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Chapter 164

Lloyd fixed his gaze on Aria that was in his arms, and remained frozen.

‘Running out of time’

She doesn’t have much time left to live The word ‘running out of time’ passed through his ears as if it was the first time he had heard it.

“Are you sure It’s not that her body is weak”

“Well, I think I’ll have to continue research to find out.”

Lloyd paused for a moment, then turned his head and murmured fiercely.

“How dare you say something that is not certain…”

“Gasp, forgive me! But it’s an emergency, so I thought it’s better to let you know before it’s too late!”

Cuirre gave long excuses over and over again.

But Lloyd didn’t listen.

Because the pieces of discomfort he had felt in his head began to fit together like a puzzle.

“I’ve heard that she was born with weak natural energy and her health is bad, but Sister-in-law is full of energy, right”

Even though she has a lot of energy, her body is weak.

“No matter how much divine power was poured into her, only her energy was restored, and the Grand Princess’ health itself did not seem to be restored.

It was like pouring water into a bottomless pit.”

The Garcia apprentice showed an ambiguous attitude as if he knew something Lloyd didn’t know.

“Then let’s go, a trip.”

“Do you want a kiss”

“…what do you think will happen in six years.”

Aria’s hasty attitude.

In fact, he began to think that maybe it was because she knew she had a limited time left to live.

‘No, before that…….’

Lloyd recalled his memories before his feelings turned to her.

The time when Aria’s presence continued to trampled on and offended his eyes, making it difficult to bear.

– Divorce.

10 years later.

– So, marry me.

Aria offered him a contract marriage.

Under the condition that they divorced after becoming an adult.

‘She must have known the future.’

If what the doctor said is true.

Then, Aria couldn’t have known that she was time-limited.

From the beginning of her life, she knew her body would be like this.

‘From the beginning.’

Now all questions have been answered.

Aria was making the sacrifice, not caring about her own life.

Aria doesn’t want anything.

Aria talked as if they would divorce and never see each other again when they became an adult.

Aria, who often stared at him with a complex gaze that was dotted with hopes and resignation.

“I also want to live…”

Aria, who mumbled in a voice that seemed to swallow a cry.

Aria was his salvation.

She was happiness itself.

She was his hope, miracle, sweet dream.

‘But, when she becomes an adult, she’s going to die.’

Who decides that

“You’re thinking of taming me and leaving as you please.”

He murmured in a trembling voice.

His heart went cold.

A gloomy feeling that could not be described with just a short word of ‘betrayal’ swelled in him.

‘You made me like this.’

I will never let you run away to death, never.

‘Aria, the path you chose while knowing the future was mostly right…….’

But this time it was wrong.

From reaching out to him.

Lloyd had let go of all the rational judgments he had ever made.

The lab has an emergency.

Unexpectedly, the subject ran out of control.

The Class A children who had been injected with Shadra were suddenly dyed with pure white light and began to release their powers in explosions.

“Ku, kuwaack! Aacck!”


The researchers covered their ears and fell down.

The light, which was clearly not of this world, broke through the barrier and mercilessly attacked the researchers.

Those touched by the light were blinded, bleeding from their ears, foaming, convulsing, and stiffened.

They died without even being able to close their eyes.

“It’s absurd.

How did they break the barrier…!”

“Da, damn it! Run away!”

The researchers, who trusted in their barrier and continued their research comfortably in front of the test object, rushed towards the exit in the frenzy.

However, there was no way the researchers without any power could withstand God’s power.

The light engulfed them in the blink of an eye.

“Uack! What is that!”

The head of the research lab, watching the scene through the window, was startled.

As usual, the control room was watching everything.

“No, no way, the energy amplification device”

But it was strange.

No matter how much side effects occur, they cannot create such unheard of powerful energy…….


The head of the research lead realized the source of that light and groaned inside.

All those who touched the light collapsed and died as if they had inhaled poison gas.

Even so, the light was getting closer and closer to them.

“Wait, it’s not going to break through the control room, right”

The head of the research lab said, looking back at Hans, who was always by his side.

In terms of abilities, it is no exaggeration to say that he was the center of the research lab.

“Hmm, I think it will be enough to break through.

The remaining time is at most a minute or so…”


“If I use magic, I might be able to evacuate with the head.”

“Well then, evacuate immediately.


“You know, I can’t.”

Hans said so and pointed to his neck.

His neck had a magic -specific restraint that completely controls the flow of magic.

Hans was forced into the lab because of his talent.

If the head of the research lab lets him go, he’ll get revenge, and will be ready to kill himself.


It was then.

There was a dull sound as if something had been crushed, and all the windows in the control room were dyed red.


Seeing the dripping blood, the head of the research lab exclaimed.

“I’ll release you, come on!”

He hurriedly took the key out of his pocket and handed it to Hans.

When the restraints were completely released, Hans took the head of the research lab and moved outside.

And for a while, there was only silence in the laboratory.

“How the hell did you manage this!”

Cardinal Andrea, who appeared upon hearing the rumors, lost his temper and went furious.

“But, as I said…”

“Stop making excuses! How dare you raise your head and talk like that!”


“I will report all this to the Holy Father.”

The cardinal left a threat.

Without a single hesitation.

His attitude seemed like he really didn’t have any responsibility.

“Damn, that’s what upper management is!”

Without knowing anything they forcefully push and pressure, and when things go wrong, they blame everyone below!

The head of the research lab, who had foreseen the future to some extent, fell into panic, with a pale face.

‘How the hell are we going to deal with this situation’

This was no ordinary matter.

Most of the researchers lost their lives.

In the meantime, the strangest thing is that the non-researchers who were doing chores were not affected by the light at all.

‘The subjects were also fine.’

This meant that only those who took part in the experiment died.

The head of the research lab would also be dead without Hans.

‘Somehow, as if justice’s judgment had fallen…….’

The incident was unbelievable.

And it was also an incident where he had to take all the responsibility.

‘It is a silent execution.’

Knock, knock–

At that moment, the head of the research lab responded nervously to the knocking.

“Who is it!”

“It’s Hans.”

“…Come in.”

He released the restraint, but Hans has not yet escaped and is still here.

The head of the research lab responded with a more relaxed face than before.

“I think you’ll need this.”

Entering the room, Hans said, putting a pile of papers on his desk.

“What is this”

“You’ll know when you see it.”

The head of the research lab looked at Hans suspiciously for a moment, then looked at the papers.

“Thi, this is…!”

He stuttered in shock.

Surprisingly, the document was full of all the corruptions of Cardinal Andrea.

“Where the hell did you get this information”

“It wouldn’t be important.”

“What do you want”

“It seems that I want the same thing as the head.”

Hans gave an ambiguous answer.

“I will give it to you on condition that you keep the source of all information confidential.”

There was only one thing the head of the research lab wanted.

‘Cardinal Andrea’s fall.’

But a tempting offer came at just the right time.

So suspicious.

The head of the research lab thought that he should first figure out where Hans got this information and what he was planning to do before making a decision…….

“…I don’t have a choice.”

Eventually, he picked up the papers.

It was because the time was too tight for that.

Before the Cardinal came, he had to strike the first blow.

The head of the research lab, who had gathered the documents, said to the engineer who was rushing to and fro in the rampage situation.

“Open communication.

“But there is a risk that the matter will leak out…”

“Is it time to care about that now”

Normally, all communication to the outside should be blocked no matter what happens, but in an emergency, communication restrictions are lifted.

It was the lab’s rule.

Regardless of the order, the engineer moved.

“What are you doing”

Around the time the engineer turned the corner of the hallway.

A man in a janitor’s outfit was leaning against the wall and blinking.

It was as if he had been caught while spying.

“Were you eavesdropping”

“Ugh, how is that possible I accidentally saw the two of you talking while cleaning this place and couldn’t find the time to get out…”


The technician said waving his hand.

“What’s your name”

“Te… well, my name is Ned.”

“Tened What a strange name.”

The engineer looked at him up and down suspiciously, then gave an order.

“Take care of the body.

It should be preserved as it is.”


Take care of yourself!”

After a very polite greeting, the janitor turned his back.

The other janitors who made eye contact also exchanged glances with him and called for joy.

Finally, the communication was opened.

‘We have a chance to contact the outside!’

Ted swept his chest and quickly organized the information he had gathered during his time at the lab.

‘Finally, the chance to repay the favor to the Grand Princess, the descendant of Atlantis, is here.’


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