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Chapter 69

“The four-year difference isn’t that big of an age gap.

But that’s when you’re an adult.

10 and 14 is like the difference between heaven and earth.”

The funny thing is that the person who says that is also 15 years old.

‘I know what you want to say.’

And it’s a natural thing to say.

‘Why do I feel so bad’

Aria looked down at her palms for a moment.

It looked a little bigger than when she came to the Grand Duchy, but its was still small.

‘Yes, how big would a ten year old be’

Aria was cute enough that it wouldn’t be awkward at all to hear that she is called a baby girl.

‘When will I grow up’

The faster she ages, the sooner she will die.

‘It also means that Valentine’s incident is coming.’

There are no measures yet, but time is just passing.

That’s a terrible hypothesis.

However, she had a contradictory thought that she wanted to grow up and grow old quickly.



Spring of the age of 11.

Parting through the petals fluttering in the wind, Aria reached out her hand in the air.

The wind brushed past her fingers.

As Lloyd said, she was able to ride a horse in no time.

‘Although it’s a pony.’

In fact, she used to ride wolves like horses, so it might have been a natural result.


Silver wept lowly as it followed Aria as she rode the horse.

It was as if it was saying, ‘A pony who can’t even take a bite took my seat.’

‘It’s just a short ride.’

Aria patted Silver as if soothing it, and smiled softly.

“I never thought I would ever ride a horse again.”

Sabina closed her eyes and let out a cool smile, feeling the wind hitting her in the face.

Aria looked around.

The place they were currently running on horseback was in the thick forest of the Ingo Mountains.

Aria, who confirmed that no one was there, drove her horse and whispered close to Sabina.

“I promised.

I’ll show you all spring, summer, fall, and winter.”

Until the seasons turn around a few times and spring comes again.


Sabina, who remembered the promise, hugged Aria tightly.


She’s so strong.

Sabina hugged her tightly and pulled her in a flash, Aria lightly flew through the air, allowing her to sit in front of the horse she was riding.

Her eye level jumped up in an instant.


Sabina was really strong.

Aria was amazed.

It was such a force that she couldn’t even remember when Sabina was lying down with an illness.

‘Of course she must be weaker than Valentine’s.’

She was born with such strength and physique, but how hard it must have been for her to lie still.

Riding the horse and enjoying her freedom without hesitation, Sabina shone more vividly than ever.

“Is that cool”


“Then learn swordsmanship from me.”

Sabina smiled brightly.

Her bright red eyes curved nicely, revealing neat, pure white teeth.

Aria stared at her as if possessed by her powerful words, and then she, too, nodded her head unknowingly.

‘Sorry, Lloyd.’

She seemed to understand why Grand Duke Valentine fell in love with Sabina.


Summer of the age of 11.

That summer was exceptionally hot, so they floated a boat on the lake.

There was a lake with a particularly beautiful view in the amusement park that Grand Duke Valentine had built for Aria.

Fishes were swimming leisurely under the surface of the lake with their scales sparkling.

“Enjoy your meal.”

Aria threw food to the carp.

Lloyd stared at her.

He was dragged to ride the boat with her and sat across from her.

“Is sword training fun”

His speech was a bit crooked.

Was it dissatisfaction that he lost his position as a swordsmanship teacher to Sabina

Aria felt sorry to have monopolized his mother, who had barely woken up from her sick bed.


“What are you sorry for”

“Every day I get embraced in Mother’s arms.”

In the everyday embrace part, Lloyd sprained his hand for a moment while rowing.

“….while receiving swordsmanship training, what is there to embrace for”

“In order to get a proper posture, she has to hold me from behind”

“That’s b******t…”

The boy mumbled hateful words and bit his mouth.

It was no use telling Aria about it, who expresses infinite affection for Sabina.

Because she was sure to like her more.

“I don’t know why you’re sorry about that.”

“Lloyd would have wanted to be hugged by Mother, too.




he would have wanted it to.

She couldn’t even finish the sentence.

It was because Lloyd burst out laughing as if he was stunned.

“You’re silly.

What… at this age…”

The answer he gave was to do as much as she wanted.

What does he mean by this age, still a child

It was Aria who was actually older, so she was embarrassed for no reason.

She thought she was being too childish in front of a young boy.

‘Of course I’m a kid now.’

Then Lloyd spoke.

“I don’t know what you’re mistaken for, but it has nothing to do with Mother’s affectionate behavior.”


“I wanted to make your dreams come true.”

It was a bland answer.

He wanted to teach Aria swordsmanship and watch her move closer to her dreams.

“Because I only learned the sword.”


She was speechless for a moment.

Lloyd acted like a grown-up who had gone through most of the hardships, but in this regard, he was a surprisingly likable boy.

‘It’s stupid.

My real dream was with Lloyd.’

Horseback riding and swordsmanship were dreams of the past that she had forgotten.

It’s good if she can do it, but it’s okay if she can’t.

Aria’s current dream is for Lloyd to free himself from the malice, find his happiness, and spread his wings freely.

“Then tell me what other things Lloyd is good at.

There are many things I want to learn.”

Not philosophy. Aria added.

Lloyd’s eyes widened, perhaps astonished at her words, and then sluggishly lowered it.

He thought for a moment, figuring out what he should teach Aria.

“So, she kissed you too”

He seems to be misunderstanding something.

Aria responded quickly.

“Kiss on the cheek.”

“That’s a habit.”

Lloyd asked suspiciously.

He must have recalled the sharp memories of the first kiss.

Aria stared at him and she said.

“The first was Lloyd.”


“Lloyd was the first.”

“Don’t stress it twice.”

Lloyd was silent for a moment, and then he responded bluntly, as he unconsciously rowed.

Aria made a flower base with her hands* and glanced at him.



The blue lake on a summer day began to be colored with gold, and the light of the setting sun was shining on his face.

“Your hair has grown a lot.”

Aria said as she tucked his hair flowing down in front of his eyes and behind his ears.


Autumn at the age of 11.

Aria started learning to draw.

“Ummm… you’re creative.”

The painting teacher tried to praise her for her hard work.

Outside the window, the reddish leaves and the clear autumn sky were vast.

But on the canvas, where Aria teased the brush, there was only a blackish-red mass that looked like it had burst and was crushed.

‘What the hell did you draw’

The painting teacher Draw showed his imagination to the fullest.

“You’re describing a fruit tree and ripe fruit falling on the floor.”

[It’s my face.]

“It’s, it’s a self-portrait.”

He’s screwed.

He was sweating profusely and desperately making excuses.

“You are very bold in expressing pink as a dark red color.

I didn’t know that you used the intense colors and wild style that are popular in the capital these days.”

Draw added desperately, “Haha, I’m so straightforward and out of fashion.”.


Aria realized that she had no talent for painting at all.

Since she is a Siren who is said to be gifted with an artistic sense, she expected that she would be good at drawing as well.

“Is this bizarre”

Then Vincent approached and spoke to him.

Draw signaled to the Second Prince not to do so.

But there was no way Vincent could tell a lie.

“You really don’t have any talent.”


“Don’t be too disappointed.

You can’t be good at everything.”

Aria wanted to know why Vincent said all these things.

It’s only been a year, but shouldn’t he grow older and more mature

“Well, I’m good at everything.”


In the words that followed, Aria thought so.

She looked at Cloud without saying a word and picked up the newly written card.

[Sir, Vincent looks bored, how about going to the festival together]

Soon it was the Harvest Festival.

As if announcing this year’s bountiful harvest, the light shining through the window was as soft as the melody of a violin.

Cloud looked out the window for a moment, then nodded his head.

“If it’s an order.”

Cloud was a knight who obeyed everything that he was ordered to.

Then Vincent shook his head desperately with a pale, tired face.

“Sir Cloud should escort Sister-in-law.”

“Hmm, never mind.

If the Young Madam promises not to leave the castle alone while I go to the festival, there’s nothing I can’t do.”

“That is negligence, sir!”

“What is negligence”


Vincent grabbed the back of his head and staggered.


*) 손으로 꽃받침: apparently a pose where you open your palms on your chin that makes your face like a flower


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