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Chapter 15: Changing Times

Translator: CKtalon

“All live-streaming platforms are sorely lacking when compared to the live-streaming capabilities in the virtual world,” Li Miaomiao said. “Those live-streaming platforms in reality are finished. The Tiger Shark Group is about to decline.”

Li Miaomiaos eyes were cold. Although she didnt say it out loud, she treated Cheng Zihao with extreme hostility.

Cheng Zihao first used enticement and then coercion! How many people could withstand the pressure from the Tiger Shark Groups Cheng family It literally gave Li Miaomiao nightmares.

He even used her uncle to force her parents! That made her even angrier. She loved her parents very much and didnt want them to be implicated. She didnt want them to worry about her.

No matter how angry she was, the Tiger Shark Group was a massive juggernaut. Li Miaomiao could only put up with it and give up her live-stream account—which she took years to build up a fanbase of millions—for a new platform to completely block the other party.

This was the only thing Li Miaomiao could do. She didnt have any concrete evidence, so she didnt dare take revenge.

“The Tiger Shark Group is about to decline.” Xu Jingming also understood.

The pressure Cheng Zihao had brought about during that period was too great.

Any man would be furious at Cheng Zihao for enticing and coercing their girlfriend. However, he couldnt do anything without evidence.

Xu Jingming also blocked him under his coercions. Thankfully, Miaomiao had been on his side the entire time. His heart hurt for Miaomiao when he saw how she woke to a start because of nightmares. He hated himself for being powerless.

He was eventually forced to leave Binhai City. It appeared like a carefree move, but he did so in quite a sorry state.

He was also banned on the Internet.

He had once thought that he would have to run a center in his hometown and be a coach for the rest of his life. Unless he could make a comeback and become world champion, it was very difficult for him to make a name for himself.


Times had changed—human society had ushered in the virtual world!

“Cheng Zihaos licentious days are over,” Li Miaomiao said. She then smiled at her boyfriend. “But Jingming, your future is a thousand times broader than in the past. Your real future is limitless.”

“Oh” Xu Jingming thought of something.

“Think about it. In 2036, humans first landed on Mars. The VR headset shouldve been discovered on Mars some time later. Then, the worlds first World Martial Arts Tournament was held in 2052! With the full support of all countries and all kinds of media promoting it, it immediately became the worlds number one martial arts tournament, and the appearance fee for some legendary players was over 100 million.”

Xu Jingming nodded.The World Martial Arts Tournament indeed didnt exist a long time ago because of the high risk, but in 2052, many people were puzzled when countries around the world pushed for this tournament.

“And combat in this virtual world game is done through cold weapons,” Li Miaomiao said. “Moreover, almost everyone on Earth will be learning it.”

“This explains everything in hindsight.” Li Miaomiao said, “Thirty years ago, countries made preparations for the virtual world gameLife Evolution.'”

“Nearly 30 years ago, all kinds of combat schools around the world were dug out, and they appeared on the stage again,” Li Miaomiao said. “Ive done some research. Before the World Martial Arts Tournament… Weaponry combat was very niche. The traditional martial arts schools in the country—Eight Extremities, Xingyi, Taiji—mainly focused on training the body; they practiced boxing. Weapons had already declined. It was the World Martial Arts Tournament that gave them a new lease of life in the past 30 years.”

“These 30 years were used to nurture the kindle, and this kindle would ignite in Life Evolution,” Li Miaomiao said. “It will allow everyone on Earth to learn cold weapons combat faster.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

Everything became more comprehensible in hindsight.

“Speaking of which, the countries established the Earth Alliance in 2056,” Li Miaomiao said, “but the first World Martial Arts Tournament was held in 2052. It is obvious how important martial arts and weaponry combat is for them to push it to the masses before they could form an alliance.”

“I even think that the entire world spent so much effort not just for the game,” Li Miaomiao deduced. “Or rather, this virtual world game is worth the effort of countries around the world.”

Xu Jingming nodded and gave her a thumbs-up. “Miaomiao, I think youre right.”

“Its only a guess.” Li Miaomiao smiled. “Regardless, humans all over the world are playing this game. In that case, martial arts and weaponry combat… will have limitless prospects.”

“Jingming, if you can become one of the top ten globally in this virtual world game, you will be much more dazzling than in the past,” Li Miaomiao said. “Because this games popularity is countless times higher than the past competitions.”

“Its also harder,” Xu Jingming said. “32 people participated in every World Martial Arts Tournament in the past. In the past 30 years, a total of 522 people entered the World Martial Arts Tournament. Including the Division A and B tournaments, there are more than 20,000 professional gladiators registered in the Martial Arts Alliance!”

“There were only about 20,000 people in the past 30 years. Now, there are seven billion people competing. Every one of them knows the evolutionary method, and every one of them can engage in dozens or even hundreds of life-and-death battles a day… Its much harder to get into the worlds top ten than being the world champion previously,” Xu Jingming said.

“Are you confident” Li Miaomiao looked at the man she loved. After they got to know each other on the Internet, they first met in reality at a combat center. When she saw Xu Jingming practice from afar, she was attracted by how focused he was.

“Of course.” An unprecedented twinkle appeared in Xu Jingmings eyes. “I already have a first-mover advantage. Were all in the same virtual world game, so how can I not be confident Furthermore, the more experts there are, the more exciting the world of weaponry combat.

“More exciting” Li Miaomiao asked.

“Dont you feel your blood boil from watching weaponry combat” Xu Jingming looked at the snow in front of him. Of the ten people fighting, the last person stood at the back, his entire body covered in blood. He was roaring with laughter as his team had clinched victory.

Li Miaomiao came to a realization when she heard this. She thought to herself,Perhaps only the passion from the bottom of his heart made Jingming never relax his training even after three years of retirement. In todays era, Jingming will definitely shine brighter than ever before. I sure have good taste. The man I chose is the best!

With this in mind, Li Miaomiao smiled happily.

“Why are you smiling” Xu Jingming asked.

“Im smiling at the thought of you becoming world champion while Ill be First Lady of the world champion,” Li Miaomiao curled her lips and said.

“Oh, then I have to work hard. Its not easy to be number one among seven billion people,” Xu Jingming said with a smile.


At 4 a.m., seven hours after the virtual world gameLife Evolution officially launched.

In Penghai City, at the Tiger Shark Groups skyscraper.

In the elevator.

The two brothers, Cheng Zihao and Cheng Zitong, were in a rising elevator.

“Brother, why do you think Dad summoned us” Cheng Zihao asked softly, his expression filled with unease. He had been urgently summoned from inside the virtual world game.

“Zihao,” Cheng Zitong said softly, “you have to understand the situation. After that global live-stream press conference, the share price of the corporation—which has been plummeting for more than a month—plummeted once again. Although the group halted its trading immediately, youve gone into the virtual world game after its launch, right You know what it means, right”

Cheng Zihao nodded.

“Theres no way to compare. All the live-streaming platforms have been completely crushed by the world ofLife Evolution. How are we to compete when the virtualization is 100%” Cheng Zitong shook his head. “This isnt something humanly preventable. We cant fight the general trend of the times.”

“Why is Dad looking for us then” Cheng Zihao asked.

“Dad has been at the office the past few days and hasnt gone downstairs,” Cheng Zitong said. “Listen more and talk less later.”


The elevator stopped at level 153.

The elevator door opened to a very large office. Cheng Zitong and Cheng Zihao walked out of the elevator and saw their father, Cheng Liwei, sitting at a desk far away.

Cheng Liweis hair was almost completely white, and he seemed to have aged quite a bit. He was looking down at the documents on the screen.

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“Dad.” Cheng Zitong stepped forward, and Cheng Zihao greeted obediently, “Dad.”

“Ah, youre here.” Cheng Liwei looked up at the two of them.. “Im now informing you that the family trust will file for bankruptcy in a few days.”



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