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Mo Shenbai pursed his lips and did not say anything.

He did not want to comment on his friends emotional problems.

Xu Jialu brought three glasses from the wine cabinet, clearly familiar with his way around.

He opened the bottle of wine Bo Qi brought and poured a glass for each of them.

After he sat on the couch, he said in a high and mighty tone, “Be careful that Qin Siyu doesnt find another person.

Its still uncertain who will cry when the time comes…”

Bo Qis lips twitched slightly before he said, “Oh, if they have the ability, then they can try.

Id like to see who dares to touch my woman in Mo City.”

Xu Jialu did not bother with Bo Qi with anymore.

Instead, he looked at Mo Shenbai with a gaze as sharp as knives.

It was as though he was looking at his enemy who killed his family.

Mo Shenbai swirled the glass in his hand without any intention of drinking.

The scene from when Xu Youyou was performing kept replaying in his mind.

With that, a smile appeared on his face.

“Do you want me to remove your brain from your head” Xu Jialu asked.

Despite the smile on his face, his eyes were icy.

When Mo Shenbai regained his senses, he glanced at Xu Jialu and said, “You can try.”

Xu Jialu cursed in low voice, “F*ck!”

Xu Jialu met Mo Shenbai in a boxing gym so he knew better than anyone else how strong Mo Shenbai was.

Bo Qi found the duos bickering amusing.

He said teasingly, “Lulu, enough is enough.

Even if youre a sis-con, theyre husband and wife.

In the future, they still have to have kids…”

Xu Jialu glared at Bo Qi and said, “Get lost!” Then, he said to Mo Shenbai, “I find him very displeasing to the eyes today.

You can beat him up.

Dont have to beat him to death.

Ill pay for all the medical expenses.

After that, Ill let bygones be bygones!”

Bo Qi could not smile anymore when he thought about the trouble he had gotten himself into.

Mo Shenbai furrowed his brows slightly as though he was seriously considering the proposal.

Then, he asked, “Are you serious”

Bo Qi: “…”

Xu Jialu smiled.

“I, Xu Jialu, am a man of my word.”

Mo Shenbai set his glass down before he removed his tie and rolled up his sleeves.

Then, he rose to his feet and said to Bo Qi, “You can choose to stay here or go outside.”

‘Its good to exercise.

Otherwise, I wont be able to sleep tonight…

Bo Qi asked, “Can I not choose”

Mo Shenbai did not answer.

Instead, he looked at Bo Qi with an expression that seemed to say, “What do you think”

Bo Qi took a deep breath before he said solemnly, “Lets make a deal first.

The face is off-limits.

I dont want to appear in the headlines tomorrow…”

Xu Jialu sat on the couch and crossed his legs as he sipped from his glass.

From time to time, he would hear Bo Qi groaning in pain, and he would feel like the world was very beautiful.

As expected, happiness was built upon the pain of others.


After changing, Xu Youyou hesitated and struggled with herself in the room.

After a fierce mental battle, she steeled her nerves and decided to go downstairs.

It was rare for her brother and Mo Shenbais friend to visit so it would be rude if she continued to hide in her room.

When she went to the living room, she did not see Mo Shenbai and his friend.

She only saw her brother.

She slowly walked over and called out in a low voice, “Brother…”

Xu Jialu looked at her and did not bring up the earlier matter.

He waved his hand and said, “Why are you standing so far away Come here and sit down.”


Xu Youyou saw that Xu Jiaulu was not angry anymore so she walked over.

Xu Jialu turned to her and asked, “I heard you were sick”

“Im fine now.

Its just a cold.

Its nothing serious,” Xu Youyu replied with a smile.

Xu Jialu had already guessed Xu Youyou would say something like this so he did not say anything more regarding that matter.

Instead, he pinched her round face and said, “I think youve lost weight.

Did Old Mo not feed you”

“How did I lose weight I put on two pounds! He forces me to eat a lot every day.

If I dont eat, Ill feel guilty.”

“Its good for girls to have meat! Its healthy!” Xu Jialu said before he took another sip of wine.

Then, he continued to say with a smile, “Dont be too thin.

If you dare to lose weight, Ill bring you home immediately! Ill tell Aunt Pei to feed you like a pig! Do you understand”

“I understand!” Xu Youyou nodded obediently and responded to him even though she knew he was joking.

“I wont lose weight without Brothers permission.

Are you satisfied”

“Hmm, its okay,” Xu Jialu said reluctantly.

Xu Youyou stuck her tongue out at him before she looked around.

After a while, she asked, “Whos that man Wheres he”

Xu Jialu naturally saw through her thoughts.

He said, “You just want to know where Old Mo went, right”

“Brother…” Xu Youyou pouted.

Before Xu Youyou could speak again, she heard the sound of footsteps.

She looked up and saw Mo Shenbai walking in, wearing a thin black shirt.

She rose to her feet and took steps forward as she said worriedly, “Why are you wearing so little Arent you cold”

“Im not cold.

I went out to exercise,” Mo Shenbai replied.

As though worried she would not believe him, he pressed her hand against his cheek.

The heat from her hands felt hotter than that of his cheek.

At this time, Xu Jialu cleared his throat, shooting them a warning look.

Mo Shenbai withdrew his hand without changing his expression.

At this time, Bo Qs resentful voice rang from behind.

“Xu Jialu, get over here and help me up!”


Xu Youyou shifted her gaze away from Mo Shenbais handsome face and looked at the man who had just walked in.

The man was holding the door with one hand and holding his waist with the other, looking as though he was in pain.

When Bo Qi saw Xu Youyous curious eyes, he dropped his hands and leaned against the door before he said with an innocent smile, “Underage Xu, can you give me a hand”

‘Underage Xu Is that my nickname

Xu Youyou bit her lip, trying to think of a retort.

However, before she could say anything, Mo Shenbai reached out and turned her head so she was looking at him again.

He said, “Dont bother with him.

Hes just teasing you.”

Bo Qi: “…”

Xu Jialu walked over slowly with the glass of wine in his hand.

He said mockingly, “Eh, Young Master Bo isnt dead yet”

Bo Qi glared at Xu Jialu and said, annoyed, “Xu Jialu, just you wait!”

“Oh, Ill wait.

Im just worried you wont be able to wait,” Xu Jialu retorted.

Bo Qi shifted his gaze to Mo Shenbai, who was standing next to Xu Youyou, before he thought to himself,Very well! I cant do anything to you since you have Old Mos help!

Xu Youyou looked at the trio with her round eyes.

She felt the trios relationship was very good.

Otherwise, they would mock and tease each other so openly.

Moreover, Bo Qi seemed very interesting.

Mo Shenbai knew Xu Youyou was curious so he said, “Bo Qi.

Hes a friend.”

Xu Youyou turned to Bo Qi and said, “Nice to meet you.

Im Xu Youyou.” Then, she pointed to Xu Jialu before she continued to say, “Im his younger sister.”

Bo Qi smiled playfully.

Then, he said meaningfully, “I know.

Youre Mo Shenbais little wife who caused my bar to be reported for serving minors during the first day of business.”


The smile on Xu Youyous face froze immediately.

‘So hes the owner of the bar! How embarrassing!


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