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Chapter 94

“How did you come to be here”

Aria whispered secretly while sticking close to Sabina.

Then Sabina looked down at her like she was cute.

“Of course I came to see the fairy.”

She fixed and stroked Aria’s hair, which had been messed up by the earlier commotion.

She had a skillful and gentle touch that was incomparable to Tristan.


Carlin continued to vomit while chasing after them.

Even the staggered body and the sunken eyes were very impressive.

In fact, he had no choice but to get an upset stomach.

This was because a large number of people had to be moved without additional support, using only his own energy.

‘When I heard the news that the dead gutter rat was hiding in the Imperial Palace, I knew it was going to be like this.’

He was now dying from the depletion of energy.

His eyes flickered around.

“I, ugh, I knew it.”


“Many times, I told you not to change the future…”

He was still like that when his body was in that state

Aria looked at Carlin, who was not inferior to the others in terms of tenacity, getting slightly tired.


But Sabina also listened to the words.

It’s because his speaking volume can’t be adjusted because he had nausea.

“Changing the future”

Aria glared at Carlin.

He looked like he was going to have a very big problem if he didn’t fix it right away.

A reckless Aria, who had smashed through the door to pierce her core, flashed through his mind.

‘Maybe I’ll do something unusual again.’

Under the pressure of silence, the shaman Carlin suddenly felt his whole body tense.

It seemed as if the nausea had stopped.

“…the word ‘future’ was used in the sense of violating the established providence that should have taken place.”

It seemed that he got better after telling a lie.

Carlin is now quite adept at using the ultimate method of cleverly mixing lies and facts.

‘Why do I have to acquire such a skill’

I was just doing the research he wanted to do in the Grand Duchy, and I was taking it easy! It was all Aria’s fault.

Carlin, an individualist who hated to be entangled in nuisance as much as possible, let out a sigh.

“It should have happened.”

Sabina, who watched it silently, finally opened her mouth.

“Does that apply to me as well Does it sound like I should have died rather than recover”

Carlin’s face, which had already turned white, became even more pale.

It was like digging his grave very properly.

“No, I don’t mean that…”

What do you mean, no It was what everyone heard.

The lies seem to have reached the limit.

Carlin staggered, instantly losing the ability to swing around skillfully.

“It’s not that, if it was a result that should have happened anyway, it would be better to end it with the least amount of damage…”

“Is the least amount of damage my life”

Are you stupid Aria gave a pathetic look.

It’s not just digging his grave, so he opened the coffin and went in and lay down with his hands crossed.

The more they went on with the conversation, the more he was about to be covered with dirt.

He tried to explain about providence and causality, but eventually bit his mouth.

“Anyway, it’s already too late.”

And he spoke with a completely different atmosphere than usual, making eye contact with Aria precisely.

“I can’t fix it anymore.”


“In the end, you will face the same fate at a greater price than before.”

It was almost like a whisper.

A resigned word so small that Aria’s ears could barely hear it.

‘Are you cursing’

She had that thought, but Carlin was more serious than ever, and there was concern in his eyes looking at Aria.

As if for her to listen carefully.

Aria was also about to get a little serious,

“You wanted my wife to die”


Carlin was startled by the sudden voice from behind.

It was because Tristan approached silently and placed a heavy hand on his shoulder.

Carlin thought his shoulders were falling apart.

“No, it’s not! Why are you listening to me with such a twist!”

“Why are you getting agitated”

Tristan found it absurd.

The guy who used to lie flat on his face in fear just by making eye contact suddenly swelled up…….

“All right! May all of the family be reconciled to eternal power and glory!”

The shaman, already tired and exhausted, squeaked, and suddenly blessed them.

And he took out a moving scroll from his arms.

As his very existence is a criminal, he could not stay long in the capital anyway.

‘If the magic tower wizards catch his tails, they will continue to pursue him persistently.’

There is nothing more annoying than that.

The situation could no longer be rectified and he was thinking of running away.

“No, don’t go.”

However, Tristan naturally reached out and took his moving scroll.

Carlin looked down at his empty hands and raised his head blankly.


“You too will go to the Imperial Palace.”


It was then that he realized the reality and broke out in a cold sweat.

Did I say too much

“Since you made some mistakes, can I sacrifice you”

“What nonsense is that”

Tristan shrugged in, then turned to Lloyd.

He was chasing after them with a leisurely pace like a beast.

“What did the Emperor decide to do”

“For now, I’ve threatened him not to do anything stupid.

He’ll listen to anything we ask from this side.”

Then Tristan answered.

“That’s right.


After muttering the word puppet for a while, he made a clear decision.

“Kill him and make him a puppet.”

Puppet…… what

Aria doubted her own ears.

“I will go and kill the Emperor, so the shaman, make a puppet that looks just like the Emperor.”

“No, wait a minute.

What nonsense are you talking about all of a sudden!”

Yes, what nonsense.

Aria completely agreed with Carlin’s opinion this time.

“If the Emperor is swapped for a puppet, there’s no way the Archmage won’t notice that he is a fake.”

“Then kill that Archmage too and make him a puppet.”

“No, are you crazy”

Carlin finally said something harsh.

Aria was so dumbfounded that she didn’t say anything.

Tristan had a normal face as usual, but when he heard what he said, it looked like he had lost half his reason.

He muttered fiercely.

“How dare he touch my daughter.”

No, it was your son who almost died.

‘He almost died.’

Maybe Tristan knew it too.

No, he must have known.

The fact that Lloyd’s devil malice cannot be taken away by the gutter rat.

‘Because it was the original power that the Grand Duke had.’

Lloyd, at the moment when he provoked the gutter rat who was about to take away his malice.

Both the Grand Duke and the Grand Prince knew it.

That the gutter rat poses no threat in the face of the devil’s malice.


Aria tugged on his sleeve and called out.

A curious gaze followed her.

“Let’s go over there and talk.”

She said pointing down the corner stairs.

Lloyd’s gaze followed her fingertips.

It’s the perfect place to get things done without anyone knowing.

Lloyd looked down at Aria with eyes that had a lot to say.

“What’s wrong”

“…No, nothing.”

“What exactly is the devil’s malice”

Now she had no choice but to ask.

There must be something more.

[Valentine’s secret is a top secret known only to the Head and the heir.]

Vincent had definitely told her that the other day.

Aria was now asking if he could tell her the top secret.

Lloyd, who then stopped his steps, looked down at Aria with a gaze of unreadable emotions.

Then he crossed his two index fingers to make a cross and placed it over her lips.

She rattled, thinking that her heart would stop.

What is that cute thing

Aria knew Lloyd was acting cute for her in the moment, and she was so dazed that she stiffened and almost grabbed her heart.

But she soon realized that it couldn’t be.

Lloyd acting cute It would be faster for the world to split in two than to see his cuteness.

Such an absurd illusion…….

‘But it’s visually shocking.’

She didn’t say a word, so her eyes glared at him.

He had his eyes half-closed.

Eyelashes of the same color hung between the pupils blacker than the night sky.

However, when the sunlight leaking through the gap in the stairs touched his eyes, it shimmered white, the exact opposite of the original color.


‘It’s so cute with his actions…….’

Aria felt as if she could understand why the servants constantly admired her cuteness and just died suddenly looking at her.

Aria managed to regain her sanity and trace the meaning of his actions.

‘It must mean that I shouldn’t say it.’

There’s no reason to put it into action.

In such a cute way too.


Aria realized later.

“A dicta oath”

Lloyd didn’t really nod his head, but he was talking with his eyes.


Aria knew exactly what a dicta oath was.

When Count Cortez was ridiculed for being the head of the circus and used Sophia as a siren, it was a dicta oath he made by gathering nobles from the shadows.

To keep the exact power of the Siren’s song a secret.

‘Of course, the structure has changed completely since I appeared, but everyone knows.’

She couldn’t say that she had made an oath anyway, and she couldn’t write it down once she made it anyway.

That’s the dicta oath.

The price for breaking the oath was his own life.

In this case, the other person had no choice but to guess.

‘Is it the devil malice that contaminates even the chimera’

Or, she could think of the opposite possibility.

‘A divine power…..enough to purify the Chimera,’

Aria could quickly deduce it.

If the devil’s malice is a really evil and unholy power, she already knows it publicly, so there’s no need to keep it a secret while making a dicta oath.

Rather, it would be more correct to put more weight on the latter, which is the opposite case.

‘Divine power’

Valentine’s malice

However, Aria had seen Tristan run rampant the other day.

It exudes an aura that is well suited to the title of the devil’s malice, which was lightly expressed outside on a sword.


‘It’s enough to make them even make a dicta oath.’

Why, who

How dare.

“The Emperor”

Lloyd neither nodded nor shook his head.

“Or, Garcia”


“Or, what other country”

Again, no answer.

But as if to prove that he wasn’t ignoring Aria’s words, he made eye contact with her very precisely.

Aria, who was continuing the 20 questions game without an answer, realized at the same time.

“…the whole world.”


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