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Mo Shenbais heart could not help but soften when he saw her pitiful expression.

However, when he heard her coughing again, he steeled his heart and said, “No.

You have to get a transfusion.”

Xu Youyou lowered her head in disappointment.

She was so frightened that her hands began to tremble as she tightly closed her eyes.

The doctor held her hand and was about to insert the needle when she quivered and cried out softly.

The corner of the doctors lips twitched slightly before he said, “Madam Mo, I havent inserted the needle yet.”

Xu Youyou: “…”

When she opened her eyes, she met Mo Shenbais teasing gaze.

She pursed her pink lips and quickly looked away in embarrassment.

“Let me do it,” Mo Shenbai said.

The doctor was aware that Mo Shenbai knew how to insert the needle so he handed the needle over to Mo Shenbai.

He briefly explained the medicine he prescribed before he took his medicine box and left.

Xu Youyou opened one of her eyes and watched as Mo Shenbai disinfected her hand.

Then, she asked, “Do you know how to do this”

“No,” Mo Shenbai replied without raising his head.

“Liar,” Xu Youyou muttered under her breath, “Since you know how to remove the needle, you definitely know how to insert it.”

Mo Shenbai glanced at her before he said, “Since you have the answer, why do you ask”

Xu Youyou looked embarrassed as she said, “Im afraid…”

‘Im still afraid even if its you…

“You dont have to look.

Be good.

Ill give you a present later if you get a transfusion,” Mo Shenbai said lightly.


Xu Youyous interest was piqued.

“What present”


“Oh…” Xu Youyou thought about it seriously.

“What present will you give me… Hiss!”

Xu Youyou was still thinking when she felt a slight sting on her hand.

She instinctively looked down and saw that Mo Shenbai had already inserted the needle.

He was now putting a piece of white tape over it.

Since he succeeded in one go, there was no need to try again.

Mo Shenbai carefully put her hand down before he adjusted the speed of the drip.

“Have you studied medicine before Your movements are so professional!”

“No,” Mo Shenbai replied, “A friend of mine was hospitalized for a long time.

It was troublesome to call for the nurse every time so I asked the nurse to teach me.”

Xu Youyou widened her eyes and looked at him in admiration.

“Youre a genius.

Its a pity you didnt study medicine.”

Mo Shenbai did not respond to her.

Instead, he looked at the medicine the doctor left behind.

Then, he asked the butler to bring a heat pack to place it under Xu Youyous hand so she would not be cold.

Xu Youyou asked eagerly, “Present! Wheres my present! Is it snacks”

Mo Shenbai did not answer.

Instead, he sat at the bedside and looked at her with burning eyes as he asked, “Are you sure you want the present now”

Xu Youyou nodded.

“After all, the transfusion will take a while.

Since I have nothing to do now, itll be great to eat some snacks… I…”

Before she could finish speaking, Mo Shenbai suddenly reached out and held her chin.

His handsome face drew closer and closer to her.

Xu Youyous eyes widened.

She felt something soft and dry pressed against her lips, bringing with it a scorching heat.

The first time they kissed, it was during the wedding.

Since he had kissed her through a veil, she did not feel anything.

The second time was in the car.

However, she was drunk and dizzy so she did not remember much of what it felt like.

The third time was… now.

Her mind was extremely clear at this moment.

All her attention was focused on her lips.

Her mind went blank, her face turned red, and she forgot how to breathe.

She instinctively reached up to push him away.

Mo Shenbai, who seemed to have expected this, reached out to hold her hand, preventing her from pushing him away as he continued tasting her lips.

Xu Youyous face burned, and her eyes were wide open as she said, “You…”

Mo Shenbai pulled back slightly and asked, “I what”

“You, how can you do this” Xu Youyou lowered her gaze, not daring to meet his eyes.

“Whats wrong” Mo Shenbai held her chin again and raised her head so she could look at him as he asked, “Dont you like this present”

Xu Youyou looked at his dark eyes and found it difficult to say, “I dont like it.” She bit her lower lip before she said, “I… I havent started pursuing you yet… How can you kiss me ahead of time”

‘Shouldnt we kiss after we fall in love

Mo Shenbai chuckled before he said in a clear voice, “Isnt okay to use my boyfriends right in advance”

“Hm” Xu Youyou blinked and looked at him innocently.

“Can that be done”

“Why not” Mo Shenbai let go of her chin and picked up the sugar tangerine from the fruit plate and peeled a slice for her.


When he reached out to feed her, she instinctively opened her mouth.

After swallowing the sugar tangerine, she said, “Wait.

Its not right…”

“Hm” Mo Shenbai looked at her.

“Youve already given me the answer before I started to pursue you.

Isnt that considered cheating” Xu Youyou said.

She finally discovered the meaning of his earlier words and was overjoyed.

“Cheating” Mo Shenbai fed her another slice of the tangerine.

“Isnt it cheating I have the answer before I start pursuing you… Arent you too easy to pursue” Xu Youyou asked after eating the sweet-and-sour tangerine.

‘Easy to pursue If it were someone else, they wouldnt even have a chance to pursue me…

Mo Shenbai stuffed another slice of tangerine into her mouth as he said, “Just hurry up and pursue me then.

You have to keep a close eye on me in case someone snatches me away…”

Xu Youyou puffed her cheeks out before she said seriously, “How can that be Youve already given me an answer in advance! How can you be snatched away”

Mo Shenbai looked at her with his dark eyes.

His lips curled up into a smile as he stroked the top of her head and said, “Xu Youyou, youre really smart.”

“Huh” Xu Youyou looked at him, puzzled.

Mo Shenbai did not explain himself.

He only thought to himself,Its good that shes so straightforward.

Xu Youyous illness lasted for a week.

Although she no longer had a fever, her cough persisted, and she was listless.

Mo Shenbai delayed his work and spent his time taking care of Xu Youyou at Moon Pavilion.

Pei Chuan came over with a stack of documents every day, making three to four trips a day.

On this day, Xu Jialu, who could no longer stand it, called Mo Shenbai and cursed at him.

“Is the company yours or mine! Youre the chairman of the company, but you dont even come to the company! You should really kowtow to us, the employees, considering your company hasnt closed down yet!”

At this time, Mo Shenbai, who wore an earpiece, was standing in the kitchen and watching a video on the iPad, learning how to make steamed oranges.

He said, “I have more important matters to attend to.

I wont be going to the company over the next two days as well…”

“Whats so important” Xu Jialu said with a sneer, “Did my sister fall in love with someone else and want to divorce you Or did she find out youre not a man You…”

Mo Shenbai knew Xu Jialu did not have anything good to say so he quickly interjected, “Your sister, also my wife, caught a cold.

Im taking care of her.”

“F*ck!” Xu Jialu cursed again, growing even more annoyed, “Why didnt you tell me that my sister is sick! Im coming over to see her now!”



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