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Just as Muyang’s voice fell, a door suddenly appeared not far away from them.

There was a cry of concern from behind the door, and then Rukia body ran out from behind the door.

“Oh – I was still wondering why Rukia did not appear on the battlefield and did not feel her Reiryoku.

It turned out to be Soul Society.”

Seeing Rukia appear, Muyang said with a smile, and then as if he remembered something, his body suddenly paused, and his face showed some uneasiness.

“What’s wrong, Kimura”

After noticing Muyang’s abnormality, Suzuki Kusu quickly asked.

Now she was nervous about Muyang’s condition.

In her memory, she had never seen such a weak Muyang.

“Rukia, what about Inoue”

Without answering Suzuki Kusu’s question, Muyang turned his eyes to Rukia and asked in a low tone.

Hearing Muyang’s question, Kisuke and Yoruichi seemed to suddenly think of something, and their faces changed.

As for Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Rangiku on the other side, they also immediately thought of the meaning of Muyang’s words.

“Well What happened to Inoue”

At this time, only Kurosaki Ichigo did not think of it.

He turned to look at Muyang and did not know why he suddenly asked such an irrelevant question.

Hearing Muyang’s question, Rukia also remembered something, and her face suddenly became a little ugly.

“Well she entered the door after me.

If there is no accident, she should be here soon.”

In a low voice, although it has not confirmed anything, Rukia tone still unconsciously showed some self-blame.

She should have thought of it at the beginning.

Aizen will never let people attack Human World without any reason.

The last time was to trap Kimura in Dangai.

This time, he would definitely have an unfathomable goal.

Although he did not know what was in the well that was worth him making such a big fuss over, he should not have allowed the well to act alone.

He clearly knew that she was not someone who was good at fighting.

“Hey… What’s wrong with all of you What happened to Inoue”

Seeing the reactions of the crowd,

Kurosaki Ichigo apparently also felt something abnormal, and a bad conjecture emerged in his heart, and his tone became a little uneasy.

“Well, although I don’t want to say that, she is likely to have encountered something unexpected.”

Muyang’s words mercilessly broke the last persistence in Kurosaki Ichigo’s heart, revealing a terrible thing to him.

Although it has not been confirmed, but looking at everyone’s reaction, it should be about eight or nine.

“However, Aizen is so troublesome, it is impossible to just kill the well.

He does this to show that there must be something on the well that he cares about.

In other words, the well is now useful to him, although it is very unpleasant to hear.

But this also shows that Orihime is temporarily safe.

You still have a chance to save her.”

Seeing that Kurosaki Ichigo was deeply shocked, Muyang added, which made a glimmer of hope in Kurosaki Ichigo’s heart again.

Moreover, these are only based on the fact that Aizen really took her away.

It is still unknown whether she was caught by Aizen or not.

“Didi – Didi – Didi – Didi -“

At this time, the messenger Divine Armament on Rukia suddenly made a cry.

Could it be…

Hearing the voice from Rukia, Kurosaki Ichigo’s heart suddenly jumped.

He had vaguely noticed the purpose of the phone call.


I know.”

Hanging up the phone with no expression, Rukia raised her head and looked at Kurosaki Ichigo, her face showing a touch of apology.

“Just a few minutes ago, the #4 Espada under Aizen, the guy named Ulquiorra, killed two 13th Division members escorting Inoue in broken world, and forced her to Hueco Mundo.”

“Damn it! It really is like this!”

Hearing what Rukia said, Kurosaki Ichigo clenched his fist, clenched his teeth, and his eyes showed anger.

“Sorry, Ichigo, I should’ve go with her.”

Seeing Ichigo’s performance, Rukia lowered her head in shame, and her heart was full of self-blame.

“You don’t have to blame yourself, Miss Kuchiki.”

Kisuke glanced at Kurosaki Ichigo, gathered his sight on Rukia’s face, and suddenly said.


“The opponent is Espada #4, although it is very rude to say that, but even if you act with Miss Inoue, you can’t change anything, or there will be a worse situation, – Miss Kuchiki yourself is in trouble.”

Hearing Kisuke’s persuasion, Rukia’s face did not show any relieved expression.

Indeed, as Kisuke said, even if she was together with Inoue, facing an opponent of that level, she could not change anything.

It was polite to say that she would be in trouble.

Her own words would definitely be killed by the enemy, just like the two 13th Division members.

But… But, even so, it can’t be the reason to leave her and act alone!

“It’s okay, Rukia.”


Feeling a hand suddenly on her shoulder, the familiar voice of Ichigo came to her ear, and Rukia subconsciously raised her head.

Raising her head, what was printed in Rukia eyes was the gentle smile on Ichigo’s face, as if to expel all the haze in her heart.

“It’s all right, Rukia.

Although she was taken away by the enemy, didn’t Mr.

Kimura say that she is not in danger now And I think, well she must be waiting for us to save her now, so don’t blame yourself.

We just need to run to Hueco Mundo to defeat all the enemies, and then bring her back with such a smile!”


Looking at the smile on Kurosaki Ichigo’s face, Rukia only felt that a soft place in the depths of her heart was touched, and an indescribable feeling rose in her heart.

“Well said.

Even I feel restless and want to move with you.”

Looking at the situation in front of him with a smile, Muyang opened his mouth to break the atmosphere.

“But I still have something to solve for the time being.

After all, it suddenly disappeared for so long, so I can’t move with you.

However, I think if you want to go to Hueco Mundo, Kisuke should be able to help you.”

“Really, I was still thinking about when to use a handsome posture to help Mr.

Kurosaki and others.

I didn’t expect Kimura to say it now.”

It seemed that he helplessly waved the fan in his hand, and there was a smile on Kisuke’s face.

“Please, Mr.


Turning to look at Kisuke, Kurosaki Ichigo’s face was very serious.

“However, although I said that I would help you go to Hueco Mundo, it is not something that can be done in a short time.

Now, let’s find a place to discuss the current situation.

Especially Kimura, a lot of things have happened during the time when you were not here.

Although it is only three days for you.”

“It is indeed a good idea, and I also want to find a place to sit down and rest now.”

“Is that so I think it must be a good choice to sit down and drink a cup of hot tea under such circumstances.”


“So, is this cup of hot tea that you mentioned, Kisuke”

Muyang picked up the teacup on the table and took a sip.

He looked at the small crowded room and the displeasure on his face increased.

“Haha, this is the tea I personally brewed for you.

Kimura, don’t be so unhappy.

I will be very hurt if you do this.”

“This is made by Tessai.

Otherwise, it will be Ururu.

It has nothing to do with you.”

“As expected of Kimura.

You’ve seen through me.”

Kisuke deliberately put on a surprised look and covered his face with a paper fan.

“But I poured this for you personally.”


A punch landed on Kisuke’s head, interrupting his meaningless conversation with Muyang.

Yoruichi urged with a face full of impatience, “You’d better hurry up and get down to business.

We have so many people crowded in this small crowded room not to listen to the quarrel between the two of you.”

“The crowded small room, Yoruichi, you…”

When he met Yoruichi’s murderous eyes, Kisuke suddenly stopped what he was about to say and the expression on his face suddenly became serious.

“First of all, about the time you disappeared, Kimura.

Although you yourself said that you were only trapped for three days in prison, 33 days have passed in the modern world.”

“However, regarding the current world and the unknown flow of time in the realm of Time and Space, it is not within the scope of our discussion.

What I want to talk about now is the information we have obtained and the preparations for the final battle in these 33 days.”


“Is that so Has Muyang escaped from Dangai”

After listening to the report that Tōsen Kaname sent to him, Aizen still maintained a posture of holding his chin with one hand and showed a meaningful smile on his face.

“As I expected.”

“But, Lord Aizen, do we not need to do anything If we let that man mess around…”

“It doesn’t matter, I want it.”

Aizen’s flat tone had a momentum that made people unable to resist.

“Didn’t that man say that he would come to Hueco Mundo to visit me in the near future, so we should not do anything.

As long as we start our preparation in Las Noches, just wait for him.”

“Now, let Ulquiorra bring Orihime.

I am looking forward to this girl’s ability.”


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