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Mo Shenbai met Xu Youyous deer-like eyes.

The love in his heart surged, and it overflowed.

However, since Cang Ming was around, he swallowed the words that were hanging at the tip of his tongue.

Finally, he said, “Because someone told me to wait before she left.

She said shell continue pursuing me after she returns.

Im afraid if I dont come for her and save her, itll be difficult for her to pursue me later.”

Xu Youyous expression turned awkward as she stammered, “I, I, I can solve the problem even if you dont come.

Im actually quite capable…”

Mo Shenbai stroked her hair a few times before he said, “Mm, very good.

However, why did your eyes redden as soon as you saw me”

“I…” Xu Youyou opened her mouth, but no words came out.

She did not know how to explain.

Before Mo Shenbai appeared, Xu Youyou was doing quite well.

She did not panic, she was not afraid, and she did not feel aggrieved.

However, as soon as she saw him, she could not help but feel wronged.

She wanted to hug him and cry.

Mo Shenbai smiled slightly/ He said as though he was coaxing a child, “If you want to cry, cry.

I wont laugh at you.”

Xu Youyou was not feeling well, to begin with.

Mo Shenbai thought it was natural if she wanted to cry.

If she cried, he would think of a way to coax her.

“Im not going to cry!” Xu Youyou said.

In fact, she already felt like crying, but when she heard Mo Shenbais words, she pouted and said, “The more one cries, the more one looks like a pig! I dont want to look like a pig!”

Mo Shenbai laughed.

“What nonsense is this”

Perhaps, because she had spoken too much, Xu Youyou began to cough, and her throat felt uncomfortable again.

Mo Shenbai gently patted her back.

A hint of worry could be seen in his eyes when he saw her pale face and dry lips.

When he saw how listless she was, he felt distressed for her.

When Xu Youyou stopped coughing, she said hoarsely, “Put me down.

I dont want you to get infected.”

Mo Shenbai held her waist tightly when she tried to move.

He said firmly, “Its okay.

Dont move.”


Mo Shenbai interjected, “Im very healthy.

I wont catch your little cold.

Also…” He paused for a beat and placed his chin on her head before he continued to say in a low voice, “I want to hug you a little longer…”

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Xu Youyous ears turned red immediately.

She lost all will to resist when she heard these words.

She was completely immersed in his warm embrace as his words that made her heart race.

‘I feel like Im going to die from a heart attack! Didnt I say Im going to pursue him Why does it feel like hes pursuing me instead

Xu Youyou sighed softly and closed her eyes.

She did not sleep well the entire night, and coupled with her cold, it did not take long for her to fall asleep.

After all, she did not have to worry about anything now that she was in Mo Shenbais arms.

Even if the sky fell, he would be there for her.

With that, she slept peacefully.

When Xu Youyou woke up, she was already lying on her bed.

It was warm, and the faint fragrance of roses wafted into her nose.

Mo Shenbai sat next to her, holding an Ipad in his hand and reading.

She was about to get up when he gently pushed her down and said, “Lie down.

Stay still.”

Xu Youyou instinctively looked down and saw the needle on the back of her hand.

Then, she turned to look at the window, and she realized it was already dark outside.

“Its already so late”

“Yes.” Mo Shenbai set the iPad down before he finally reached out to help her sit up.

He placed a pillow on her back before he asked, “Youve slept the entire day.

Are you hungry”

Xu Youyou sensed her empty stomach and nodded.


Mo Shenbai glanced at the infusion bottle.

There was still one-third left.

Then, he said, “Wait until the infusion is over.”

Xu Youyou nodded.

After hesitation for a while, she could not help but ask, “You… You took care of me the entire day”

Mo Shenbai nodded.

Xu Youyou felt sweetness overflowing in her heart upon hearing this.

However, she hid it and said, contrary to her true feelings, “Actually, you can let the helper take care of me.

Youre so busy with work.

Theres no need to waste time on me.”

Mo Shenbais dark eyes looked at her delicate face.

He could tell she was happy but refused to admit it.

He acted as though he knew nothing and said, “No.

I wanted to take care of you so youll get better faster.”


“So you can pursue me properly,” Mo Shenbai said with a faint smile, “This isnt a waste of time.

Its a long-term investment with high returns.”


Xu Youyou choked.

She could tell he was teasing her.

“You, you… Can you stop talking about me pursuing you”

Mo Shenbai furrowed his brows.

“Why Are you going to go back on your words”

Xu Youyou quickly shook her head.


I dont have any experience so Im a little embarrassed.”

A smile appeared on Mo Shenbais handsome face.

He reached out to hold her hand.

Her hand was slightly cold so he gently wrapped his warm hands around hers to give her warmth.

“Then, get well quickly.

Dont make me wait for too long.”

Mo Shenbai felt uncomfortable as well when he saw her listless appearance.

His heart ached for her, and he felt powerless.

Xu Youyou felt like his hand was warming her heart as well.

She responded softly, “Mm.”

After the infusion, Mo Shenbai pulled the needle out and quickly staunch the bleeding.

“Oh, youre quite skilled,” Xu Youyou said.

She felt much better after the infusion and a good rest.


Although it was just removing the needle, Xu Youyou looked at him with sparkling eyes as though he had done something amazing.

She said sincerely, “Youre amazing.

I dont even dare to look.”

Although there was heating in the house, Mo Shenbai still helped her to put on a coat.

Then, he said, “Its fine.

You dont have to look at it in the future anyway.”


Before Xu Youyou could ponder on his words, he asked, “Do you want to have dinner in the room or go downstairs”

“Go downstairs.”

Xu Youyou had been sleeping the entire day.

She felt like her body had gone numb so she wanted to get out of bed and move around.

When she lifted her blanket to get out of bed, Mo Shenbai suddenly bent down and carried her.

Xu Youyous heart trembled when he held her in his arms.

There was an indescribable sweetness in her heart.

Her eyes were bright as she looked at his well-defined jaw and said in a slightly hoarse voice, “I… I can walk…”

She had felt very sick during the day and did not have much strength, but she felt much better now.

Mo Shenbai lowered his gaze to look at her as he said, “You walk too slowly.

I dont want to wait.”



‘Am I being despised


The butler had already asked the kitchen to prepare porridge and light dishes that were suitable for sick people.

When he saw Mo Shenbai carrying Xu Youyou downstairs, a smile appeared on his face, and he quickly turned away.

Upon seeing this, Xu Youyou whispered, “Quickly put me down.”

‘Im being laughed at!


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