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Chapter 1950: Comprehensive Strengthening

Zhao Hai continued to stroll around Hengdao City.

To be honest, he wasnt in the best mood right now.

It was a pleasure to meet Tu Qian in the Soaring Dragon Realm.

However, Zhao Hai found that Tu Qian had changed.

He was no longer the Tu Qian that he imagined him to be.

In Zhao Hais mind, Tu Qian was arrogant and very direct.

People might hate such a personality, but Zhao Hai actually liked this characteristic.

But upon seeing Tu Qian again, Zhao Hai discovered that he became more mellow.

It was as if his edges were smoothed out by the Soaring Dragon Realm.

It was at this point that Zhao Hai knew that Tu Qian was finished.

Its possible that he would no longer progress from this point.

The progress of a cultivator has always been led by the heart.

If your heart changed due to the environment, then your path would come to an end.

This was the case with Tu Qian.

The place changes the person.

This was a phrase that Zhao Hai heard on Earth.

But he didnt expect that this would also happen to cultivators.

Cultivators were always cultivating their heart, this was especially true for immortal cultivators.

Generally, those who reached the immortal stage have acquired hearts of stone.

It was almost impossible for a cultivators heart to change due to the environment.

However, Tu Qian was still changed by the Soaring Dragon Realm.

This moved Zhao Hai.

After all, Tu Qian had a strong character.

It was a pity that it was destroyed.

But Zhao Hai also knew that Tu Qian still had a chance as long as he found his true heart.

It can be said that this change was a type of hearts demon.

As long as he could eliminate this hearts demon, then Tu Qian would still have a chance to reach a higher level.

However, Zhao Hai was aware how hard it would be to eliminate a hearts demon once it has taken root.

Now, Zhao Hai could only silently wish for Tu Qian to succeed.

This matter could only be solved by him. 

As Zhao Hai was walking around Hengdao City, noon came.

It was time for him to depart.

Zhao Hai calmed his mood and left the city.

Zhao Hai didnt know it, but Lin Ling immediately received information about his departure from Hengdao City.

Soon after, Lin Ling also flew out.

He couldnt allow something to happen to Zhao Hai, so he would protect him in secret.

Unaware that someone was following him, Zhao Hai proceeded towards the volcano.

Along the way, he noticed that there were fewer beasts than before.

Usually, when he went out to do tasks, he would always encounter beasts.

However, he usually avoided them so there were no conflicts.

After all, the regions outside the cities were territories of the beasts.

If Zhao Hai made a wrong move, he would be besieged by them.

And now, Zhao Hai was even less likely to provoke the beasts.

He offended Hu Wang and Xiang Que.

From the looks he received from the two, Zhao Hai knew that they were going to deal with him.

Moreover, the two could order the beasts to look out for Zhao Hai.

Once Zhao Hai was spotted, Hu Wang and Xiang Que would immediately be informed.

Things would be troublesome if Zhao Hai was being pursued by the two.

Zhao Hai knew the strength of Hu Wang and Xiang Que.

He was unable to match Hu Wangs attacks, not to mention the two working together.

Therefore, Zhao Hai made sure that he didnt meet any beasts along the way.

Zhao Hai didnt fly for a long time when he departed the city.

As soon as he left, he immediately went underground.

He also used his wood-element ability to traverse through trees, making it impossible for people to find him.

While Zhao Hai was working hard hiding from the beasts, Lin Ling was suffering.

Lin Ling followed Zhao Hai out of the city.

But he didnt expect Zhao Hao to go underground and disappear.

This caught Lin Ling off-guard.

He traveled around the city for some time but was still unable to find any traces of him.

In the end, Lin Ling could only give up and fly towards the forest.

He believed that Zhao Hai would certainly enter the forest.

And with the rich wood-element energy in the forest, Zhao Hai would cause fluctuations if he continued to move.

He could find Zhao Hai then.

However, Lin Ling found that he was wrong.

He couldnt feel any fluctuations.

It seems like Zhao Hai has completely vanished.

After going around the forest for some time and failing to find Zhao Hai, Lin Ling had no choice but to return back to Hengdao City.

He could only hope that Zhao Hai doesnt suffer any accidents.

Zhao Hai was completely unaware of any of these.

There were a lot of people going in and out of Hengdao City, it was impossible for him to pay attention to all of them.

He would only pay attention to those that were right behind him.

Zhao Hai rapidly moved forward.

He hasnt seen Zhang Feng and the others.

However, he believed that nothing should have happened to them.

Before entering the Soaring Dragon Realm, they have been made aware of the realms dangers.

In addition, Yuan Ba was with them. 

Although the volcano carried certain risks, the danger wasnt too big.

After all, this was a task for newcomers.

As long as Zhang Feng and the others were careful, they should be fine.

The reason Zhao Hai didnt set off until it was noon was because he believed that Zhang Feng and the others would have already finished the task by then.

Zhao Hai already planned to take on different tasks than Zhang Feng and the others in the future.

This way, they would train themselves properly and at the same time keep them away from danger.

The Soaring Dragon Realm was dangerous, but it wasnt as dangerous compared to being attacked by Hu Wang and Xiang Que.

If Zhang Feng and the others followed Zhao Hai and they got surrounded by Hu Wang and Xiang Que, then they would have a huge problem.

Zhao Hai continued to be undetectable as he moved forward.

The beasts in the forest were far worse compared to Hu Wang and Xiang Que.

These beasts were just at the immortal stage.

How could they compare against Zhao Hai

In fact, if it wasnt for the fact that Zhao Hai was too close and was surprised upon hearing a conversation, it would be impossible for Hu Wang to discover him. 

After two hours, Zhao Hai was finally able to see an active volcano.

From time to time, the volcano would spew out white smoke.

There were no plants growing on the volcano, it was completely barren.

The closer to the volcano, the smaller the fauna became.

By the end, Zhao Hai went underground.

Upon going below the surface, Zhao Hai released the Hell Kings Ship.

The ship shrank rapidly before turning into a small ship less than half a meter long.

Then it flew forward.

If it was in the past, Zhao Hai wouldnt have taken out the Hell Kings Ship.

Before the ship combined with Zhao Hai, the ship would use its cannons to tunnel through the land.

This might go unnoticed in the lower realms, but things were different in the Soaring Dragon Realm.

Everyone here was at the immortal stage.

The spiritual force of immortal experts is quite strong, it would be easy for them to discover the tunneling of the Hell Kings Ship.

But now that Zhao Hai has been unified with liquid silver, Zhao Hai could use his earth-element ability through the Hell Kings Ship.

Actually, there was no need for Zhao Hai to release the Hell Kings Ship.

He doesnt feel any discomfort while moving through the soil.

On the contrary, when he used his earth-element ability, he could feel that he was at home when he went underground.

However, Zhao Hai couldnt shrink his body, so he used the Hell Kings Ship to become smaller.

Zhao Hai soon discovered that he made the right decision.

Not only was he smaller, he could also do a lot of things with the Hell Kings Ship.

This allowed him to use his ability more comfortably.

As he moved forward, Zhao Hai could feel the land around him get hotter and hotter.

He knew that he had entered the vicinity of the volcano.

Zhao Hai raised his spiritual force to pay attention to the surroundings.

The land continued to increase in temperature.

Naturally, this temperature doesnt bother Zhao Hai.

However, Zhao Hai frowned because he noticed a problem.

It was a problem he hadnt noticed before.

It was that the environment of the Soaring Dragon Realm was much stronger than in the lower realms. 

The strengthening doesnt only mean that the beasts were stronger.

This included other things such as rocks and other inanimate objects.

The heat of the land caused Zhao Hai to notice this.

The land was too hot, but Zhao Hai has yet to enter the volcano.

If the standards of the Great Realm of Cultivation were followed, the land surrounding Zhao Hai would only be ten degrees hotter than normal.

However, the land around Zhao Hai right now was 70-80 degrees higher than normal.

And this was only in the vicinity of the volcano.

If he entered, how hot would it be

When he discovered this, Zhao Hai recalled everything he came in contact with.

He found that everything in the Soaring Dragon Realm has been strengthened.

The trees were stronger, the stones were harder, the aura of the earth was richer, the fires were also hotter.

Everything was a stage higher than normal.

Zhao Hai hadnt noticed this before.

This was because Zhao Hai was able to acclimate quickly to the spiritual qi of the Soaring Dragon Realm.

Therefore, he didnt notice any changes from the trees.

But this time, he could clearly feel the difference in the heat of the soil, allowing him to realize the strangeness of the Soaring Dragon Realm.

Zhao Hai originally thought that the Soaring Dragon Realm just had stronger spiritual qi, but this doesnt seem to be the case.

Everything in the realm was strengthened.

This was the reason Zhao Hai couldnt release Undead below the immortal stage.

This was a place where the laws even required inanimate objects to be a stage higher than their counterparts in the lower realms. 

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