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Mo Zhiyun wanted to surprise Mo Shenbai so she did not return to the banquet hall with Xu Youyou.

Instead, she found a place to hide.

Xu Youyou returned to the hall just in time to see Mo Shenbai, dressed in his black suit, standing on the stage.

He spoke into the microphone he held his hand; his low and magnetic voice drifted into everyones ears when he spoke.

Coupled with his handsome appearance, many female employees could not help but cry out in excitement.

Xu Youyou was filled with pride and joy.

Then, she could not help but feel jealous.

‘Its quite troublesome to have a boyfriend whos too handsome… There are too many love rivals…

Yao Yao, who was standing next to Xu Youyou, saw the unhappy expression on Xu Youyous face and said comfortingly, “Chairman Mo is handsome and wealthy.

There are no girls who dont like him.

However, dont worry.

The female employees in the company arent a match for you.”

“Huh Why” Xu Youyou asked curiously.

“Thats because Chairman Mo doesnt look us in the eye,” Yao Yao said with a smile.

After being reminded of Mo Shenbais aversion toward women, the little bit of jealousy in Xu Youyous heart disappeared.

A little smile appeared on her face.

She felt proud that she was special to Mo Shenbai.

At this moment, Mo Shenbais speech had also ended.

The crowd erupted into a warm applause.

Xu Youyou discovered that Mo Shenbai was looking at her from the stage.

She did not understand why he was looking at her so she only smiled.

Mo Shenbais eyes were twinkling as he returned the microphone to the host and left the stage.

“Ah! Chairman Mo was smiling at you!” Yao Yao placed her hands on her heart and swooned.

Xu Youyou restrained her smile and said, “Hes smiling at everyone today.”

Yao Yao retorted immediately, “Thats not true! Ive been with the company for a few years now.

Chairman Mo rarely smiles! He was definitely smiling at you earlier.

He loves you so much…”

Xu Youyou: “…”

‘This is too exaggerated…

After Mo Shenbai was seated at the main table, the host began to speak again, announcing the start of the dinner.

Xu Youyou looked around and did not see Xu Jialu.

She asked Yao Yao, confused, “Isnt my brother here”

“Oh, remember the performances I told you about Every department has to perform.

I heard that everyone from the IT department will be performing so Mr.

Xu should be backstage preparing for his performance.”

Xu Youyous eyes lit up.

“Really I really look forward to it!”

The corners of Yao Yaos lips twitched slightly before she kindly reminded her, “I think… I think its better not to have such high expectations…”

Before Xu Youyou could ask why, the lights on stage dimmed.

The first performance was by the IT department.

One by one, men dressed in traditional Chinese dresses came on stage, shaking their bodies and hips to the music being played.

Xu Jialu, who wore a wig and was dressed in a white traditional Chinese dress, stood in the center.

He sang passionately about being a beautiful flower, perky butts, soft and beautiful figures, and seducing Taoist priests.


The expressions of the audience were … indescribable.

Mo Shenbai rubbed his temples with his slender fingers before he said to Pei Chuan, who was next to him, “From now on, the IT department is prohibited from performing during the companys annual dinners.”

Pei Chuan quickly nodded.

He was also appalled by the group of men on stage.

On the other hand, the group of men on stage did not seem to notice the strange gazes and expressions in the surroundings at all.

The more they sang and danced, the more energetic they became.

Xu Jialu and the others continued singing about flirting and seducing Taoist priests with kisses and roses.

Xu Youyou rubbed her arms and shuddered before she said, “I dont know if the Taoist priest in the song was happy or not.

What I know is Im about to be suffocated by their passion and energy.”

It was not until Xu Jialu left the stage that Xu Youyou could lift her head.

She asked carefully, “Most of the companys employees probably dont know that Im Xu Jialus sister, right”

Yao Yao, who finally recovered from the performance, nodded and said, “Dont worry.

Apart from those in the Secretarys Office and the IT department, the others are likely unaware…”

As soon as Yao Yaos voice fell…

“Xu Youyou, why are you here”

Xu Jialus voice was neither soft nor loud.

It attracted the attention of a small group of people immediately.

Xu Youyou: “…”

‘Does the heavens have a grudge against me

Although Xu Jialu had changed out of his stage costume, Yao Yao could not help but think of his shocking performance when she looked at him.

She rose to her feet and said abruptly, “Im going to the bathroom!”

After Yao Yao left, Xu Jialu took the seat that Yao Yao vacated next to Xu Youyou.

He touched her braid and said, “You look very pretty today.

As expected of my sister.

You inherited my beauty!”

“I inherited it from my mother,” Xu Youyou said, holding back her laughter.

After a moment, she asked, “Can you not sit next to me”

‘I dont want to be the center of attention!

Xu Jialu clicked his tongue before he swept his seductive eyes across the surrounding people who were looking at them.

Then, he tugged on her braid gently before he asked, “You dont want me to sit next to you Then who do you want to sit next to Old Mo”

After Xu Jialu finished speaking, he turned to look at Mo Shenbai.

Coincidentally, Mo Shenbai looked over as well.

When their eyes met, as though he was provoking Mo Shenbai, Xu Jialu gently tugged on Xu Youyous braid again.

Xu Youyou was unaware of the two mens subtle interaction.

She reached out and smacked Xu Jialus hand as she said, “Stop tugging my braids! Youll mess it up!”

Xu Jialu leaned back and said nonchalantly, “If I mess it up, Ill braid it for you again.”

“I want you to do that,” Xu Youyou said gloomily.

Since everyone already knew about it, Xu Youyou no longer let it bother her.

She might as well enjoy herself.

Mo Shenbai frowned slightly as he watched the siblings bicker.

When Xu Jialu tugged on Xu Youyous braids, he pursed his lips before he finally turned back to watch the performance on stage.

His thoughts gradually drifted to Xu Youyous performance on his birthday, and his expression eased gradually.

After a long time, it was finally the climax of the annual dinner: the lucky draw!

Everyone had been looking forward to the lucky draw the entire night, hoping to draw the grand prize.

Yao Yao, who had returned from the bathroom, clasped her hands together and muttered over and over again, “50,000 cash prize, 50,000 cash prize, 50,000 cash prize…”

Meanwhile, Xu Youyou muttered, “Tablet, tablet, tablet…”

Xu Jialu sneered.

“Why do you care about this If you want a tablet, Ill buy it for you.”

Xu Youyou glanced at him and said, “How can it be the same How can spending money to buy something compare to winning a lucky draw”

Yao Yao chimed in, “Thats right, thats right.


Xu, youre a man so you wont understand.”

Xu Jialu, who could not understand the two women, only rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile, Mo Shenbai had already walked onto the stage to give out the prizes.

In the beginning, the small prizes such as gift cards were handed out first.

In the end, there was the highly-anticipated 50,000 cash prize.


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