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Chapter 61

The boy kept his mouth shut for a moment.

But, did he immediately remember the promise he made with Aria He continued explaining with a sigh.

“I’ll have some seizures and it’ll be stronger than before.”

He spoke of it as gently as possible.

Broken bones all over his body, ripping his bare skin and sticking out.

It was a fruition that had to be obtained after enduring countless times of crushing pain.

‘It can’t be that simple.’

Aria clenched her fists tightly.

“What will happen if the devil’s malice is not passed on from generation to generation”

“If there is a bloodline, it automatically connects.”

“No, what if you don’t have children”

It was always questionable.

Why does Valentine keep having children and succeeding it

If it were Aria, she would never have inherited her miserable fate by giving birth to children.

‘Even if you have met a true love that you will never have again, so you think you want to have a child with that child, it’s not right to give birth.’

If they loved that person, even more so, they would have prevented themselves from having children.


Clearly, there must be a reason to have a successor.

Then Lloyd said.

“That day will be the end of the world.”


Only then did Aria realize.

‘Valentine wasn’t the devil.’

They passed it on from generation to generation to protect the world from the devil’s malice left behind on this earth.

In order to continue the life of the land that was abandoned for breaking God’s orders.

Just enduring all the notoriety and criticism.

‘That’s too… ‘

Her chest felt pain as if it was being cut.

Even if Valentine’s original Head really did something to summon the devil from hell.

Even if he was cursed to pass on the devil’s malice from generation to generation.

Why did it become a karma that future generations should bear

Is it the sin of being born of direct blood of Valentine

Is it a sin to be born

‘You’re just born, but you hold a curse, pollute and kill someone you’re married to, and pass the curse to the child born and eventually go crazy and die as ashes”

Surprisingly, Valentine has kept it going.

For several generations, continuously.

‘That’s why neither the Emperor nor Garcia ever touch Valentine.’


It wasn’t that they didn’t touch it, it was that they couldn’t touch it.

If Valentine doesn’t give birth to a child and pass on the curse, the world will end.

‘So the rumor spread that Valentine’s direct lineage would kill their father from generation to generation and ascend to the position of Grand Duke.’

They didn’t kill.

The predecessor grand dukes lost their power after passing on the devil’s malice and hid themselves in the detached palace.

That’s how they imprisoned themselves, suffered madness, and died as ashes.

‘If this isn’t a sacrifice, what is this’

However, the world pointed fingers at them as the devil and were afraid of them, while they were nothing but the heroes who saved the world.

‘Isn’t this unfair’

She wanted to ask that.

Why did Valentine just choose to be criticized instead of taking the rights they deserve

But she soon realized.

‘It was the same with me.’

After Aria was used all her life for the sake of everyone, she became a monster.

If she hadn’t returned the time, her life would have ended and she just died there.

Aria had a similar situation with Lloyd.

That’s why she was able to understand his feelings even more.

‘The reason Lloyd refused to marry in the previous life, in the present life, and to the end….’

It was to end it all.

“Are you disappointed”

Lloyd asked self-scornfully.

As if he would rather her be disappointed.

As if to tell her to give up and run away.

“As I said, it’s something you don’t have to deal with at all.”

Aria strode closer to Lloyd’s.

She then raised her hand and she fiddled with his earlobe.

The boy’s body stiffened for a moment.

A red color began to drift around as if paint had been dropped on the pure white skin.

“Where are you touching”

“You got your ears pierced.”

Lloyd had the Tears of Mermaid that Aria had given him before.

Although it was so small in size, she had to look carefully to notice that he was wearing earrings.

“You said it’s a token.”

Lloyd removed Aria’s hand.

She nodded her head and replied.

“Yes, it’s a token.”


“A token that I will never betray.”

If he’d rather have the world end, she’ll be with him.

She was prepared for that.

Aria knew that Lloyd was a sword that could cut through anything.

It wasn’t bad to help the tip of the sword point towards the world rather than let him cut himself off.

Hate for the world or whatever.

Rather than face the same ending as the future, she wanted him to shine like that.

It wasn’t the destruction of the world that she feared.

Lloyd gave up everything and collapsed completely.

“Do you want it to end”

“Of course.”

Lloyd asked defensively.

Aria flapped her lips.

She didn’t expect she was going to say this directly to Lloyd.

“Then shall we go to hell together”

She returned to Lloyd what he had told her in the previous life.

“Whatever Lloyd wants, do whatever you want.”

Even if he was the culprit of Valentine’s Incident, there was no harm in it.

Not at all.

His eyes, unable to take it off Aria, widened as if enchanted, and little by little, they began to shake.

“You always…”

He couldn’t finish his words.

It was because his neck had been tightly squeezed.

He just couldn’t believe the current situation.

It seemed to himself, perhaps, that he was being saved.

That’s by this little girl.

He covered his eyes with his palms, slightly showing his sincerity.

“…I do not wish for the destruction of the world either.”

“Of course.”

“I want to cut off the atonement for sins completely from my generation.”

That was the reason for living a life of a shell without a future.

While continuing to lead the same life spinning like a while.

Without paying any attention to anything.

To end all of this.

“For sure, no matter what the cost.”


The moment Aria heard those words, the first thing that came to mind was the Valentine’s Incident, even though the reason was unknown.

She watched Lloyd, and said as she placed her own hand on his hand on the desk.

“If you want.”


Without delay, she went straight to Tristan.

“My daughter is here.”

Daughter Aria did not know when she started to become the daughter of the Grand Duke.

Well, the son’s wife is also a legal daughter….

‘He’s better than I thought.’

Aria thought as she got off Silver’s back.

Outwardly, he was no different.

Although he looks a little tired.

‘Oh, I canceled the fact that he was fine.’

Tristan was breathing a bottle.

When she suddenly wondered why he called Aria his daughter, he was drunk.

He was just out of his mind.

‘It’s tequila Latin.’

The most expensive drink in the world.

It is made from undiluted liquor aged for more than 100 years, and it is made in a limited edition, so even if you want to get it, you can’t get it.

The Grand Duke was slowly reclining on the sofa, blowing a bottle of the most expensive drink in the world.

‘He said insomnia.’

Is it because he can’t sleep

She heard that the cruelest torture among all the tortures is to keep a person from sleeping.


Aria took away the wine bottle the Grand Duke was holding.

‘Drink in moderation while enjoying the taste and aroma of alcohol.’

If he continues to drink, it will only deepen his insomnia and dependence.

“Daughter, I’m having a hard time without it.”

The Grand Duke spoke weakly for some reason.

But Aria ignored it.

Then she whimpered, put the bottle back on the desk and pulled out her card.

[I’m afraid of people who drink.]

Tristan looked around the card, narrowing his eyes as if he couldn’t focus well.

After a while he barely read the card.


Aria nodded her head.

Then he graciously let go of the bottle.

“There’s everything you’re afraid of.”

It seemed that he had no intention of drinking any more at the word afraid.

He was pressing hard around his eyes as if his head was throbbing.

‘I guess it’s true that he’s losing strength.’

The Grand Duke felt like he would not get drunk no matter how much alcohol he drank.

Yet, he looked drunk.


Did he want to sleep somehow

[How many days has he been like this]

Instead of the Grand Duke who couldn’t read her words, Aria asked the aide beside him.

“I don’t think he slept properly for even an hour in ten days…”

Even Dwayne, who is in a hurry to nag whenever he sees the Grand Duke, looked down today.

He seemed genuinely concerned.

“Ten days”

He held it for ten days Even if he tried to turn everything upside down, Aria could understand.

He had been awake for such a long time, but it was even more surprising that he was able to hold a proper communication.

“Hmm, I think that sooner or later, normal conversation will become impossible too.”

“Grand Duke.”

“Why, you should let the daughter know what she needs to know.”

The Grand Duke said with a playful voice and smiled.

“I’ll tell you a secret when you can still talk to me properly.”

He flicked his finger at Aria.

As she approached him with a puzzled face, he whispered into her ear.

It was a terrifying sound, as if scratching the eardrums.

“Strangely, I hear your song everywhere.”


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