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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Fatal Shot

Translator: CKtalon

The agile figure flashed past, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw Bizarro Twin Sabers Master Dong Xu walking along the wall.

“Senior Liu Jianfeng, cooperate with me and finish off Bizarro Twin Sabers Dong Xu.” Lian Shuangs figure flashed, and she jumped off the roof and quickly rushed at Dong Xu.

Dong Xu stood still, his hands empty. He had already put away his two sabers and was watching Lian Shuang charge over.

The corners of Lian Shuangs mouth curled up slightly as she sneered. Her figure blinked and constantly changed directions. She was like an agile cat that arrived in front of Dong Xu in a few blinks.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Dong Xu waved his hand, and three streams of light shot out. Two of the streams missed, and one of the streams was blocked by Lian Shuangs Miao blade.

“I knew you had concealed projectiles.” Lian Shuang blocked the flying dagger and arrived in front of Dong Xu. She held the Miao blade with both hands and cleaved down!

Dong Xu also instantly held a saber in each hand and charged forward.

Clang! Clang! Clang!!

The Miao blade was 1.6 meters long, and when Lian Shuang brandished it with extreme ferocity, it was as if she was surrounded by a silver stream! Just touching her would result in the culling of arms and legs. But with Master Dong Xus use of his two sabers, he blocked the attack flawlessly as he tried to close the distance.

Lian Shuang needed to maintain a distance of about two meters, which was more suitable for her Miao blade. Meanwhile, Master Dong Xu needed the distance to be closer.

The footwork of both parties changed as they clashed with each other, and saber beams flew everywhere.

Elsewhere, Grandpa Liu Jianfeng was rushing over rapidly. He was only two alleys away, and his straight-line distance from the battle was less than 100 meters.

And about 200 meters away, Sharpshooter Wang Yi only needed to move a few steps on the restaurants roof to see the fight in the alley.

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She sensed the rain and the wind.

Her body was hidden under the roof, and only her eyes were slightly exposed. She watched the battle in the distance and calculated Lian Shuangs movement. Then, she slowly drew the bow and nocked the arrow.

Suddenly—she straightened her body and shot out an arrow!

High-pressure shockwaves appeared wherever the arrow passed!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Dong Xu closed in maniacally, but Lian Shuang kept retreating and maintaining her distance. She repeatedly slashed out with the Miao blade in her hand, threatening Dong Xu.

“Huh” Lian Shuang suddenly sensed that something was amiss and turned her head.

A blurry shadow attacked from more than ten meters away! Lian Shuang instinctively moved.

She was very fast and agile, but that blurry shadow was terrifyingly fast!


Even though she barely moved, the blurry shadow still penetrated her left chest. Then, the shadow crashed into the stone ground a distance away, producing a deep pit. Only some of the arrow shaft fragments in the crater betrayed its original self as an arrow!

Lian Shuang looked up into the distance and vaguely saw a woman holding a bow and arrow before she vanished.

Its her, Sharpshooter Wang Yi!Lian Shuang realized what was happening as her figure turned ethereal and dissipated from the town!

Miao Blade Heroine Lian Shuang was the first to be killed—she died from Sharpshooter Wang Yis arrow!


In Chinas official livestream channel.

Liu Xin immediately waved her hand and tapped. The lethal arrows journey was replayed above the combat space.

The arrow tore through the air, splitting the air like water as it penetrated the curtain of drizzling rain at terrifying speeds! Lian Shuang and Master Dong Xus fight appeared infinitely slow in comparison.

Lian Shuang only sensed the arrow when it was about ten meters away from her. She slowly looked up to see the arrow, but it was too late!

At that speed, the arrow traversed the distance of ten meters in the time Lian Shuang took to twist her body slightly. It penetrated her left chest, killing her.

Then, the arrow stabbed into a stone slab in the distance, piercing through it and producing a deep crater. The shaft shattered, and the arrowhead stabbed into the mud.

This shot was beautiful and terrifying!

“What a beautiful shot!” Qin Yiwen pointed excitedly. “From the data, this arrow reached a maximum speed of 432 meters per second; its an arrow traveling at supersonic speeds. However, the distance between the restaurant and the battleground is about 200 meters. The arrow flew in the air for about half a second. During this half-second, Lian Shuang didnt stop moving! Its drizzling, and theres a slight breeze! Wang Yi completely took into account the weather and even predicted Lian Shuangs movement for the next half-second. She only released that arrow when she was confident.”

“It was too late by the time Lian Shuang saw the arrow,” Qin Yiwen exclaimed in surprise.

“The period from the moment she saw the arrow until it hit her was too short. Its even more terrifying than Senior Liu Jianfengs attempted assassination. Lian Shuang had great reflexes to move even a tiny bit.” Huang Yong shook his head and said, “Theres a saying in ancient times: its easy to dodge a spear in the open, but its difficult to defend against a concealed arrow. The hardest thing to defend against is a concealed arrow… If it was an arrow shot in front of her, with a distance of 200 meters and a time of 0.5 seconds, Lian Shuang and the other Divine experts would have plenty of time to dodge it. She could even dodge an arrow at a distance of 50 meters! However, a distance of ten meters is just too close.”

“A concealed arrow is difficult to defend against because ones body wont be able to dodge it upon discovery.” Qin Yiwen nodded. “In ancient times, many famous generals died from concealed and sneak arrows. However, very few were killed head-on by an arrow.”

“The reason why this arrow succeeded was firstly due to Sharpshooter Wang Yi, and secondly, Lian Shuang wore soft leather armor with weak defense. The leather armor is only three to five kilograms in weight. If it were light armor weighing 50 kilograms or heavy armor weighing 200 kilograms, it would be impossible for the arrow to complete a fatal piercing through the armor in one strike.”

“Light body armor can block arrows and swords. Heavy armor not only protects against arrows and swords but also protects against ax cleaves and spear stabs. Perhaps only smashing them with heavy weapons will work.” Huang Yong smiled. “Of course, in-game, all players have a common weakness—the head.”

Qin Yiwen added, “For sharpshooters, its very difficult to complete a headshot on a fast-moving target.”


The livestream carried out the commentary.

In the small town, this Divine battle became even more intense.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Hercules Gao Chong, Bloody Ax Wang Qiao, and Goddess of War Sun Yuting were advancing together.

“Lian Shuang has been killed,” Sun Yuting said seriously. “She died from the sharpshooters arrow!”

“The greatest threat the team opposite us poses is the archer.” Hercules Gao Chongs eyes were filled with fighting spirit. He was 2.19 meters tall and had incomparably thick arms, making him resemble an upright bear. Of course, this was also a result of his body transformation after practicing Giant Bear Evolution. In reality, he was only 1.98 meters tall, so the pressure he exuded wasnt as terrifying as it was now.

Gao Chong wore heavy armor and held a thick spear. He looked at Bloody Ax Wang Qiao and Sun Yuting beside him and said, “The other party was in that restaurant previously. All we need to do is charge over. The three of us will pay attention to our surroundings and be careful of her concealed arrows.”

Bloody Ax Wang Qiao nodded.

Sun Yuting also trusted her teammates.

Her teammate, Gao Chong, had taken first place in the World Martial Arts Tournament! Bloody Ax Wang Qiao had also taken second place in the World Martial Arts Tournament. She herself had been first in two female tournaments.

The three of them were very experienced and were good at direct combat!

“They didnt move far away, so they should still be in the restaurant area. Ill keep an eye on that area!” Liu Jianfeng said in the team chat.

“Grandpa, help me monitor the area. Well storm through them head-on,” Gao Chong said.

Of the three of them, Bloody Ax Wang Qiao walked on the left of the team with a shield in one hand and an ax in the other.

Goddess of War Sun Yuting walked on the right of the team with a shield in one hand and a sword in the other.

Gao Chong walked in the middle of the team, holding a huge spear.

The three of them quickly charged toward the restaurant.


At an inn not far from the restaurant, Sharpshooter Wang Yi was upstairs. Xu Jingming and Panda Zhang Qian were also defending her upstairs. Wu Sai was monitoring the area downstairs. Master Dong Xu was carefully guarding the street intersection.

“Gao Chong and the other two are charging straight at us,” Wang Yi said with a frown. “Theyre very fast! Theyre wearing armor, and Sun Yuting and Wang Qiao are holding shields.”

“Girl, are you confident” Panda Zhang Qian looked out the window and asked.

“Heavy armor and a shield. The three of them are very experienced.” Wang Yi shook her head. “I need them close, best if they are within 50 meters… I have to find a chance to strike at their head up close.”

“We cant let them enter the inn. Its best if we fight them in an open area and give Sister Wang Yi a chance to fire,” Zhang Qian said. “Of the three people, Hercules Gao Chong is the hardest to deal with. Whos going to stop him”

“Im good at strength and have dual shields. Ill block him,” Boxer King Wu Sai said in the team chat.

“Ill fight them head-on. Panda, act according to the situation,” Xu Jingming said.

“Alright, its decided.” Panda Zhang Qian nodded.

At this moment, the three enemies had already arrived at the street in front of the inn.



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