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Chapter 71

Then Gabriel gave a different answer to the question.

Aria tilted her head.

Because it was a special day, did it mean that the waiting wasn’t boring and he didn’t even feel the cold

[Is it your birthday]

She asked because it was a special day.

Then Gabriel said no, shook his head lightly and smiled.

“It’s Nuah’s birthday.”


‘The anniversary of Garcia.’

It is the day on which Nuah, a demigod between gods and humans, was born.

Garcia was the only one who claimed that the Son of God actually existed.

In the Fineta Empire, the road was running rampantly saying that God could not have children among humans.

This was because the Emperor was claiming to be the Son of God in order to gain legitimacy in the bloodline of the Imperial Family.

He borrowed only a human body, and his soul was undoubtedly the Son of God or something.

‘In my eyes, it’s just a skit that isn’t even funny.’

Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if God looked down on this scene

‘Because there is a son that God did not give birth to.’


However, seeing Gabriel taking Nuah’s birthday really solemnly, it seemed that she had to pretend to be serious.

[It’s a happy day.]

“Yes, very.”

The boy replied brightly and wiggled his frozen red fingertips.

And he held out the box he had been carrying for a long time, whose purpose was unknown to Aria.


He was giving it to her

Aria widened her eyes and pointed at herself with her finger.

“Your bag got worn out a lot.”

Is it an acceptable gift

Aria looked up at him without taking the box he was offering right away.

And she stared intently.

Then Gabriel, who realized the meaning of that gaze, was embarrassed and added hurriedly.

“In Garcia, it is a day to give gifts to those you are grateful to.”


“I am also giving this as a token of my gratitude.

The Grand Princess took care of me every time, and thanks to you, I was not alone and my life was saved…”

She did take care of him a lot.


They prayed together in the prayer room every morning, noon, and evening.

Even if it was called prayer, it took about 5 minutes.

To be more precise, she pretended to pray.

‘He was forced to live here for 5 years, but I thought that anyone would be resentful if they were alone, so I took care of him.’

Anyway, as long as he was grateful.

‘It’s acceptable.’

Aria’s senses were getting dulled by the piles of gift boxes that were piling up every day.

It didn’t mean she didn’t cherish the hearts of others.

It means that she no longer attaches great significance to a gift.

She opened the box Then there was a cute little kid’s leather bag made to fit Aria’s size.

[Thank you, I’ll use it well.]

With pure delight, she transferred the cards, ink and fountain pens to her new bag.

Then she looked up at Gabriel with a faint smile and told him to wait and went to the kitchen.

After a while, she returned with a small cake in her hand.

[It’s not an anniversary of this country though.]

Aria remembered Dana’s words.

‘She said anniversaries are supposed to be celebrated with family and friends.’

She still didn’t know how Gabriel celebrated Noah’s birthday.

But at least it wouldn’t have been in such an atmosphere that no one knew and didn’t care.

‘It must have been lonely.’

That’s what life in a foreign country is like.

Besides, he’s from Garcia, so everyone will be reluctant or hostile.

‘This is nothing, it’s okay if I take care of him.

Do my duty as a human being and not cross the line.’

Aria felt relieved.

Not knowing that an anniversary is the perfect day to permeate other people’s memories.

She put a candle from the kitchen on top of her cake and lit it.

And she hesitated for a moment.

[Since it’s the son of God, the age doesn’t really matter, right]

At that, Gabriel burst into laughter and bent his eyes softly.

The white boy’s smile resembled a snowflake that melts when touched.

“Yes, the heart is enough.”

And, as she always has, she had a brief evening prayer with Gabriel.


“Cough, cough, Young Madam.”

It was a day before the new year.

Baker, who had always cooked for Aria with his soul, suddenly came.

She looked up at him with a puzzled expression.

“You don’t need me”

Hey, she does need him every day.

It’s because she was no longer able to live without Baker’s cooking.

He was an indispensable

Aria thought seriously.

[Baker is very precious to me.]

And she said with all her heart.

“Young Madam…!”

When the chef was overjoyed and burst into tears, she felt some sort of remorse.

“Can I have that card”

He spoke reflexively, then belatedly regained his mind and shook his head.

“…No, this is not important.”

It’s weird that there are times when Aria’s cards aren’t important.

She was rather curious about Baker’s reaction.

And she waited for his words to follow.

“Actually… when I heard that the Young Madam wanted to learn how to cook, I waited impatiently….”

After waiting desperately for her to come, he finally couldn’t stand it and spoke to her first.

He waited a year and a half.

Aria, who had completely forgotten about it, widened her eyes.

“Maybe you forgot…”


My dream is to be a cook.]

Of course, it’s a distant past, but it’s not a lie since she was young.

After Aria quickly handed a card, she pondered what to cook.

[Come to think of it, it’s Lloyd’s birthday soon.]

Last year she couldn’t take care of it because he was at the academy, but this year, she really wanted to take care of her husband’s birthday.

‘I’m thinking of preparing a separate gift for him, but….’

Cakes are the best for birthdays.

While it has become like this, she should bake a cake.

“Umm, Young Madam.”

But when Baker saw the card, he had a somewhat perplexed look.

Aria couldn’t figure out why he was reacting like that, so she blinked her eyes over and over again.

“The Grand Prince doesn’t celebrate birthdays.

He doesn’t even want to take care of them.”

It was something she hadn’t thought of.

She didn’t know Lloyd doesn’t celebrate his birthday.

‘Well, I’ve never celebrated my birthday in my past life, but…….’

It was because the environment surrounding Aria was so extreme.

Sophia, the only one who knew her birthday, was unable to afford her daughter’s birthday while she was still alive.

‘But Lloyd has a family.’

It’s also a decent family.

She never meant to criticize him by being high and mighty.

Aria celebrated her birthday in a very loud and colorful way this spring.

She also received a present from Lloyd.

‘I wish I could congratulate you on your birthday as if it was natural.

A person who knows that their birthday is a day to be blessed by everyone who passes by.’

Her heart was aching.

She thought she knew what he’s thinking when he didn’t celebrate his birthday.

It’s probably the same reason as Lloyd’s bleak life of repeating work and training all the time.

[I will take the responsibility.

Let’s make a cake.]

Aria decided to go ahead with this no matter what Lloyd said.

And after a while, she realized what a complacency it had been.

“Hey, the sheet smells like fart…”

One cook mumbled in disbelief.

The people who worked in the kitchen of this Valentine’s Castle were all good cooks, even if they were kitchen assistants.

They were astonished that there were people in the world who turn food ingredients into poop.

‘Smells like fart…….’

Isn’t the word too harsh

Aria’s flower-petal-like eyes fluttered in shock.

The cook then quickly withdrew his remarks.

“Oh no, it smells like a fragrant flower!”

If the cake smells like flowers, wouldn’t that be a problem too

Anyway, Aria sighed deeply and had to discard the fart-smelling sheet.

“Young Madam, I will measure the ingredients for the cake and place them in order, so what if you add them in”

Then Baker said, who was watching her anxiously next to her.

Aria firmly shook her head.

With that, can she proudly say that she made it

‘Besides, the cooks stir all the dough because I don’t have enough arm strength.’

At the very least, the ingredients must be put in properly.

Aria was on fire.

And after several failures, she was able to create a plausible cake.


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