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Chapter 1948: Handing The Task Over

Zhao Hai asked Yuan Ba to buy wine for the sake of Zhang Feng and the others.

Zhang Feng and the other newcomers were now in a critical period for their mentality.

In the past, when they were in the Great Realm of Cultivation, they were surrounded by admiration and praise.

But in the Soaring Dragon Realm, they became commoners.

If they dont adjust their hearts soon, they will find it hard to progress in the future.

In this crucial time, they needed to vent out their feelings and relax.

Therefore, Zhao Hai had Yuan Ba to buy liquor to make everyone relax.

With this, they would be able to adjust their thoughts as soon as possible.

Three days quickly passed.

Although beasts never attacked in these three days, Shangshan City didnt lift its alert state.

Because of this, Zhao Hai and the others could only stay inside.

However, this was also good.

Zhao Hai used these three days to settle the minds of Zhang Feng and the others.

Zhao Hai didnt preach to them, but he accompanied them to eat and drink to relax their minds.

After three days of adjustments, Zhang Feng and the others were able to improve their moods.

And now that Shangshan City has opened up once more, Zhao Hai and the others could resume doing their tasks.

But before doing that, Zhao Hai and the others returned to their base.

Because their base was located in a very secret area, the beasts werent able to discover it.

So after Zhao Hai and the others returned, they were able to relax.

After returning to the base, Zhao Hai immediately sent the ashes of their deceased comrades as well as the report of the battle back to the Great Realm of Cultivation.

Once these matters were dealt with, Zhao Hai didnt immediately send everyone to do tasks.

Instead, he made them rest.

Before the beast tide, Yuan Ba said that he could craft items to increase his impression points.

Zhao Hai didnt stress himself over this.

In any case, all of those items have been made.

There was also no deadline to the task, so it was fine if they rested for a few more days.

Although they had already spent several peaceful days in Shangshan City, Zhao Hai knew that the others hadnt fully relaxed themselves.

After all, the alert of the city hasnt been lifted.

Beasts could attack them at any time.

In this case, nobody was able to rest properly.

After staying inside the base for two days, everyone was finally able to recover their spirit.

Then Zhao Hai led everyone to Wulong City.

This time, they came to hand in the task.

The task was the one Yuan Ba received before where artifacts could be exchanged for impression points.

There were around a hundred people who followed Zhao Hai.

Of the hundred people.

70 of them were from the Freedom Alliance.

Of which 30 were from the Black Tiger Gang.

As for the remaining 40, they were from the alliance army.

Nobody had any objections to Zhao Hais method.

This was because Zhao Hai was the only person who could complete this task.

He was the only person that could decide who to give the impression points to.

Yuan Ba got the task from the Serene Formation Sect branch in Wulong City.

Since it was Yuan Ba who accepted the task, he also came to hand it in.

A group of 100 people appeared outside Serene Formation Sects branch in Wulong City.

The Serene Formation Sects branch looked more imposing than the Mist Pill Sect.

There was a tall stone building with five floors.

Each floor was very wide.

It could easily fit 100 people.

And since the beast tide just ended, most of the cultivators returned to their bases to take a rest.

People who did tasks were very rare.

This made the Serene Formation Sects branch look deserted.

With so many people appearing all at once, the staff inside the Serene Formation Sect branch became anxious.

But after Yuan Ba informed them that they were handing a task in, they were relieved.

At the same time, the staff were curious.

They want to know what task it was.

It has been two days since the alert was lifted in the city.

Nobody would go out at this time .

Yuan Ba brought Zhao Hai and the others to hand the task in.

The old man on the counter stood up, looked at Yuan Ba and the others and said, “Youre here to hand a task in What task did you receive”

Yuan Ba cupped his fist towards the old man and said, “Senior, good day.

I had a transaction with your sect before, I sold a lot of portable transmission formations.

The sect told me that as long as the person who made the portable transmission formations can make specific types of artifacts, then we would be rewarded with ten impression points.

And 100 people could be given.

Is this task still up”

The old man couldnt help but stare when he heard this.

Then his eyes shone as he said, “So its this task Youre here to hand it in Who refined the artifacts Come, let me take a look.”

Yuan Ba didnt delay and immediately took out five sets of positioning discs as well as ten armors.

Then he looked at the old man and said, “Senior, these are the artifacts that are refined by our team leader.

This is our team leader.” As he said that, Yuan Ba gestured towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards the old man and said, “I have seen Senior.”

The old man looked at Zhao Hai in surprise, then he nodded and said, “Alright, young man, youre very good.

Let me see your jade card.”

Zhao Hai took out his jade card and gave it to the old man.

The old man added ten impression points to Zhao Hais card and it also included a note that this was a special task with the wordrefining.

The task evaluation was also excellent.

Then the old man added ten impression points to the others, but he marked it as a gift from others.

Although Yuan Ba and the others were happy about the ten impression points, they understood that they might not be of use upon seeing the note that the points were a gift.

But in any case, this didnt bring any loss to them.

After Yuan Ba and the others received their jade cards, they thanked the old man and said goodbye.

The old man looked at Zhao Hai, then to Yuan Ba again and asked, “Little Friend, if you dont mind, can you tell me how you intend to deal with these positioning discs and inner armor”

Yuan Ba replied, “The team leader already instructed us that the discs and armor will be traded to the Serene Formation Sect.

However, we have to do it on the trading counter.”

Hearing this, the old man couldnt help but nod.

He was now at ease with this task.

And at the same time, he had a new understanding of Zhao Hais strength.

From the old mans point of view, selling the positioning discs was understandable.

After all, a group only needed one.

There was no use having more.

However, the armor was different.

The inner armor could be used by Yuan Ba and the others.

There were two explanations as to why they would sell the inner armor.

The first was that they have no need for these armors because they have a better one.

The other was because all of them were already wearing inner armor.

The ones they handed in were surplus.

With these guesses in mind, the old man nodded and said, “Then I wont bother you anymore.”

Zhao Hai and the others cupped their fists and then went to the trading counter.

Their surplus stock of positioning discs and inner armor were sold.

Altogether, they earned 40 thousand jade essences. 

The people of the Great Realm of Cultivation could see that as long as they follow Zhao Hai, they wouldnt worry about money.

Its only been a few days since he came to the Soaring Dragon Realm, and yet they already have more than 60 thousand jade essences in hand.

And this was including the time they fought during the beast tide.

This amount of money meant that they could already be considered as a rich group in the Soaring Dragon Realm.

Zhao Hai promised them that they could live in the city.

And now, this was realized.

But even if they could live inside the city with their money, the people of the Great Realm of Cultivation have no plans to move.

Their base was so good and well hidden.

There was no reason for them to move to the city.

They have to spend money to have a base in the city, so they might as well stay in their comfortable base. 

After the transaction was finished, Zhao Hai and the others went out of the Serene Formation Sects branch.

Yuan Ba handed a spatial bag towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai was confused, and when he searched inside, he discovered that there were 60 thousand jade essences inside.

He couldnt help but look at Yuan Ba and said, “Yuan Ba, why did you give me the jade essences”

Yuan Ba smiled bitterly and said, “Team Leader, you hold on to the jade essence.

Having so much money in my body is making me nervous.” Hearing this, everyone couldnt help but laugh.

Zhao Hai shook his head and then received the spatial bag before saying, “Alright, Ill take it.

In the future, if you need money, just tell me.

Everyone will also have a piece of jade essence to spend every year.”

Everyone cheered.

Although one jade essence doesnt seem a lot, that was a thousand spirit stones.

In the past, not to mention a thousand spirit stones, it would be hard for them to obtain ten.

And it must be known that this jade essence wouldnt be spent on equipment, it was only meant for eating and drinking.

The actions of Zhao Hais group naturally attracted the attention of those in Wulong City.

Currently, there are a lot of cultivators from the lower realms that were resting inside the city.

After the beast tide, everyone was tired.

They needed a good rest.

Most bases of those from the lower realms werent as good as the Great Realm of Cultivations base.

They cant rest properly in their bases.

Therefore, they would go to Wulong City during the day to relax.

At the very least, they would be safe against beasts during daytime.

It can be said that the people in Wulong City have yet to recover from the effects of the beast tide.

The atmosphere of the city was quite depressing.

In this case, the cheering of those from the Great Realm of Cultivation was piercing their ears.

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