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Chapter 25: Xu Jingming and Gao Chong

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Cheng Zihao was also in the stands of Chinas official livestream channel. After a long period of sulking in reality, he acutely sensed a business opportunity after learning of Chinas first Divine match livestream.

More than 600 million viewersCheng Zihao watched in silence. This Divine battle was a visual feast that made countless peoples blood boil with excitement. They were amazed, but Cheng Zihao didnt share any of the joy or excitement. All he felt was repression because he had completely fallen from his pedestal.

How much money is such massive traffic worthCheng Zihao looked at the number of viewers jumping.The Tiger Shark Group has never had so many viewers online at the same time in so many years.

Cheng Zimo also watched the live-streaming Divine experts. Every one of them attracted the attention of countless spectators, and Xu Jingming was one of them.

Cheng Zimo felt very upset that Xu Jingming was now in the limelight. He didnt think too much about it and continued searching for a business opportunity.

I can also tip any contestant during a livestream!He tapped lightly on the tipping column.

Of the ten Divine experts, Sharpshooter Wang Yi received the most. She was a beauty after all, and the delivery of her arrow to dispatch the enemy was very cool. Naturally, she attracted fans, and her tips reached more than 6.52 million.

The person who received the second-highest amount of tips was Grandpa Liu Jianfeng, with tips worth more than 5.5 million.

Goddess of War Sun Yuting, Gao Chong, Xu Jingming, and Zhang Qian all received similar amounts of tips—more than three million.

Bizarro Twin Sabers Dong Xu, Bloody Ax Wang Qiao, Miao Blade Heroine Lian Shuang, and Boxer King Wu Sai had relatively lower amounts.

Xu Jingming is ranked fifth in terms of tippingCheng Zimo looked at this professional martial arts expert he had previously crossed and curled his lips.Its just so-so.

The virtual worlds officials take half of these tips, Cheng Zihao thought.The officials are really raking it in. It costs ten million to buy an immortal palace above the clouds in ones personal space! These are only virtual sceneries, but they can be sold for massive profits.

In the future, humans will spend half a day in the virtual world. The biggest commercial opportunities lie here, but how do I have a hand in thisCheng Zihao watched the livestream.

At this moment, Liu Xin, Huang Yong, and Qin Yiwen recounted the details of Grandpa Liu Jianfengs assassination. The tips Grandpa Liu Jianfeng received kept rising.


In the drizzling town.

On the dilapidated stone street, Gao Chong, Wang Qiao, Xu Jingming, Wu Sai, and Zhang Qian received a notification. They knew that their teammates had died.

“Hahaha.” Gao Chong laughed loudly. “Grandpa, youre impressive. You exchanged one for two.”

“Grandpa, youre impressive.” Bloody Ax Wang Qiao smiled happily.

The two felt much more relaxed. In their previous battle, they had to constantly be on their guard against the terrifying arrows; this occupied tremendous amounts of their mental and physical strength.

It was easy now!

“Without the sharpshooters threat, I can have a good time with you.” Gao Chong looked at Wu Sai and Zhang Qian in front of him.

“Jingming, dont think you can do anything to me just because you injured Sun Yuting,” Bloody Ax Wang Qiao said.

Xu Jingming looked at the two shields in his hand. The shields were covered in gashes from his ax strikes!

Sun Yutings sword couldnt damage the round shield.

Bam! Bam!

Xu Jingming casually threw the two shields to the ground. At the same time, he reached out and took out the two spear segments on his back. He then joined them together and locked them in place with a twist.

Xu Jingming held his spear and looked at Bloody Ax Wang Qiao.

“Youre finally using your spear!” Bloody Ax Wang Qiao looked at Xu Jingming.

“Senior Brother Wang, I cant deal with you with just two shields,” Xu Jingming said with a smile.

“Oh And you can with a spear” Bloody Ax Wang Qiao looked at his young junior brother. Xu Jingming was only 18 when he joined the national team, but he had already retired back then. Occasionally, he would return to the team to spar with his junior brothers and sisters. However, he knew very well how talented Xu Jingming was. After all, his junior brother reached the World Martial Arts Tournament at the age of 20.

“At least, I stand a better chance,” Xu Jingming said as he carefully stared at the other party. Without the sharpshooters help, he needed to give it his all when fighting Bloody Ax Wang Qiao one-on-one. After all, the other party was once first runner-up in the world and was good at defense!

“Die!” Not far away, Gao Chong was already pumping with adrenaline! He no longer had any worries and unleashed his full might.

He first violently swept his spear over, sending Panda Zhang Qian into a desperate retreat. Then, he suddenly charged forward and thrust the spear at Wu Sais head.

Wu Sai raised his shields with both hands to block the spear.


It was originally a forward stab, but Gao Chong suddenly exerted strength from his waist and abdomen, and his forward stab suddenly turned into a downward cleave.


He struck the edge of the shield, making Wu Sai register pain in his left hand. The shield crashed to the ground, shattering the stone pavement.

Gao Chong first smashed the shield before thrusting his spear forward like an unstoppable dragon.

Wu Sai didnt even have the time to prepare before the spear pierced through his throat! His body turned ethereal and disappeared from the town.

“Your actual combat bonus is 0%, right” Gao Chong scoffed.

Gao Chong didnt feel a sense of accomplishment from defeating an opponent with very little weaponry combat experience. He finally felt enjoyment after being in the aggrieving situation for so long.

Zhang Qian—who had been forced back by the spear—saw his teammate being killed before he could rush over.

It was too fast. The stab turned into a cleave before turning into a thrust—and that was the end of his teammate!

“Its your turn!” Gao Chong looked at Zhang Qian. “Panda, you have to survive a few more moves of mine; otherwise, it wont be fun.”

“I wont foolishly fight you head-on.” Zhang Qian held the tri-point, double-edged halberd and used his movement technique with great agility.

Gao Chong grinned and charged forward.


Xu Jingming and Blood Ax Wang Qiao didnt show any signs of distraction.

Wu Sais experience with cold weapons is still too lacking. Its within expectations.Xu Jingming didnt think too much about it and warily stared at Bloody Ax Wang Qiao, searching for an opening in his opponent.


Xu Jingming charged forward.

Here it comes.Bloody Ax Wang Qiao was extremely cautious.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The moment he came close, the spear in Xu Jingmings hands turned into a blur as multiple spear afterimages stabbed at Wang Qiao repeatedly. This was the advantage of having a long weapon!

Bloody Ax Wang Qiao held a shield in one hand, and most of his body was hidden behind it. He also held a huge ax in his other hand—this ax doubled up as half a shield. He tried his best to push forward, hoping to get close to Xu Jingming.

One attacked while the other defended.

The defending one held his shield and charged forward! The attacker held his spear and maintained his distance.

For Senior Brother Wang to come in second in the world, his shield and ax combination is indeed solid. Moreover, hes very familiar with myShadowless Thrust. Hes very careful and doesnt give me a chance.Xu Jingming wasnt arrogant or impetuous as he patiently searched for an opportunity.

At their level, if anyone showed impatience and revealed a flaw, their opponent would quickly seize it. It would be the end of them.

Outsiders didnt know much about Xu Jingmings ultimate move, Shadowless Thrust, but these martial arts masters had studied it countless times. They had long known that the only way to resolve it was to not give Xu Jingming a chance.

As long as I give Xu Jingming a chance, Ill lose once he uses Shadowless Thrust.Bloody Ax Wang Qiao was like a rock at this moment, blocking Xu Jingmings spear afterimages as he defended flawlessly. He didnt let a single strike succeed.

Oh no, Panda cant hold out much longer.Xu Jingming knew that he had to take some risks. Otherwise, if Panda Zhang Qian were to lose, he would be fighting Gao Chong and Wang Qiao alone.

Since youve defended flawlessly, Ill make you reveal a flaw!Xu Jingmings eyes turned red as he took a step forward and charged forward like a wild beast. His spear was like the single horn of a wild beast as he rushed forward!

He didnt attack anywhere else but the shield in Wang Qiaos hand!

Spearmanship—Mountain Shattering!


Although Bloody Ax Wang Qiao was mentally prepared, he still staggered back from the impact of the spear.What a fierce move.

Wang Qiao lost his balance and staggered back. Xu Jingming then took a step forward, charging like a general storming through a battle formation. His spear would either cleave or lash—every move mighty and heavy.

It struck the shield, swept across it, and lashed at it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bloody Ax Wang Qiao tried his best to keep his balance and defend well, but when faced with Xu Jingmings onslaught, he felt as if he was being struck by a flood. He found himself tottering and about to collapse.Is my junior brother that ferocious


From the corner of his eye, Bloody Ax Wang Qiao saw an afterimage.Not good!

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With a blur, the spear scraped the shield and stabbed through Wang Qiaos light armor, piercing right into his chest before withdrawing! A hole appeared in the chest armor as blood gurgled.

“Shadowless Thrust.” Wang Qiao saw Xu Jingming. “You eventually found an opportunity.”

His body turned ethereal and dissipated.

Wang Qiao died.

Although Wang Qiao was wearing light body armor, he couldnt block the spears furious thrust! Only heavy armor could withstand this strike.

When his shield became unstable from Xu Jingmings attacks and showed a flaw, Xu Jingming executed his killer move, Shadowless Thrust! It succeeded in one move!

Xu Jingming didnt have the time to relax. He turned his head and looked nearby.

Gao Chong held a spear and looked at Xu Jingming covetously. Beside him was the tri-point, double-edged halberd that had fallen to the ground.

Panda Zhang Qian had already dissipated.

“Youre quite fast. You killed Wang Qiao just as I finished off Zhang Qian.” Gao Chong looked at Xu Jingming and grinned. “Now, its just you and me.”

“Right, theres only you and me left..” Xu Jingming looked at him.



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