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Chapter 177

A kidnapping case in a duck farm caused a stir in Attis.

People working on the farm were kidnapped one by one in a row.

The residents firmly believed that it was the bandits who caused it.

At that time, bandits were common, and the farm was very close to the mountain range.

“But the Nortons were the ones who instigated the kidnapping Even selling the people as slaves to other countries”

“Of course, I knew from the beginning that they were greedy people, but…”

But it was hard to believe they would use the lives of residents as a means of earning money.

“Crazy people! Burn them to death!”

“We served that kind of thing as a Lord of the land!”

The residents, who had heard the whole matter from the Black Falcons, finally knew that the Nortons were behind the crime and were furious.

“But who are you”

It was then a middle-aged man questioned the knights in black uniforms.

A cold voice interrupted the residents’ noisy murmur.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t burn them, but…”

It wasn’t a particularly loud voice.

But every word from the voice, deeply penetrated the eardrums.

“You don’t have to worry about it, since we’ve dealt with them and made them suffer a similar amount of pain.”

The surprised people turned their heads at the same time.

Lloyd passed them, wiping the blood from his cheeks.

No, he was trying to pass by.

If only Mrs.

Palmer hadn’t cried out in a thrilling voice over his back, perhaps she had just realized it.

“Aahh, that’s why.

You and your wife have come a long way to investigate Attis!”

He doesn’t know why such an absurd conclusion was reached.

People flocked to Lloyd’s surroundings as soon as they heard that, with faces that they realized it too late.

This was possible because they did not yet know that Lloyd and his knights were from Valentine.

It was also because they were still friendly with Aria and Lloyd.

“By the way, I heard it once while passing by.

In order to punish corrupt officials, His Majesty’s most trusted servants are sent disguised as commoners.”

“Gasp, then, by His Majesty’s orders”

There’s no way the Emperor would order such a thing by himself.

Lloyd, who stood as expressionless as a sculpture among the crowd, added a blunt word.

“It’s my decision.”

“Are you saying that you arbitrarily investigated the Lord’s corruption If so, then you are like a hero.

“It’s not like that, there was something to investigate, so I just dealt with it all at once.”

“You’re talking so insignificantly! So you’ve done such good deeds more than once or twice I see.

You are a representation of noblesse oblige…”

This conversation is going nowhere.

‘It’s an investigation…….’

They thought of Lloyd as a knight of justice who could not stand some injustice.

In the end, it did happen.

‘If I reveal that we’re Valentine, they’ll faint.’

After making an annoyed face for a moment, he turned to Aria.

Perhaps it was nice to see Lloyd be recognized by people, she was showing a happy smile.

“…that’s how it is.”

“I knew it!”

When Lloyd glossed over it all in one word, the residents seemed to understand.

“So who are they”

The middle-aged man kept asking questions, but no one cared about his words.

“As expected, she was a nobleman.

No wonder that cooking skills…”


Palmer mumbled casually, and turned to Aria, startled.

She was chatting with Vincent just in time.


Palmer sighed in relief and swept her chest.

“In the end, this is how it came to be.”

Vincent said, looking at the Lord’s castle, now seized by the Black Falcons.

Their greatest goal was to stay quiet here until Aria’s lifespan was extended.

“You expected it.”

“Well, that’s right.

It’s annoying that I’ll have to go to the Imperial Palace to meet the Emperor.”

When a double agent appeared, he had no choice but to report to the Emperor.

‘But the fact that even Duke Battenberg was also involved in Garcia is a problem…….’

What is happening in the empire Vincent thought for a moment before asking.

“But didn’t Sister-in-law want to live a normal and boring life in a corner like this”

“Well, I had a dream.”

It sounded like the dream was no longer there.

As Vincent turned to Aria in surprise, he asked.

“You don’t like it when you try it yourself”

Aria looked up at Vincent for a moment, then said.

“No, it was fun, as expected.”


“It was more memorable to read a book together with Vincent in the library than to read it alone.”

“I’m very happy with that statement.

You know that the back of my head is burning right now, right”

I really think I’m going to die. Vincent laughed and broke into a cold sweat.

“It’s true.”

I want to sing the new lullaby I had learned to Father, and I want to take swordsmanship lessons from Mother again…….

Aria turned to the looming Lloyd, who was glaring wanting to burn Vincent, and continued.

“I want to be by Lloyd’s side all the time.”

Hearing Aria’s confession, Lloyd instantly became as quiet as a tamed beast.

But that was short-lived, and he was still staring at her with a thirsty gaze.

‘Because it was just a confession that I loved my family a while ago.’

Vincent sighed, rubbing the back of his head, feeling like it had been pierced for some reason.

“Let’s buy all of the distribution rights of medicinal herbs in the Attis region from our side.”

If they did that, they could confidently go back and forth between Attis and Valentine.

“Are you really going back”


Now is the time to stop playing.

While she had prioritized prolonging her life, she left all the work to Vincent.

Aria thought.

It’s time to return as Grand Duchess Valentine.

As soon as Aria returned to Valentine, the Grand Duke’s castle was in a festive mood.

Food piled up like a mountain,

Dolls stacked like mountains,

Toys piled up like a mountain…….

“I’m no longer a kid.”

“I know.

You’re not…”

It was different from when she denied that she was not a kid but in actuality was a kid.

She really wasn’t a kid anymore.

Unlike Carlin, who frequently visited Attis, the employees who saw Aria after 5 years were shocked.

“When did you get so big”

“The fairy has returned as a goddess…”

The shock soon turned into a thrill.

“When Young Madam’s birthday is coming up soon, she’ll really, really, really be a grown up!”

Marronnier clenched her fists and exclaimed excitedly.

“What would you like to receive for your coming-of-age ceremony”

“Well, something mature please.”

Aria let out a small laugh as she passed them by.

‘Something mature…… !’

What is something mature

“A book”

“She always read when she was young.”

“Flowers Jewels Dresses”

“It was always overflowing.”

“A land document”

“Is that the limit of maturity”

In the first place, all of them were not something they could choose and give by their authority.

As the employees were in agony.

“You are growing up so beautifully.”

Dana widened her eyes and grabbed her hand.

Aria also smiled softly and held her hand tightly.

“Young Madame.

Wait a minute.”

It was then.

Cuirre, who had been watching the surroundings, appeared next to her and gestured.

“I have something to tell you.

The results of the research on the freezing technique came out…”

The doctor appeared more cautiously than necessary, so Aria got cautious too.

She answered with a puzzled face.

“Oh, if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better if we all listen together”

Aria no longer had to hide her own illness.

Because she decided to work it out together.

And she didn’t want to fool them anymore.

“If there is a fatal flaw in the freezing technique, it is better to be honest and discuss it together.”

“No, that’s…”

I think it would be better to deliver it to the person concerned first. The doctor mumbled uncharacteristically and motioned for her to come.

Aria then headed to the secret place Cuirre guided.

“What’s going on Don’t tell me you can’t even eat the ice flowers”

Aria asked, looking at the tightly closed door and window.

She can’t understand why he’s being so careful about what he would be talking about.

“No, that’s not it.

Fortunately, using the freezing technique, we found that eating the ice flowers would be safe.”

“But didn’t you call me because something went wrong”

Aria stood still and waited for Cuirre to speak.

“Well, that’s… I can’t say it with my mouth.”

However, the doctor was so reluctant that it felt severe.

“…should I just go”

“No! I’m sorry! I’ll tell you now!”

He took a deep breath and then continued talking.

“The freezing technique is from the Eastern Continent.

So it seems that it’s banned…”

“Eastern Continent”

“Yes, the eastern continent has the concept of yang and yin…”

Cuirre had almost all the world’s knowledge when it came to medicine.

The Eastern Continent was no exception.

He carefully explained the harmony of yin and yang.

“Yin and yang are opposite qualities that represent heaven and earth.”

It was a concept she had never heard of before.

As Aria gradually made an expression like ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’, Cuirre eventually gave up and brought up the topic.

“Your body will continue to freeze during the treatment.

It’s enough to feel the cold momentarily, but if left unattended, you’ll freeze to death.”

“Is there any solution”

He said the results were clear that it would be safe.

When Aria asked, Cuirre answered by nodding his head.

“If you continue to have physical contact with a person born with yang, it can warm you up.”

“A person born with yang”

“Fortunately, that’s what the Grand Duke is.

There’s no one like him.”

So isn’t that good All she has to do is be by Lloyd’s side and hold him tight while she is being treated.

“Can I just be in contact with him”

“Cough, that, that would vary from person to person and situation to situation”

Does he mean she has to experience it herself to know

“Anyway, you can’t find an elixir in the Western Continent, so please know in advance that this is the only solution.”


“I have told you for sure, right”


Then I’ll take my leave!

Cuirre slammed the door open and ran away.

As for why he did that, Aria had no way of knowing.


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