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Chapter 88

It was an act that could never be done unless they were all planning to die together here and now.

But that couldn’t be.


‘No way…… Did the Emperor bring in the gutter rat’

It didn’t sneak in.

From the beginning, the two had devised a plan.

‘The two had no contact in previous life.’

They weren’t meant to be friends with each other, but they were just a symbiotic relationship.

The Emperor simply tolerates the gutter rat, and the gutter rat does not serve the Emperor, but he is aware that the Emperor is the owner of this empire.

She never imagined that they would cooperate with each other.

‘Oh my God.’

How far has the Emperor fallen

Aria suddenly remembered the conversation she had with Carlin the other day.

The words that were said so much that it would stick to her ears like a scab, telling her not to go against providence, which had already been set.

“Changing the future is like taking the old cog out and replacing it with a new cog.

Wouldn’t it be better to change something else for the world to roll again”

When Aria breaks the law, a new law arises.

The new law will demand a higher price and will strangle her.

That was the situation she was facing right now.

A new law.

‘The Emperor and the gutter rat become one team.’

Suddenly, the magic circle engraved with blood on the floor slowly began to contain silver, red, and gold light.

It was a response to various energies in the gutter rat’s body.


At that moment, Lloyd and Aria, who felt the strangeness, turned their heads at the same time to stare into the air outside the window.

– Just now, barrier magic…….

– He used a circle with amplification magic in this room.

Hiding nearby.

Lloyd lifted his finger and pinpointed exactly where it was.

– Upstairs.

Maybe a vent.


For some reason, she heard something constantly popping out of the vent.

‘Perhaps the wizard, Hans.’

After Aria discovered the identity of the opponent who had set the barrier, she had no choice but to be even more certain of what she had already been certain of.

– Lloyd, the gutter rat.

Aria hastily sent a message.

Of course Lloyd had already guessed from that moment on, and he answered without showing any signs of surprise.

– Yes.

– Is there a way to finish it if it doesn’t die

It was then.


A hole pierced his neck, and the gutter rat made a strange noise.

In the first place, it made no sense that the body made a sound.

He swept his chin in surprise and looked down at the fainting kitchen assistant right next to him.


Changed his body.

It was an invisible process, but she had no choice but to know.

The servant fell on the floor, stabbed the kitchen assistant with a dagger, devoured his blood, and collapsed.

“Phew… you devil bastard.

You can’t cast spells if you can’t speak.”

Then, the kitchen assistant, who had been lying down, jumped up with a pale blue face.

He was already dead.

‘I wonder why there were more servants in this room than necessary…….’

The servants here might actually be sacrifices for the gutter rat.

So that he can defeat Lloyd and achieve victory at any cost.

‘Crazy bastard…….’

There was no other way to call it.

Aria glared at the Emperor.

He just looked a bit nervous, from a distance, as if he was just watching from the other side of the river.

“Well, even if you look at me like that, I can’t solve it.

Do you know how many imperial nobles are in the Imperial Palace right now To commemorate the founding of the country, all the powerful people are gathered!”

Now, if the gutter rat escapes from this room, many people will lose their lives.

That was what it meant.

“When all the nobles die, this country is over!”

But, why are the knights standing in front of the gates, even though they can’t save the Empire from danger It was an absurd sophistry.

Aria saw a glimpse of the smile on the Emperor’s lips, sure of victory.

At that moment, Aria, whose reason was cut off, licked her lips.

She intended to sing the song of doom.

Had Lloyd not suddenly raised his hand to cover her mouth.

– Showing off your powers in front of the Emperor and the gutter rat


Aria came to her senses as if she was covered in cold water.

Come to think of it, she remembered it belatedly.

‘The taxidermist.’


A bizarre life that is neither alive nor dead, created in the gutter.

Obviously, the Siren’s powers didn’t work on those snakes.

Because it was not a life born in nature.

Obviously, it would be the same for the gutter rat.

There was a very high probability that it would not work even if she sang the song.

‘Even if I die, the gutter rat caught the fact that I’m the only surviving Siren, it will be enough to change me into a new body…….’

She hated to even imagine that.

Aria wiped the goosebumps sprouting over her forearm, and she bit her teeth.

Then, Lloyd raised his body.

“It seems like I have a business to do.”

He said as he brushed off the blood flowing from the sword.

And slowly, he moved.

The shadow of the sword hung long behind his back.

“Haha, that’s right.”

The gutter rat gladly answered.

“For four years, every day, I’ve been thinking only of you bastard.

For today!”


Lloyd replied dryly.

As if he had no sentiment whatsoever because he had already heard such words countless times.

“I’m sorry.

I thought you would give me a more creative answer.”

At the same time, the sword he was holding slashed in a very insincere way.

What had just been shaped as a kitchen assistant fell on the floor.

“Uh, kuuhh…”

The rat, who was groaning with a bizarre sound, killed the servant again and changed into a new body.

Once again, the whole area was covered in red.

The gutter rat changed into a new body again.

“Kuuh, ah! Damn it, if only I had my original body!”

“Do you think it would be different if it was your original body”

“Devil bastard…”

The gutter rat murmured grimly, and picked up the sword that was lying on the floor.

At the same time, the two blades collided violently and exploded in flashes.

Just once, while swinging his sword, Lloyd broke and pierced the blade that the gutter rat was holding in half.

Again, again.

This time it is the body of a knight.

The knight resisted, but ultimately sacrificed his life because of the silent pressure from the Emperor.

“Finally, at last, the Emperor’s most elite knight! The body of a well-trained knight.

It will not even compare to this weak body so far.”

“You talk too much.”

“…I’ll kill you properly, you devil bastard.”

Armed with confidence, the gutter rat rushed in.

And he bounced off the wall at an incomparable speed and crashed into the wall.


The wall cracked and dented.

At the same time, the sound of something properly crushing could be heard from the gutter rat’s body.

Lloyd calmly raised his sword, as the gutter rat searched for his new body, and stomped his fumbling hand into the ground.


Do you feel the pain even if you become a moving corpse

Or do you feel hallucinatory pain in an area that is not there

The gutter rat screamed desperately.

It sounded like the screams of someone who had changed his body.

Her shoulders trembled.

At the same time, Lloyd’s gaze returned.

– Aria, does it matter if an innocent person dies

He asked.

She couldn’t understand what the question meant.

It was only that his eyes, which had turned black with the afterglow of the slaughter, seemed a little unfamiliar today.

– I don’t care.

But you

Aria couldn’t help but agree.

She couldn’t deny it.

It was because it seemed like an unavoidable situation in order to deal with the gutter rat.

However, she finally shook her head after contemplating.

It didn’t matter.

After hearing Aria’s answer, Lloyd stopped killing the gutter rat that changed bodies.

“Gutter rat, are you going to do that until everyone here is dead”

“No, exactly, until the devil’s malice is taken from you!”


Was that the purpose Lloyd smiled strangely as if it was understandable, then drew his sword.

The gaze looking down at the soaring and scattered red things was terribly boring.

The gutter rat saw the large hole in his hand and grasped it with his other hand and clenched his teeth.

– Aria, no matter what happens in the future, no matter what happens to me, never.

– What

– Never sing.

Lloyd, who had begged her not to reveal her abilities, got up from his seat.


And threw the sword he was holding.

With his arms outstretched towards the gutter rat.

It was a reckless act.

Aria, the Emperor, and even the gutter rat became dazed, at a loss for words.

“Wherever you want to go.”

“Huh Are you suddenly crazy”

“If you want to steal it, try stealing it.”

“You think I can’t do it just because you told me to”

However, contrary to his sarcastic tone, the tip of the sword raised by the gutter rat was trembling to the point of pity.

It was because he had no idea what Lloyd meant by suddenly revealing his chest and giving it away.

‘Is that a solution’

Sacrificing himself

She couldn’t believe it.

Without knowing it, Aria opened her mouth.

However, Lloyd’s words not to reveal her abilities no matter what, first sanctioned her actions.

‘There must be some reason.’

Aria trusted Lloyd.

But, apart from that trust, she had no choice but to grip the hem of her skirt in nervousness.


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