was filled with pride as she said, “My boyfriend is not only handsome, but hes nice as well.

I really like him.”

Mo Shenbais expression eased greatly when he heard Xu Youyous last sentence.

A smile appeared on his face as he asked, “How much do you like him”

“I like him very much,” Xu Youyou said as she pointed at her heart, “This place is full.”

Mo Shenbai inhaled deeply.

If he were not driving, he really wanted to kiss her now.

Xu Youyou did notice the desire in the mans eyes at all.

She licked her lower lip before she said sweetly, “Shenbai, I really like you so much.

Its always you in my dreams…”

Mo Shenbai suddenly pulled to the side and stepped on the brakes.

Xu Youyous body leaned forward from the sudden stop, but a hand reached from the side to protect her.


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