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Aria asked as she lifted her head out of his arms.

“Shall I sing you a lullaby”


There was no reply.

However, Lloyd’s dissatisfied gaze, who was staring intently at Aria, spoke instead.

To what extent are you going to treat me like a child


What to do, Aria hesitated, then shrugged her shoulders and said.

“I often sing for Father too.”



“If Lloyd doesn’t want to, I can’t help it.”

Then Lloyd gave a very displeased expression, and he said as he quietly laid down on the bed.

“Sing for me.”

She also knew he would be like this.

Because it was Lloyd who, whenever he had spare time, engaged in a nerve battle between Tristan.

Of course, Sabina too, has been participating in the nerve war since she was completely healed.

Aria started singing the song.

“Hush, hush, sleep well.”


“The stars, the moon….”


“is full of light…”

But Aria could no longer carry on the lullaby.

It was because Lloyd, who was staring intently at her as she sang her song, grabbed her hand stroking his chest and pulled her to his side.

Aria suddenly toppled next to him.

‘That, that surprised me.’

Aria blinked her eyes.

Lloyd’s black hair, disheveled on the pillow, was right in front of her.

She lowered her gaze slowly.

He was staring only at her, with the moonlight streaming in through the cracks in the window.

She seemed to have pierced his gaze.

“What are you going to do after I sleep”


“Sleep too.”

Did he notice that she was trying to figure out something after putting Lloyd to sleep Aria struggled to ignore the heart trying to pop out of her mouth, and said,

“But a lullaby would definitely get rid of the nightmare…”

“Just sleep next to me.

That’s all.”


“It’s all right if it’s you.”

Don’t waste your strength. Lloyd mumbled, and grabbed Aria’s hand with a force that would never let go.

And he quietly closed his eyes.

Soon, a steady breath was heard.

She wiggled her fingers.

The hand that was held by him never fell out.

Her heart was beating so much that she was worried that it might break like this.

Aria gazed intently at the ceiling.

Lloyd’s breath was felt right next to her.

‘I can’t sleep…….’

Aria had a strong foreboding that she would be up all night.



Hans laughed like a madman as he ran down the street at night.

Finally free!

Finally freed from Master!

“No, no.

He’s not even Master anymore.

Dead, damned corpse!”

It has been four years.

Hans was deprived of his liberty for four years, and was forced to clean up for the gutter rat.

He had to find a sparsely populated area, kill all the people in the village, and he had to offer them up as sacrifices.

‘That stench again!’

No matter how much his sense of smell becomes insensitive to stimuli, how much trouble did he have to deal with the smell of rotting corpses for 4 years

‘Good job, my nose.’

In fact, even Hans knew that the gutter rat’s plans were reckless from all sides.

He had, to some extent, anticipated that things were going to fail.

Sure enough, there’s no way that Valentine can be beaten by a chimera that is nothing more than a creature Hans created.

‘I don’t know if the gutter rat was alive before becoming a chimera…….’

No, actually, looking at it today, it seems impossible.

Hans remembered that when the curse that flowed from Lloyd’s body touched the gutter rat, it became ashes and scattered.

The gutter rat had jumped like a fire moth into a human who had such a terrifying thing in his body.

It’s a pity that the gutter rat died, and he didn’t want to have that experience again.

‘Hmm, I knew the gutter rat was going to die anyway, but I cooperated without any resistance.’

For this moment, right now! From now on, I will never do anything that betrays humanity like making a chimera again!

“I’m going to be a pacifist!”


The moment Hans recalled the word, he felt at ease as if he had come to his hometown.

What is this

Since he was born, he has never pursued such a thing as peace, so why does he have such longing and fond feelings

‘Actually, is this my aptitude’

Maybe he had chosen the wrong career path.

Hans was shocked.

‘Now I’ll wash my hands thoroughly and I’ll never think of crime again.’

That was the moment he decided so.


Someone called out to Hans, who was running like an unbridled colt.

A voice he never wanted to hear again.

He stood frozen.

Then he moved his neck like ungreased scrap metal, barely staring at the opponent.

It was a man in a black hood that covered him from head to toe.

“It looks like things didn’t work out.”

“Haha, ah, yes…”

God damn it.

The man was waiting, blocking his only way out, as if he had foreseen Hans’ escape.

“What about being a pacifist”

“D, did you hear me”

“Luckily, you seem to agree with us.

How about working together for the sake of human peace”

I don’t want to. But Hans couldn’t say that.

It was because he knew that rebellion was of no use learning from the gutter rat until now.

‘Unknown forces.’

They approached the gutter rat that had lost everything four years ago and looked like a corpse and asked for various information.

They cooperated

[“As expected, the devil’s malice is like energy.

That person was right!”]

The gutter rat believed that.

After becoming a chimera, perhaps his intelligence as a human being has also degenerated Now that there was only one way to restore his former glory, he didn’t know that he was desperately clinging to it.

‘Aside from that, the devil’s malice is actually the most suitable power for a chimera, so he was always enticed to take it away.’

Hans was very suspicious of those who provoke the gutter rat with vain words.

But he didn’t intervene.

As he said earlier, it was because it seemed that there would be a moment when he would run away from the gutter rat.


This wasn’t an escape, it was another shackle.

‘These damn people have been aiming for me from the beginning…….’

Their purpose was not to get rid of the gutter rat.

It was aimed at Hans’s ability to specialize in the unethical and immoral.

“The Master is waiting.”

There is a Master here too What pacifist in the world calls himself Master, for God’s sake.

Hans was dragged along in tears.


– Sister-in-law, why are your eyes dark

Aria was silent, rubbing her eyes, which had been exhausted from staying up all night.

That’s certainly not easy.

– Well, I was just trying to solve a problem.

[“So did you solve it”]

Aria asked.

Vincent’s mouth was twitching and his eyes were too bright.

He looked like he was waiting for her to ask the question.

– Of course! In half a day!

Vincent said, ‘Ta-da!’ and pulled out a wad of paper as he made the sound effect with his mouth.

There’s even a bunch of worn-out papers that look like they’ve aged for a thousand years.

Contrary to the very wretched momentum, the results were sparse.

‘Is that what was in the storage box’

It’s a document.

What matters is what is written inside.

Aria likes talking straight about the main things so she thought she’d ask what it was.

If the excited Vincent didn’t start first.

– Putting the Atlantis scale ‘La Sol Fa Re Mi’ I searched all these five scales and homonyms.


– ‘La’ means sun.

‘Sol’ means ground.

‘Fa’ means faint, ‘Ray’ means to rise, and ‘Mi’ means hope.

With these words combined it means the sun rising faintly from the ground as hope, that is, dawn!


– I typed ‘Dawn’ in Atlantean letters and it worked!

The explanation is tedious.

Aria shed the unnecessary parts of the lengthy explanation and engraved only the word ‘dawn’.

And she read Vincent’s expression of wanting so much praise, she clapped her hands like seals.

– More praise please!

There is much to wish for too.

Anyway, he said he would do it this month, yet he made it in half a day.

Aria used her generosity to whistle and cheer.

Vincent’s shoulders soared into the sky.

[“So what is that rotten paper”]


– What do you mean rotten paper! A great discovery that will go down in academic history!

Of course, Vincent had no intention of publishing this.

Aria asked him to keep it a secret.

It just meant that what was written on this paper was worth that much.

– The identity of the documents in the storage box was a music score.

Vincent carefully unfolded the rolled up paper, fearing that the shriveled paper might be torn off.

And he coughed.

‘Are you going to sing a song yourself’

It was Vincent who always brags that he is good at anything.

Aria waited patiently for his song thinking ‘let’s see how it comes out.’.

– Fly on the golden wings!

…… What did she just hear Aria doubted her own ears.


– … is a dialogue through the communication device

[“…”] is a dialogue through Aria’s cards

“….” is directly spoken dialogues.


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